Emerald Downs News & Notes-Thursday, August 4


Friday, August 5
7 p.m. (7 races)
$5 Friday

Saturday, August 6
2:15 p.m. (8 races)
Handicapping Contest #2

Sunday, August 7
2:15 p.m. (10 races)
$50,000 WTBOA Lads Stakes
$50,000 Barbara Shinpoch Stakes
Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund Day

2021 Longacres Mile winner Background


Nominations close Sunday for the 87th running of the $150,000 Longacres Mile and $75,000 Emerald Distaff, to be run Sunday, August 14. The stakes quadruple-header also features the $75,000 Muckleshoot Derby and $75,000 Washington Oaks, with nominations for the latter two events close Saturday. Entries for the Mile, Distaff, Derby, and Oaks will be drawn 11 a.m., Wednesday, August 10.

In the Longacres Mile, older horses carry 124 lbs with 3-year-olds weighted at 121 lbs. (Non-winners of $50,000 at one mile or over in 2022 allowed 2 lbs.; Non-winners of $30,000 since December 1, 2021, allowed 4 lbs.; Non-winners of $20,000 in 2021-2022 allowed 6 lbs.)

Background returns to defend his Longacres Mile title for owners Bob and Molly Rondeau, trainer Mike Puhich, and jockey Rocco Bowen. The 5-year-old Khozan gelding breezed four furlongs in :49 Monday at Pegasus Training Center.



Friday, July 29
Race 1: Wine At Nine-56
Race 2: Le Tub-62
Race 3: Dennard-47
Race 4: Red Noon Rising-61
Race 5: Feather Inthe Wind-48*
Race 6: Mixo-73
Race 7: Cowboy Causeway-32

Torpedo Away

Saturday, July 30
Race 1: Hunters Ghost-47
Race 2: Cody’s Choice-75
Race 3: Big Paper Daddy-68*
Race 4: Enchanting Way-71*
Race 5: Coastal Run-43
Race 6: Torpedo Away-77
Race 7: Diamond Willow-37

Smoken Shadow

Sunday, July 31
Race 1: Clubhouse Wave-38
Race 2: Gold Rush Junior-47+
Race 3: Napoletano-56
Race 4: Ila Veiw Too-25+
Race 5: Tia a Macho Girl-58
Race 6: Smoken Shadow-67*
Race 7: Iowa Kid-43
* Career-high
# First-time starter

Papa’s Golden Boy

Fast Times
4 ½ Furlongs :50.93 Miss Dynamic (2f) July 2
5 Furlongs :56.97 Overly Fast (3g) May 28
5 ½ Furlongs 1:01.49 Ima Happy Cat (7m) May 22
6 Furlongs 1:07.76 Papa’s Golden Boy (6g) June 26
6 ½ Furlongs 1:14.26 Torpedo Away (6g) July 30
1 Mile 1:35.39 House of Lords (4g) (June 18)

Betting Favorites
Last Week: 5-21 (23.8%)
Season: 95-256 (37.1%)
Largest $2 Win: $81.40, Feather Inthe Wind (July 29)
$2 Place: $23.80, Feather Inthe Wind (July 29)
$2 Show: $15.40, Indian Rule (July 9)

Biggest Payouts
$45,370.72 (0.20 Jackpot Pick 6, July 2)
$40,052.28 ($0.20 Jackpot Pick 6, July 29)
$18,581.45 ($0.50 Pick 5, July 31)
$9,169.05 ($0.50 Pick 5, July 29)
$9,124.10 ($0.50 Pick 5, July 10)
$8,041.30 ($0.50 Pick 4, June 18)

Eddie Martinez

Jockey Wins
58-Alex Cruz
48-Kevin Radke
47-Juan Gutierrez
20-Leslie Mawing
17-Javier Matias
17-Kevin Orozco
15-Jose Zunino
10-Eddie Martinez
8-Alex Anaya
7-Kassie Guglielmino
3-Jennifer Whitaker
2-Jose Nava-Marin
1-Nicolle Disdier
1-Clayan Millwood
1-Evin Roman
1-Jake Samuels

Jockey Stakes Wins
3-Juan Gutierrez
2-Kevin Orozco
2-Kevin Radke
2-Jose Zunino
1-Evin Roman

Rigoberto Velasquez

Trainer Wins
21-Jorge Rosales
18-Vince Gibson
18-Blaine Wright
17-Frank Lucarelli
15-Candi Cryderman
14-Joe Toye
12-Tom Wenzel
11-Jeff Metz
7-Rigoberto Velasquez
6-Howard Belvoir
6-Kay Cooper
6-Shelly Crowe
6-Sam Dronen
6-Bonnie Jenne
6-Tim McCanna
6-M.L. Pierce
5-Alan Bozell
5-Debbie Peery
5-Shannon Simpson
4-Charles Essex
4-Dan Markle
3-Robbie Baze
3-Bob Bean
3-Tena Birdwell
3-Steve Bullock
3-James Gilmour
3-David Martinez
3-Jose Navarro
3-Niccolo Troiani
3-Debbie Van Horne
2-Cliff Balcom
2-Valentin P. Garcia
2-Robert Gilker
2-Liz Kowalski
2-Bob Meeking
2-Jennifer Nunnally
2-Sergio Perez
2-Jose Raudales
2-Rosie Simkins
2-Jill Soranno
1-Scott Freeman
1-Ryland Harwood
1-Kimberley Johnston
1-Dale Koler
1-Steve Koler
1-Elodio Madrigal
1-Joe Ortega
1-Ken Person
1-Jose Puentes
1-Mike Puhich
1-Anne Wisdom

Trainer Stakes Wins
5-Blaine Wright
2-Tom Wenzel
1-Vince Gibson
1-Bonnie Jenne
1-Rigoberto Velasquez

Rick Kessler

Owner Wins
15-John Parker
7-Paddock Partners Ltd.
7-Chad and Josh
6-Purple Rose Ranch
5-Lusk Racing
5-Remmah Racing
5-Cameron Simpson McVay
4-Kenneth or Vicky Jo Elison
4-Paul Johnson
3-Howard Belvoir
3-James Carlin
3-Friendship Stable, Q Stable, & Craig Fredrickson
3-Oscar Heredia
3-K D Thoroughbreds
3-Mischief Club 4
3-William Sandeman
3-Saratoga West
3-Margaret Root
3-WilWin Stable
2-Cliff Balcom
2-Bean Acres
2-Howard Belvoir and Robert Buchanan
2-Big Bill and Company #1
2-Alan Bozell
2-Ron Crockett Inc.
2-Carol Dronen
2-Hillary Durham
2-Valentin P. Garcia
2-James Gilmour
2-John Guidos
2-Steve Haahr and Letha Haahr
2-Lynn Hebdon
2-Hern/LePley Racing
2-Mike Hill
2-Carter James
2-Rick Kessler or Terra Firma Farm
2-Eliska Kubinova
2-John and Janene Maryanski & Riverbend Stable
2-Randall and Rossi or Lucarelli Racing Corp
2-Antonio Mendoza
2-Sergio Perez
2-Rosales Racing F1
2-Rosales Racing F1 and Oscar Heredia
2-Sue and Tim Spooner
2-Still Dreaming Stables
2-Ten Broeck Farm
2-George Todaro
2-White Diamond Syndicate and Gary Crandall
2-Wayne Williams or Terra Firma Farm
1-108 tied

Pearl River Delta

Horse Wins
3-Big Fashion
3-Collecting Stars
3-Crooked Finger Ray
3-Heredia Boxer
3-Miss Kitness
3-Sir Deputy
3-Warfront Fighter
3-Willing to Burn
2-Big Paper Daddy
2-Brony Boy
2-Classic Leah
2-Coastal Run
2-Code Charlie
2-Curious Sensation
2-Curling Secret
2-Feather Inthe Wind
2-Hunters Ghost
2-Le Tub
2-Lookout Taylor
2-Master Recovery
2-Miss Dynamic*
2-Ms Parkside
2-Nine One One
2-Northwest Rain
2-Orcadian Storm
2-Overly Fast
2-Pearl River Delta
2-Rocky Tough
2-Slack Tide**
2-Slew’s Tiz Whiz*
2-Smoken Shadow
2-Stonus Maximus
2-Take Charge Deputy
2-Union Bliss
2-You’re the Cause
1-Abraaj Mirage
1-Aloha Breeze
1-Alpine Hypnosis
1-American Royalty
1-Appointed Star
1-Ashley Beautiful
1-Ask Alice
1-Babtiste Lasalle
1-Blame It On Kitty
1-Blame the Devil
1-Blood Red Moon
1-Bobby Buckets
1-Book Smart
1-Buckley Bay
1-Candy Zip
1-Captain Dashi
1-Celinas Blue Bird
1-C Jaxon
1-Clubhouse Wave
1-Coastline Sermon
1-Coastal Jazz
1-Cody’s Choice
1-Command Sgt Major
1-Confidence Builder
1-Cowboy Causeway
1-Darcee’s Lovi Dovi
1-Diamond Willow
1-Donne Cattive
1-Ears to Us
1-El Alto Hombre
1-Emerald Sea
1-Empire Way
1-Enchanting Way
1-Executive Chef*
1-Eyes for Gold
1-Fantastic Day
1-Fire Escape
1-Firing Pin
1-Floyd Knowles
1-Flyin By
1-Fly Patti Fly
1-Forty Smooches
1-Franks Fix It
1-Frisco Frillls
1-Fully Compliant
1-Gabby Hayes
1-Gold N Glitter
1-Gold Rush Junior
1-Gold Supply
1-Harbor Outlaw
1-Heat Seeking Leta
1-House of Lords
1-I Am Allthatyouare
1-Ila Veiw Too
1-Ima Happy Cat
1-Iowa Kid
1-In the Vault
1-Irish Knight
1-Iron Rob
1-It’s Curlin Time
1-Jersey Red
1-Kind of Gallant
1-Lady Commish
1-Lady O’Prado
1-Lago de Oro
1-Larsen Bay
1-La Waun
1-Let It Reign
1-Lil’ Mis Mischief
1-Little Casino
1-Maggie Fitzgerald
1-Mahi Mahi
1-Major Munnings
1-Man in Black
1-March On Linch
1-Marque It Up
1-Maybe I Will*
1-Mayhem and Chaos
1-Mean Sharon
1-Midnight Luter
1-Milords Oathkeeper
1-Missed the Boat
1-Mo Connelly
1-Moscow Lady
1-Mosquito Fleet
1-Mr. Stang
1-Naval Escort
1-New Every Morning
1-Northern Blend
1-Our Lyla Grace
1-Oxbow Park
1-Papa’s Golden Boy*
1-Prince of Luck
1-Princess Payton
1-Queen Breezy
1-Red Noon Rising
1-Rings of Saturn
1-Rodeo Rose
1-Roman Rush
1-Rousing Rubble
1-Runnin Out of Days*
1-Sadie’s Snowstorm
1-Saint Pieus
1-Silent Declaration
1-Silvery Orb
1-Sleepy Sue
1-Smiling Goodbye
1-Spittin Image
1-Stanley Ryder
1-Street Demand
1-Stylish Elegance
1-Suddenly Winning
1-Sweet Katie O
1-Swing First
1-Tam Tricky
1-Tengo Sed
1-Tiz a Macho Girl
1-Too Tall to Call
1-Top Executive
1-Torpedo Away
1-Tribunal Love
1-Tumac Mountain
1-Unsinkable Molly B
1-Wear the Crown
1-Western Dream
1-Western Rule
1-Whata Flirt
1-Wheel Rally
1-Wine At Nine
1-Yes Your Graze
1-You Go Girl
*stakes wins

Coast Guard

Sire Wins
15-Coast Guard
11-Harbor the Gold
9-Atta Boy Roy
6-Shaman Ghost
3-Broken Vow
3-Competitive Edge
3-Gallant Son
3-Gold Aly
3-Mr. Big
3-Paddy O’Prado
3-Stay Thirsty
3-Street Boss
3-Street Life
3-Super Saver
3-Union Rags
2-Champ Pegasus
2-Clubhouse Ride
2-Curlin to Mischief
2-Creative Cause
2-Desert Code
2-Dynamic Impact
2-Gold Rush Dancer
2-Lutes Gift
2-Maclean’s Music
2-Midnight Lute
2-Ministers Wild Cat
2-More Than Ready
2-Parker’s Storm Cat
2-Rousing Sermon
2-Slew’s Tiznow
2-Smiling Tiger
2-Take Charge Indy
2-Twirling Candy
1-65 tied

Winner Bred
86-Washington (34.0%)
70-Kentucky (27.3%)
64-California (25.0%)
9-Oregon (3.5%)
6-British Columbia (2.3%)
4-New York (1.6%)
4-Virginia (1.6%)
3-Idaho (1.2%)
2-Arizona (0.8%)
2-Florida (0.8%)
2-Pennsylvania (0.8%)
1-Colorado (0.4%)
1-Iowa (0.4%)
1-Maryland (0.4%)
1-Texas (0.4%)

2022 Claims Report
No. Claims 158
Aggregate $1,171,500

Spittin Image

Largest Claims
Spittin Image (5g) $30,000, June 5
Zazen (3f) $30,000, June 11
Driveway (2f) $25,000, July 23
Ms Parkside (3f) $25,000, May 29
Poverty Bay (3g) $25,000, July 17
Poverty Bay (3g) $25,000, July 31
Western Dream (3f) $25,000, July 24
Take Charge Deputy (7g) $20,000, July 29

Clayan Millwood

WEEKLY HONORS #12 (July 29-31): Jockey: Clayan Millwood Trainer: Debbie Peery Owner: Lisa Baze and Jerry Carmody WTBOA Washington-Bred: Torpedo Away (Dan McCanna breeder)

Bill Downes

NOTES: Bill Downes returns to the announcer’s booth Friday after a one-week hiatus. . .Speaking of announcer, former Emerald Downs race-caller Matt Dinerman is at the microphone when Santa Rosa opens an eight-day meeting Thursday at 1:45 p.m. . .Juan Gutierrez celebrates his 53rd birthday Saturday. The track’s all-time leader in wins with 1,544 and earnings with $16,852,125, Gutierrez is six stakes wins away from tying Gallyn Mitchell’s all-time Emerald Downs’ record of 80 stakes wins. . . Sunday’s 10-race card begins with four Quarter Horse events–two trials each for the $40,000 Bank of America Emerald Championship Challenge and $30,000 John Deere Juvenile Challenge, with the 10 fastest times qualifying for the August 28 finals.