Super Bowl LI Selections!

Victor the Predictor Selects Falcons


New England is favored by 3 points, but our patrons & staff made 33 picks for Atlanta and only 9 for the Patriots!

Pick. . . . .reason

Ron Crockett New England/Better defense usually prevails in this game

Phil Ziegler Atlanta/Falcons will feel home in the dome

Bob Fraser Atlanta/Beat the Hawks who are second-best team in NFL

Kevin Sykes Atlanta/Best offense beats the best defense

Joe Henry Atlanta/Offense unstoppable

Rico Traverso Atlanta/MVP Matt Ryan

Mike Waters New England/Experience hard to beat in Super Bowl

Vince Bruun Atlanta/Everyone knows you don’t pick Patriots in Super Bowl

Dave Yoshino Atlanta/Julio Jones the difference-maker

Ron Hammond Atlanta/Offense rules with their many weapons

Steve Dunham Atlanta/Anti-cheater, they shouldn’t prosper

John Newfield Atlanta/51 years in the league, deserve a title

Randy Williams Atlanta/Quarterback Matt Ryan the difference

Robert Geller Atlanta/They just keep scoring

Natasha J Atlanta/My former last name was Brady but I still hate New England

Aaron Wine Atlanta/My daughter’s college fund depends on it

Tom Michaelson Atlanta/Offense and defense both look good

Matt Dinerman New England since my own sire and dam are from Massachusetts

Pat McDowell New England/Belichick

Mike Puhich Atlanta/What they did to Seattle’s defense hasn’t been done

Cassandra Canterbury Atlanta/Time to shake things up a bit

Ashley Mohoric Atlanta/Don’t like cheating New England

Danny Wakgira Atlanta/They’re best in the NFC, 24-21 (need a 5 in final score!)

Charlie Rowe New England/Better team, 23-7 (need a 0 in final score!)

Frank Farrington New England/They’re terrific

Kathy Coffey Atlanta/Underrated defense and my husband played for them

Vicki Potter Atlanta/Because I don’t like New England

Reed Palmer Atlanta/Going as good as a team can be going

Gary Dougherty Atlanta/Fantastic team and they’ll like the Houston surface

Billy Loos Atlanta/It’s their turn, New England’s out of juice

Vic Cozzetti Atlanta/Falcons’ offense too powerful for Patriots

Randy Stewart Atlanta/They’re the better team

Gordy Jarnig New England/Quarterback Tom Brady, experience

Greg Jackson Atlanta/I hate New England

Ray Look New England/I see how many Super Bowls the Patriots have won

Rob Rao Atlanta/Offense firing on all cylinders

Cy Labar Atlanta/Close game but Falcons have too many weapons

Wes Petree Atlanta/I don’t want to see Brady win

Gregg Sosnoskie Atlanta/High powered offense gets Falcons first title

Joe Withee Atlanta/Offense might be slowed but too good to be stopped

George Colello Jr. Atlanta/Dan Quinn has made difference, ex-Hawk great coach

Joe LaDuca New England/Stronger defense and the greatest quarterback