Director of Publicity Joe Withee and Track Announcer Tom Harris daily selections.

Joe Withee
Race 1: 6-Prayforourcountry, 4-Atta Boy Lloyd, 1-Quail
Race 2: 4-Quagmire Magic, 2-Owhatarush, 1-Veritas Aequitas
Race 3: 7-Lady of the River, 2-Another Ten, 4-Princess Hekawi
Race 4: 5-Soldatna, 3-Delta Delta, 1-Mongolian Spring
Race 5: 4-Hot Lava Cake, 5-Drinkup Buttercup, 7-Silent Beauty
Race 6: *7-Bedrock, 6-Party Foul, 3-Roll Dem Bones
Race 7: 7-Concentrate, 4-Engaging Soul, 2-Jim’s Jet
*best bet

C.J. Koenig

Race 1: 6-Prayforyourcountry,1-Quail, 4-Atta Boy Lloyd
Race 2: 1-Veritas Aequitas, 2-Owhatarush, 4-Quagmire Magic
Race 3: 2-Another Ten, 1-Vhagar, 5-Sparkle in the Sky
Race 4: 6-Pure Cane Sugar, 1-Mongolian Spring, 5-Soldatna
Race 5: 3-Drewy, 4-Hot Lava Cake, 5-Drinkup Buttercup
Race 6: 3-Roll Dem Bones, 6-Party Foul, 7-Bedrock
Race 7: 1-Spectacular Cat, 2-Jim’s Jet, 5-Sporty Nugget


Joe Withee


*-best bet


Trip notes are compiled weekly by John Lindley. These notes are about horses in previous races.