Indian Relay 2022

Auburn, WA – The $65,000 Muckleshoot Gold Cup Indian Relay Championship lived up to its billing with a very exciting race. In the end, it was Tyler Peasley and Omak Express crossing the finish line first.

Peasley had a perfect first exchange to lead most of the first lap. Teton with Miaus Teton riding, grabbed the lead after the second exchange as Omak Express dropped to third. Carlson Relay with Chazz Racine moved into the second.

Teton fell out of the competition on the third exchange when their horse stumbled leaving the box area. Peasley and Omak Express nailed the final exchange and re-took the lead and led the rest of the second and final lap. River Road with rider Tristan Bird in Ground moved up to second with a solid exchange.

It was the first Muckleshoot Gold Cup win for the Omak, WA team.


Results from Sunday’s heats

Championship ($10,000 to winner)

1st – Omak Express (Tyler Peasley), Omak, WA

2nd – River Road (Tristan Bird in Ground), Crow Agency, MT

3rd – Carlson Relay (Chazz Racine), Browning, MT

DQ (Lost Horse) – Abrahamson Relay (Scott Abrahamson rider), Omak, WA

DQ (Lost Horse) – Teton (Miaus Teton rider), Lincoln Creek, ID

DQ (Lost Horse) – Two Medicine (Cody Carlson rider), Browning, MT

Second Consolation

1st – Tissidimit (Azeri Coby), Fort Hall, ID

2nd – Amskapi Pikunii (Chris Carlson), Browning, MT

3rd – Mountain Crow Relay (Darren Charges Strong Jr.),  Crow Agency, MT

4th – Cedar Ridge (Jorge Galloway), Fort Hall, ID

5th – Old Sun (Fox Running Crane), Siksika, Alberta, Canada

6th – Starr School (Preston Butterfly), Starr School, MT

First Consolation

1st – Grizzly Mountain (Terrence Holford), Omak, WA

2nd – Little Badger (Justin Burd), Browning MT,

3rd – Strong Horse Relay (Matthew Pakootas Jr.), Nespelem, WA

4th – Counting Coup/Pikuni Express (Narsis Reevis), Usk, WA

5th – S/M Express (Desmond Archilita), Lodge Grass, MT

6th – NorthWest Express (Garrett Mason), Omak, WA