Daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, Track Announcer Matt Dinerman and “Vic’s Trip” from local media legend, Victor “The Predictor” Cozzetti (Vic’s Website).



Race 1: 1-San Juan Star, 3-Alittle Bit Parker, 7-La Javier

Race 2: 6-Guardingthemoney, 3-Wood N Spoon, 2-Oso Brave

Race 3: 1-Talk That Talk, 6-Parkers Delight, 3-Iwannabeadivatoo

Race 4: 1-Sea N Redd, 4-Bellastime, 6-Dylan J.T.

Race 5: 1-Justitia, 6-Kaiulani, 2-Goose Bumps

Race 6: *8-Calculated Chaos, 7-Solemnly Swear, 2-Credit Line

Race 7: 4-Cinematic Cat, 6-Italian Warrior, 3-Kenai King

Race 8: 1-Commander Lute, 6-Eddington’s Star, 4-Hunters Vow

Race 9: 6-Swingshift Deputy, 5-Blame It On Royce, 4-Oh Marvelous Me

Swingshift Deputy’s speed and outside post can earn him a victory.

Race 10: 7-Yakima Gray, 2-Aprils Not Foolin, 1-Cascade Kitty

*best bet 


Race 1: 3-Alittle Bit Parker, 6-She’s Informed, 1-San Juan Star

Race 2: 6-Guardingthemoney, 3-Wood N Spoon, 4-Chester Bellweather

Race 3: 6-Parkers Delight, 1-Talk That Talk, 3-Iwannabeadivatoo

Race 4: 7-*Trump Itz, 5-Upshift, 6-Dylan J.T.

Race 5: 4-Pebble Beach, 6-Kaiulani, 1-Justitia

Race 6: 7-Solemnly Swear, 3-Raspberry Road, 2-Credit Line

Race 7: 4-Cinematic Cat, 6-Italian Warrior, 3-Italian Warrior

Race 8: 6-Eddington’s Star, 1-Commander Lute, 4-Hunter’s Vow

Race 9: 6-Swingshift Deputy, 2-Valid Keiki, 4-Oh Marvelous Me

6-Swingshift Deputy will have to wire a field that draws a lot of speed, but we loved the way he ran last time out. He took a ton of pressure up front before putting away everybody but the talented Party Pooper, who is a much better horse than any rival that ‘Deputy faces today. 2-Valid Keiki made his first start off an 11-month break on April 28 and went on to score by a length and a half against easier company. He faces tougher now, yes, but there’s reason to believe he can run even better with a race under his belt.  4-Oh Marvelous Me is a hard knocking guy that will sit off the speed and could benefit from the projected rapid pace.

Race 10: 2-Aprils Not Foolin, 4-Olivia Snowbound, 7-Yakima Gray

*best bet 


Based on the conditions of the ninth race,SWINGSHIFT DEPUTY has an edge,with five victories under his belt, draws well for stalking trip if  necessary, excellent connections,I see all system go today.