Daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media Joe Withee and Track Announcer Tom Harris.

Sunday, Aug. 18

JOE WITHEE  (102-415, 24.6%, $1.67 ROI)

Race 1: 3-Goldie’s Darlins, 5-Zanab, 4-Camano Comet

Race 2: 6-A Filly Can Dream, 3-Stay in Grace, 5-Cherokee Louise

Race 3: *7-Ninadavina, 4-Beautymis, 6-Glitter and Gold

Race 4: 1-Smiling Bandit, 4-Samurai Jack, 5-Jack’s Reign

Race 5: 8-Kopitar, 4-Aggravate, 1-Crest Drive

Race 6: 7-My Fol, 4-Jaded Tiger, 6-For You Only

MY FOL displayed much talent in her impressive debut beating seven colts and one filly.

Race 7: 3-Jack’s a Diva, 4-Legitimate Cause, 5-Only the High Road

Race 8: 1-Muncey, 5-Wicked Winnings, 9-Dropyourbuffs

MUNCEY broke a bit slowly in his career debut but came home like a good horse, he can build off that.

Race 9: 6-So Lucky, 2-Bob’s All In, 3-La Waun

Race 10: 8-Morning Press, 4-Linchpin Lady, 3-Dark Damsel

TOM HARRIS  (100-415, 24.1%, $1.41 ROI)

Race 1: 3-Goldie’s Darlins, 1-Mousey Mousey, 6-Silversonic

Race 2: 4-Jupiter S, 3-Stay In Grace, 5-Cherokee Louise

Race 3: 3-Avilles, 5-Apphia, 7-Ninadavina

Race 4: 4-Samurai Jack, 5-Jack’s Reign, 1-Smiling Bandit

Race 5: 1-Crest Drive, 5-Broka, 8-Kopitar

Race 6: 7-My Fol, 5-Windy Point, 6-For You Only

Race 7: 4-Legitimate Cause, 3-Jack’s A Diva, 5-Only The High Road

Race 8: 2-Wilson To Lockett, 4-Haveulostyourmind, 3-Harbor’s Rule

Race 9: 3-LaWaun, 2-Bobs All In, 1-Big Hat Charlie

Race 10: 4-Linchpin Lady, 5-Unbridled Birdie, 8-Morning Press

Detailed trip notes are compiled weekly by John Lindley.

These trip notes are a valuable asset for handicappers as they analyze each race contested at Emerald Downs for this season.