Emerald Downs Announces Penny Breakage



Emerald Downs has announced player friendly wagering enhancements at its 55-day 2024 season that begins on Saturday, May 4.

Emerald Downs will be the first track outside of Kentucky to offer Penny Breakage on all wagers. Racetracks have historically rounded down payouts to the nickel or dime which made sense when most wagers were made with cash on track. Today with account wagering and vouchers on track, it’s more important to pay the players the full amount. A horse that would have paid $4.20 will now pay up to $4.39. Emerald Downs estimates that penny breakage will return approximately $400,000 in additional payouts to bettors.

Also starting in 2024, Emerald Downs will offer a “Dynamic Morning Line.” Players have expressed frustration over late odds changes and drastic variations from the morning line. A morning line is typically made 4-7 days prior to race day. The line will now be updated using the same system and formula before each race day to reflect scratches and changes. Then, beginning in the second race each day, the line will be updated approximately 20 minutes to post time. This update will reflect wagering in closed pools such as the Daily Double, Pick 3, and Pick 4.

The updated lines will be displayed on the track’s simulcast broadcast. Track President Phil Ziegler explains the new feature, “There have been effects to calculate live projected payouts, but Emerald Downs will be the first to update and use the morning line in a format that can be efficiently communicated to bettors. If a 5-1 morning line horse has lower will-pays than a 3-1 horse, we will update the line to reflect this wagering which should help guide bettors.” Emerald Downs will also assist players by keeping live odds displayed until the final horse enters the gate.

Emerald Downs offers a traditional 50 cent Pick 6 each race day featuring an industry low 8% takeout, along with a Pentafecta (Super High 5) on the final race, also with an 8% takeout. All Win, Place and Show wagers will be at 16%, Exactas and Daily Doubles at 21% and all other wagers at 23%.