Daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media Joe Withee and Track Announcer Tom Harris.

April 20 – OPENING DAY


Race 1: 5-Tiz Brilliant, 1-Celturian, 6-Gran Fiesta

Race 2: 7-Kenzie Blake, 4-Shot of Reality, 2-Will Not

Race 3: 8-Redrock Trail, 7-Coast Guard Carter, 3-Colt Fifty Seven

Race 4: 4-Lady Campbell, 3-Suddenly Awesome, 2-Lulu’s Lightening

Race 5: 1-Uzta Have Money, 5-Das Bear, 7-Don’tbeshywillie

Race 6: *9-Classic Leah, 1-Sadie Sue, 5-M and M Girl

Race 7: 9-General Mach Four, 3-Party for One, 5-Private Boss

Race 8: 2-He’s Not Grey, 3-Levitation, 4-Wine At Nine

HE’S NOT GREY flashed impressive ability at end of ’18 meeting and has fired fresh both previous years of racing.

Race 9: 7-Cosmic Tripster, 4-Flat Out Fine, 1-All Star Allie

*-Best Bet


Race 1: 6-Gran Fiesta, 5-Tiz Brilliant, 4-Great Eagle

Recent works indicate all systems go for GRAN FIESTA

Race 2: 7-Kenzie Blake, 6-Meanee, 1-Fearless Fiona

Race 3: 6-Nice Haircut, 8-Redrock Trail, 2-Hejustkeepsgiving

Race 4: 4-Lady Campbell, 5-Miss Monique, 7-Oursugarshack

Race 5: 5-Das Bear, 7-Don’tbeshywillie, 2-Bernie

Race 6: 1-Sadie Sue, 2-Alittlelesstalk, 3-Intessa

Race 7: 11-My Chief, 4-Mystical Image, 9-General Mach Four

Race 8: 2-He’s Not Grey, 1-Iron Rob, 5-Bob’s All In

Race 9: 4-Flat Out Fine, 1-All Star Allie, 7-Cosmic Tripster

Detailed trip notes are compiled weekly by John Lindley.

These trip notes are a valuable asset for handicappers as they analyze each race contested at Emerald Downs for the 2017-18 seasons.