Mobile Betting – Easy as 1,2,3!

  1.  Visit Customer Service or a Mutuel Window to open your BetEmerald account.
  2. Fund your account with cash or voucher at a self-service terminal.
  3. Connect to the “BetEmerald” WiFi and start betting at on your tablet or smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is is a mobile website where you can place your wagers from a smartphone or tablet by using Emerald Downs on-track WiFi. It’s your own personal betting window!

Where Can I Use is only available through the Emerald Downs facility WiFi system “BetEmerald.” Once you have left the track grounds you will not be able to place a wager. The WiFi does not require a password to access.

How Do I Open and Fund My Account?

  1. Fill out a BetEmerald account form and return it to Customer Service or any mutuel teller.
  2. Take your new account card to a Self-Service Terminal. Swipe your card, enter you PIN and insert cash or voucher. Your PIN is the last 4 digits on your card.
  3. Connect to the BetEmerald WiFi on your smartphone or tablet and go to and login. That’s it! You can begin wagering.

Can I Earn Rewards With My BetEmerald Account?
Yes! Your Emerald Downs Player Rewards card can be linked to your mobile wagering so you never miss any points! Just include your Rewards account number on your sign-up form.

For questions, please visit a Customer Service Center or call 253-288-7711.