Super Bowl LIV Predictions

Patrick Mahomes leads the Chiefs into Miami.


The Kansas City Chiefs are favored by 1 1/2 points in Sunday’s championship game against the San Francisco 49ers. And the over/under is a healthy 54 1/2 points, meaning most people are expecting a shootout between Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo.

However, we have our own experts at Emerald Downs and each offered up a prediction for Sunday’s big game:

Ron CrockettKC, Andy Reid makes the right moves

Phil ZieglerKC, Chiefs start fast and roll by 30 points

Dave YoshinoSF, 49ers because the coin came up heads

Gordy JarnigKC, Russell Wilson’s scrambles gave SF fits, ditto Mahomes

Art AndersonKC, Mahomes has it all going on

Greg JacksonKC, I don’t care for San Francisco

Greg OswaldSF, Better defense beats better offense

Randy StewartSF, 49ers have the better defense

Janet ElsethKC, Mahomes is fantastic

Steve BrabantKC Mahomes’ versatility is too much to handle

Robert GellerSF The 49ers were my preseason selection and they have a superior defense

Larry MarsKC, The Chiefs great offense is too much for the 49ers

Mike PuhichKC, Andy Reid has paid his dues

Mike WatersKC, Because I hate San Francisco

Vicki Potter-SF, I’m a Richard Sherman fan, hoping he gets another ring

Cy LabarKC, Hopefully by about 220 points (diehard Seahawk fan)

George Colello Jr.KC, Andy Reid enough said

John Parker-SF, Mostert gives them the best offense

Amanda PogueKC, I’ll support the team from the Midwest

John Lindley-SF, NFC the better conference

Jeff “Fish” AaronKC, Mahomes can overcome all

Tom O-SF, Stout defense rules the day

Matt JohnsonKC, Expecting MVP performance from Mahomes

Paul BeattieKC, San Francisco defense can be had, especially by Kansas City

Wes PetrieKC, Cant root for 49ers

Rob Rao-SF, Two good offenses, one good defense

Tim McCannaKC, Mahomes is the difference

Rico Traverso-SF, Defense still wins championships

Bret AndersonKC, I’m a true Missourian at heart

Blaine WrightKC, I can’t root for 49ers

Mark PainKC, Mahomes over Jimmy G

Dan JukichKC, Great QB, high scoring offense

Tom PorterKC, Chiefs a way better team

Eric CrofootKC, Reluctantly, due to a much better QB

Aaron WineKC, Andy Reid ready to win this year

Doug CockeSF, Pressure on Mahomes will work

Joe WitheeKC, Mahomes from either in front or behind

The Trifecta KingKC, Chiefs 34-30 in a shootout

Melinda CarlsonKC, I like the Chiefs quarterback

Al Washington-SF, 49ers are better overall team

Manoj Parkh-SF, 49ers are a more complete team

Jesse GraystonKC, Because my buddy Wayne W is from Missouri

Jeff Dougherty-SF, 49ers defense & offense will dominate

Chip Sutch-SF, NFC is the better conference

Kathy CoffeyKC, Mahomes, and it’s been a long time since they’ve won

Duwane HullSF, Andy Reid blows the big ones

Vince BruunKC, Chiefs prevail in a thriller