Daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media Joe Withee and Track Announcer Tom Harris.

Thursday, July 16 • First Race 5 PM

Joe Withee

Race 1: 3-A Filly Can Dream, 6-Zanab, 4-Perfect Promise, 1-Choteau

Race 2: 4-Why Are U So Sweet, 5-Invite Me, 2-Class Defined, 6-National Heroine

Race 3: 1-Oldtimers Vision, 3-Check and Raise, 2-Deputy’s Command, 7-Cook Up a Storm

Race 4: 3-Alotmoreaction, 2-You Go Girl, 4-She Owns the Paynt, 6-Suddenly Winning

Race 5: 3-Brett, 6-Atta Boy Billy, 2-Sovereign Nation, 1-Warm Lake Dude

Race 6: 6-Freiburg, 3-Wheel Rally, 7-Tumac Mountain, 5-Iron Rob

Race 7: 2-Dreamcatcher, 1-Bernie, 4-Cats Champ, 8-Don’tbeshywillie

Race 8: 1-Papa’s Golden Boy, 3-Frolic and Detour, 5-Unmachable, 8-Muncey

Race 9: 3-Ima Happy Cat, 6-Alittlelesstalk, 2-Killarney Lass, 4-Paddy’s Secret

Two-time EmD sprint stakes winner IMA HAPPY CAT comes in off two bullet works. She can fly up front and the shorter sprint distance is to her advantage.

Race 10: 6-Sadie Sue, 4-Pin Up Lady, 1-Taptoo, 7-Sophie’s Dream

Race 11: 9-All About Time, 8-Big Heater, 3-Bleu Musket, 5-Magic Mahogany

*best bet

Tom Harris

Race 1: 4-Perfect Promis, 1-Choteau, 2-Saturncloud, 3-A Filly Can Dream

Race 2: 3-Star Gauge, 2-Class Defined, 1-Dark Suspicion, 5-Invite Me

Race 3: 7-Cook Up A Storm, 8-Look At My Star, 6-Private Boss, 2-Deputy’s Command

Race 4: 7-Jacana, 6-Suddenly Winning, 4-She Owns The Paynt, 3-Alotmoreaction

Race 5: 1-Warm Lake Dude, 3-Brett, 6-Atta Boy Billy, 8-Sherm

Race 6: 4-Graycaster, 6-Freiburg, 5-Iron Rob, 2-Benny The Jet

Race 7: 8-Dontbeshywillie, 7-Intelicrypt, 5-Wild Wild Kingdom, 3-Credits Good

Race 8: *5-Unmachable, 8-Muncey, 6-Lolo Paniolo, 7-Lansky,

Unmachable was a pure stakes contender last year.

Race 9: 7-Broome, 3-Ima Happy Cat, 4-Paddys Secret, 6-Alittlelesstalk

Race 10: 3-Mika The Mistress, 4-Pin Up Lady, 2-Doubleshotofheaven, 1-Taptoo

*-best bet

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