Daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media Joe Withee and Track Announcer Tom Harris.

Friday, May 24


Race 1: 4-French Candy, 6-Wave Catcher, 2-Coastal Son

Race 2: 6-Shot of Reality, 4-Boot Scootin’ Kid, 1-Will Not

Race 3: 4-She Cherie, 6-Miss Monique, 2-Waisiliva

Race 4: 8-Bear Minimum, 7-Royal Guard, 3-Harbor Moon Boy

Race 5: 3-Brown Tiger, 5-Devil Dog, 1-Docktarri

Race 6: 6-Broka, 2-Smoothee Lee, 1-Crest Drive

BROKA was sensational in Portland, will fit at this level, EmD.

Race 7: *7-National Heroine, 1-Jadey At the Bar, 4-Admonition

*best bet

Saturday 5-25-19

Race 1: 5-Another Gem, 6-Silver Attache, 3-Doin Double Time

Race 2: 4-To the Crib, 5-El Bell Camp, 3-Dat Cat Miracle

Race 3: 4-Current Sea Xpress, 5-Cherokee Louise, 6-Miss Gunny

Race 4: 7-Cate’s Gold, 6-Algorithmnblues, 1-Flat Out Fine

Race 5: 4-Soolaimon, 5-Prevail, 2-Ask Not

Race 6: 7-Dudley Studley, 2-Hunters Vow, 3-Ryan Walt

Race 7: 2-Seattle Smoke, 4-He’s Not Grey, 1-Das Bear

SEATTLE SMOKE figures to get a good set up for his consistent, late run.  Ross barn is firing on all cylinders at meet.

Race 8: 3-Hunter’s Blaze, 2-Rox Star Beauty, 6-Eagle Ease



*best bet


Race 1:     4-French Candy,  2-Coastal Son,  1-Strategic Hour

Race 2:     4-Boot Scootin’ Kid,  6-Shot of Reality, 7-Bye Bye Sal

Race 3:     3-Fortune In Silk,  4-She Cherie,  2-Waisiliva

Race 4:     8-Bear Minimum,  7-Royal Guard, 9-Desert Black

Race 5:     7-JimJimmyJames,  4-Go Bobby Go,  3-Brown Tiger

Race 6:     2-Smoothee Lee,  6-Broka,  7-Rough and Ready

BEST BET: Smoothee Lee looks good for another after sharp win in last.

Race 7:     1-Jadey at The Bar,  8-Tillicum Grey,  9-Sweet Sophie Grace


Saturday 5-25-19

Race 1:    5-Another Gem,  6-Silver Attache, 3-Doin Double Time

Race 2:    5-El Bell Camp, 1-Ketosis, 4-To The Crib

Race 3:    5-Cherokee Louis, 3-Red Hot Bubblegum, 2-Tomorrow’s Mine

Race 4:    6-Algorithmnblues, 1-Flat Out Fine, 8-Are Rated

Race 5:    8-Formal Joker, 5-Prevail, 2-Ask Not

Race 6:    9-Delineator Express, 7-Dudley Studley, 8-Mike Man’s Bro

Race 7:    1-Das Bear, 3-Double A Prospect,  6-Ivy Mike

BEST BET- Das Bear is in top form now and draws the rail with an abundance of speed to offer.

Race 8:    2-Rox Star Beauty, 6-Eagle Ease, 3-Hunter’s Blaze


Detailed trip notes are compiled weekly by John Lindley.

These trip notes are a valuable asset for handicappers as they analyze each race contested at Emerald Downs for the 2018-19 seasons.