Opening Day Program

Daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media Joe Withee.

Sunday, May 15

Joe Withee

Race 1: 5-Pearl River Delta, 6-Big Fashion, 4-Coastal Queen, 3-Celinas Blue Bird

Race 2: 5-Dodropin, 4-Gone Quick, 6-Willing to Burn, 3-Lookout Taylor

Race 3: 7-American Buddha, 6-March On Linch, 4-Mosquito Fleet, 5-Northwest Rain

Race 4: 7-Chinook Quick, 3-Flyin By, 1-Sleepy Sue, 5-Lady Eliana

Race 5: 7-Western Rule, 1-Mancuso At the Mic, 9-Oxbow Park, 5-Neumeister

Race 6: 5-Proud Lion, 2-Sir Deputy, 10-Iron Rob, 4-Inquisition

Race 7: 5-Boldacious, 3-Music Icon, 4-Nine One One, 9-Big Paper Daddy

Race 8: *7-Ididntseethatcomin, 2-Naval Escort, 5-Nationheart, 4-Ethan’s Animal

Race 9: 9-Coasting, 10-Stonus Maximus, 6-Lago de Oro, 2-Eltonsingstheblues

*best bet

Bill Downes

Race 1: 6-5-3
Race 2: 6-5-2
Race 3: 6-7-4
Race 4: 5-1-7
Race 5: 7-8-4
Race 6: 10-2-3
Race 7: 5-3-4
Race 8: 4-3-2
Race 9: 4-10-9

Bill’s Best Bet
9th race #4 Mayhem and Chaos


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