AUBURN, WA – The 2023 T-Rex World Championships Final Heat was a dazzler. Three T-Rexs hit the finish line right together.

After watching the replay on the Big Screen, the officials came to the agreement that Boto Rex (#5), Ocean Kim from Kauai, HI hit the wire first.

Deno the Dino (#7), Colton Winegar from Boise, ID got second and Rex Ray Machine (#3), Seth Hirschi, Renton, WA third.

Both Kim and Winegar work for Tri-Guard Pest Control who had 40 employees in the races. Tri-Guard started the T-Rex race at Emerald Downs as a team building outing in 2017.  The races were dedicated to Terry Richards, Tri-Guard’s CEO who passed away tragically in a small plane crash earlier this year.

The T-Rex World Championships had over 200 participants. Each of the eight heat winners qualified for the Championship. The distance of the race was 100 yards.

The T-Rexs came from many miles away. Texas, Ohio, Virginia, Louisiana, Oregon, California and Idaho all had racers.

CHAMPIONSHIP RUNNERS (All won a qualifying heat)

#1, Tiberias Rex A Quan, Paul Perry, Bonney Lake, WA

#2, Dinoman, Holt, Prosser, WA

#3, Rex Ray Machine, Seth Hirschi, Renton, WA – 3RD

#4, Sexy Rexy, Dionte, New Mexico

#5, Boto Rex, Ocean Kim, Kauai, HI – 1ST

#6, Big Chomper, Devyrn, Idaho Falls, ID

#7, Deno the Dino, Colton Winegar, Boise, ID – 2ND

#8, Dev-a-saures, Dev, Seattle, WA

#9, Rex-Op, Ethan, Meridian, ID

The first race of the day was the Kids Race. Many kids dressed up as a T-Rex and the winner was Ezra Moaalii of Covington.