Daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media Joe Withee and Track Announcer Tom Harris

Saturday, August 18


Race 1: 3-Bonita Rapids, 1-Iknowyourface, 5-Miss Wine Topper

Race 2: 4-Sari’s Tiger, 3-Bluegrass Lily, 1-First Intent

Race 3: 2-P T Bruiser, 4-Mr. Lahey, 1-Starboard List

Race 4: 1-Copy Begone, 5-Zanab, 4-Briana Jean

Race 5: 7-Tuscan Warrior, 2-Seattle Smoke, 8-Barasso

Race 6: 7-Slewfooteldo, 9-Marymoor Park, 8-Bye Bye Sal

Race 7: *3-Winning Bluff, 5-Huggy Bear, 2-Thereis Thatharbor

WINNING BLUFF is going well for the hot Tom Wenzel barn. The race sets up nicely for his strong late move.

Race 8: 6-Crazy for Gold, 2-Christa Slew, 3-Maika

*best bet


Race 1: 5-Miss Wine Topper, 3-Bonita Rapids, 4-Kalikimaka

Race 2: 1-First Intent, 4-Sari’s Tiger, 6-Langley

Race 3: 2-PT Bruiser, 7-Sleet Afleet, 4-Mr. Lahey

Race 4: 1-Copy Begone, 2-Merveilleuse, 4-Briana Jean

Race 5: 2-Seattle Smoke, Tuscan Warrior, 5-Brookdale

Race 6: 7-Slewfooteldo, 4-CC Rocks, 8-Bye Bye Sal

Race 7: 5-Huggy Bear, 2-Thereis Thatharbor, 3-Winning Bluff

Race 8: 1-Becomes A Queen, 2-Christa Slew, 3-Maika

Detailed trip notes are compiled weekly by John Lindley.

These trip notes are a valuable asset for handicappers as they analyze each race contested at Emerald Downs for the 2017-18 seasons.