Emerald Downs News & Notes-Tuesday, October 20


Wednesday, October 21 (35/38)
2:15 p.m. (10 races)

Thursday, October 22 (36/38)
5 p.m. (10 races)

Total entries for Week 18 are 143 horses in 20 races or 7.2 a race. Through 34 days (June 24-Oct. 15) average starters per race is 7.43 horses (2571 starters, 346 races).


Fortune’s Freude

Wednesday, Oct. 21, Race 5, purse $23,100, ALW/$40,000 claiming, fillies & mares 3-year-olds & up, 6 ½ Furlongs: After missing by a head vs. Alittlelesstalk in the Washington Cup, razor-sharp Fortune’s Freude drew a good post and should rebound against a good field of older fillies and mares. Dontkissntell has lost all four starts this year, three against Alitttlelesstalk and one against Killarney Lass. She faces neither of those fillies here and cuts back to perhaps her most effective distance. Paddy’s Secret ate up ground late to grab second in the WA Cup, and she did win a sprint stakes in Phoenix two years ago. Diamonds R is better than her seventh in the Washington Cup and worked a bullet half-mile last week. Neither Windy Point nor For You Only wanted any part of two turns, but the speedy 3-year-olds have both run well at 6 1/2 furlongs.

Lolo Paniolo

Thursday, Oct. 22, Race 9: purse $20,900 ALW/$30,000 claiming, 3-year-olds, 6 ½ furlongs: Four of the seven horses exit the same Oct. 8 race in which Lolo Paniolo took advantage of a favorable pace scenario to win going away in 1:36 for a flat mile. Lolo has won sprinting and routing this year and has run three good races for this rider. Spittin Image was bound to be compared to O B Harbor, his talented older brother who was the best horse at this track four years ago. Spittin Image isn’t quite there yet, but he’s improving every out and a big threat to take this field gate to wire. Muncey has earned $23,000 this season the hard way, piling up seconds and thirds in stakes and allowances short and long vs. the likes of Unmachable and Papa’s Golden Boy. He finished third as the 3 to 5 favorite two weeks ago, but might have lost his punch while laying closer to the pace than normal. Stand To is improving with every race and held his own in his first against winners. Aero Street has a good stretch kick but is facing tougher rivals.


Stay in Grace

Wednesday, October 14
Race 1: Pin Up Lady-52
Race 2: Mike Operator-62
Race 3: Unlimiteddataplan-29+
Race 4: Sovereign Nation-61*
Race 5: Check and Raise-57
Race 6: Live a Good Life-49
Race 7: Gentle Prince-64
Race 8: Stay in Grace-66
Race 9: Bleu Musket-40

Papa’s Golden Boy

Thursday, October 15
Race 1: Papa’s Golden Boy-73
Race 2: Wilson to Lockett-55
Race 3: Tothemoonandback-52+#
Race 4: Regazze Cat-55
Race 5: Time ’n Time Again-61
Race 6: Whata Flirt-46
Race 7: General Mach Four-68
Race 8: Lobaness-63
Race 9: Smoothee Lee-66
Race 10: Chante-36
* Career-high
# First-time starter

Killarney Lass

Fastest Times
4 ½ Furlongs :51.75 Seattlesbestsecret (2g) July 9
5 Furlongs :57.11 Swift as I Am (2g) July 29
5 ½ Furlongs 1:02.11 Windribbon (4g) July 9
6 Furlongs 1:08.22 Pure Pursuit (6g) Sept 18
6 ½ Furlongs 1:14.74 Killarney Lass (4f) Aug 13
1 Mile 1:34.10 Anothertwistafate (4c) Sept 10
1 1/16 Mile 1:40.71 Unmachable (3g) Oct 1

Betting Favorites
Last Week: 9-19 (47.4%)
Season: 124-349 (35.5%)
Thoroughbred 122-346 (35.2%) Quarter Horse 2-3 (66.7%)
Largest $2 Win: $105.60, Hollywood Heat (Aug 13)
$2 Place: $49.80, Hollywood Heat (Aug 13)
$2 Show: $18.20, Hollywood Heat (Aug 13)
Largest Payouts: $32,033 ($0.50 Pick 5, Aug 5), $30,520 ($0.20 Jackpot 7, Sept 2), $29,665 ($0.20 Jackpot 7, July 22), $29,571 ($0.50 Pick 4, July 30), $26,758 ($0.20 Jackpot 7, Oct 7)

Jennifer Whitaker

Jockey Wins*
60-Alex Cruz
47-Juan Gutierrez
44-Gary Wales
36-Cerapio Figueroa
33-Eddie Martinez
32-Javier Matias
19-Alex Anaya
19-Jake Samuels
15-Jennifer Whitaker
13-Leslie Mawing
13-Jose Zunino
6-Lorenzo Lopez
4-Joree Scriver
4-James Wooten
1-Francisco Diaz-Lopez
1-Patrick Henry Jr.
*Thoroughbred only

Manny Ortiz

Trainer Wins*
39-Frank Lucarelli
25-Jorge Rosales
19-Blaine Wright
18-Howard Belvoir
16-Joe Toye
15-Rigoberto Velasquez
13-Vince Gibson
12-Kay Cooper
10-Candi Cryderman
10-Charles Essex
10-Jeff Metz
10-Tom Wenzel
9-Chris Stenslie
8-Alan Bozell
8-Steve Bullock
8-Bonnie Jenne
8-Jose Navarro
8-Manny Ortiz
7-Roddina Barrett
6-Tena Birdwell
6-Jack McCartney
6-Robert Meeking
6-Sharon Ross
5-Dan Markle
5-David Martinez
5-Rosie Simkins
4-Robbie Baze
4-Doris Harwood
4-Nick Lowe
4-Debbie Peery
3-Sam Dronen
3-Roy Lumm
3-Tim McCanna
3-Greg Moore
3-Jose Raudales
3-Debbie Van Horne
2-Michael Bullene
2-Terry Gillihan
2-Dale Koler
*Thoroughbred only

Howard Belvoir

Owner Wins
22-Chad and Josh
9-John Parker
9-Greg Conley, Chuck Conley or Terra Firma Farm
6-Howard Belvoir
6-Lynn Hebdon
5-Ron Crockett Inc.
4-Allaire Farms
4-Badrock Racing
4-Howard Belvoir, Bob Buchanan and Fred Foy
4-Tawnja Elison
4-Rick Kessler or Terra Firma Farm
4-Gary and Deborah Lusk and Jeff Lusk
4-John McCulloch
3-Marjorie Avery
3-Big Bill and Company #1
3-Tena Birdwell
3-Alan Bozell
3-Jerry Carmody and John Sneesby
3-W. Quinn Chin
3-Carol Dronen
3-Glyn Kelly, Anne MacLennan and Dan Markle
3-Hank Gott
3-Donald L. Lawrence
3-Little Barn Racing
3-Nick Lowe and Mark Loebner
3-One Horse Will Do Corporation & Chris Stenslie
3-One Horse Will Do Corporation & Steve Shimizu
3-Peter Redekop B.C. Ltd.
3-Rancho Viejo & Jerry Carmody
3-Rising Star Stable VIII
3-Rosales Racing F1
3-Saratoga West
2-Rebecca Ayarra
2-Bar C Racing Stable Inc.
2-Lisa A. Baze
2-BDW Racing or Marty Yellam
2-Billy Speed Racing Stable
2-Blue Ribbon Racing #15
2-Brett Brophy and Woodway Stable
2-Michael Bullene
2-Cinbar Stables
2-Jeff Cissell
2-Clemans View Racing #5
2-Joe Crawford and Joe Burke
2-Joe Crawford, Michael Pattison and Tim Clothier
2-Ken Elison or Vicky Jo Elison
2-Emerald Racing Club
2-Charles Essex
2-Ron and Nina Hagen, Alice and Don Whitmore and Steve Bullock
2-Horse Haven Creek Farm, Breezinbyou Stable and Ken Hermann
2-Julie Hebdon and Tsujikawa Racing
2-Kama’aina Thoroughbreds
2-Art McFadden
2-Wanda Munger Racing Stables
2-Oak Crest Farm
2-Alan Peterson
2-Poseidon Partners
2-Rancho Viejo
2-Randall and Rossi or Lucarelli Racing Corp.
2-Harry Richardson
2-Robert Rosenberg and Kerry Gunderson
2-Tamra Ruther
2-Ron Schmid
2-Seamist Racing LLC
2-Dawn Spillman
2-Still Dreaming Stables
2-George Todaro
2-Uncle Pete’s Dream Team
2-Warlock #1, Roddina Barrett and Kelly Dougan

Whata Flirt

Horse Wins
4-Omache Kid
3-Battle Point Red
3-Daffodil Sweet*
3-Doctor Bruce S.
3-Golden Cowboy
3-La Waun
3-Licorice Drop Pops
3-Missed the Boat
3-Papa’s Golden Boy
3-Pin Up Lady
3-Pistol Power
3-Pure Pursuit
3-Stay in Grace
2-Always Working
2-Baby Rocks
2-Bearcreek Mountain
2-Buckley Bay
2-Bullet Drill
2-Candied Lute
2-Check and Raise
2-Coastal Tulips
2-Constant Craving
2-Crest Drive
2-Elliott Bay*
2-Emily’s Gold
2-Fantastic Day
2-Fiery Cause
2-Fortune’s Freude
2-Gentle Prince
2-Gold Supply
2-I Work for Carrots
2-Kissable U
2-Linchpins Wake
2-Live a Good Life
2-Lolo Paniolo
2-Mike Operator
2-Mirror Image
2-Owners’ Prestige
2-Port Lions
2-Rocket Power
2-Sassy Edie
2-Secret Paranoia
2-Shoe Game
2-Sovereign Nation
2-Spot On
2-Style Daddy
2-Time for Gold**
2-Tomorrow’s Mine
2-Valid Prince
2-Vinny From Dixie
2-Whata Flirt
2-You Go Girl
1-Abraa Jabraa
1-Aero Street
1-All About Time
1-Anna Lee Encore
1-Aqua Frio
1-Army King
1-Assets Included
1-Autumn Arrives
1-Awesome Slate
1-Benny the Jet
1-Besos for Lily
1-Bishops of Compton
1-Bleu Musket
1-Blue Chip Betty
1-Brahms Forest
1-Camden High
1-Cascade Dancer
1-Cate’s Gold
1-Catfish Hunter
1-Cedar Rapids
1-Cherokee Louise
1-Chris the Beaver
1-Clocker’s Choice
1-Close the Show Lo
1-Club Royale
1-Cm Boom Shakalaka (qh)
1-Cm Once Ina Bluemoon (qh)
1-Coastal Kid
1-Cody’s Choice
1-Coastal Jazz
1-Coastal Run
1-Code Charlie
1-Continue On Victor
1-David Nose Best
1-Dazzling Debbi
1-D O’s Reignoffire
1-Double A. Prospect
1-Dragon Lady
1-Dudley Studley
1-Eddie and the King
1-Emerald Sea
1-Emma’s a Beast
1-Fats Dominus
1-Finished My P H D
1-Fireball Red
1-Forever Gold
1-Fortune in Silk
1-Forty Knot Current
1-French Coast
1-Frolic and Detour
1-Full Speed Ahead
1-Fuzzy Dolphin
1-General Mach Four
1-Gold Crusher*
1-Gran Fiesta
1-Gray Admiral
1-Grazen Valor
1-Grinder Sparksaglo
1-Harbors Rule
1-Hard to Deny
1-Hollywood Heat
1-Hurricane Force
1-If You Want It
1-Indygo Bo
1-Irish Terrier
1-Is This It
1-John’s On Point
1-Kactus Kate
1-Killarney Lass*
1-Known Value
1-Lady Campbell
1-Last One Standing
1-La Una
1-Little Dancer
1-Long Lance
1-Louisana Bunny (qh)
1-Magic Mahogany
1-Majestic Cafe
1-Makah Lane
1-Malibu Bay
1-Malibu Mistress
1-Managing Brianna
1-Mean Sharon
1-Midnight in Maui
1-Mika the Mistress
1-Mike Man’s Gold
1-Miso Fast
1-Miss Calculation
1-Miss Valor
1-Mr Bingley
1-Mr. Takahashi
1-Ms Lynn
1-National Browser
1-No Harbor in Sight
1-Oh Marvelous Me
1-On Purpose
1-O’S So Serios
1-Patricia L
1-Peace Prince
1-Pegasus Champ
1-Peppered Appeal
1-Perfect D
1-Perfect Promise
1-Premier League
1-Pre Mo Diamond
1-Princess of Cairo*
1-Pulpits Power
1-Purely Political
1-Raise the Woof
1-Regazze Cat
1-Reno Roy
1-Ri Pin Snap
1-Riptide Romeo
1-Rough Ride
1-Sadie Sue
1-Salty Little Lass
1-Secrets of My Soul
1-Semi Sweet
1-Shelby R.
1-She Owns the Paynt
1-Shes Got the Power
1-Shez a Grinder
1-Shifty Dancer
1-Sigrid’s Gold
1-Six Blessings
1-Smarty Jeans
1-Smashing Success
1-Smoothee Lee
1-So Figure It Out
1-So Lucky
1-Somethin’bout Iris
1-Songbird Eydie
1-Sophie’s Dream
1-Sparkling Lute
1-Spittin Image
1-Stand To
1-Stanley Ryder
1-Star Gauge
1-Stay in Power
1-Stratus Bird
1-Suddenly Awesome
1-Sunshine Beach
1-Sunshine Emily
1-Sway Road
1-Swift as I Am
1-Take Charge Deputy
1-The Metal Man
1-The Press
1-This Great Nation
1-Tiger Mom
1-Tiger On Your Six
1-Time ’n Time Again
1-Tiz Brilliant
1-Top Executive*
1-Tribal Impact
1-Urban Diva
1-Waverly Way
1-West Coast Indy
1-Wheel Rally
1-Wild Wild Kingdom
1-Wilson to Lockett
1-Windy Point
1-Zippen Sevenz
1-Zippy Groom
1-Z’s Speranza
*Stakes Win


Sire Wins
-Harbor the Gold
19-Coast Guard
10-War Power
7-Atta Boy Roy
4-Champ Pegasus
4-Demon Warlock
4-Distorted Reality
4-Lutes Gift
4-Polish Miner
4-Shanghai Bobby
4-The Pamplemousse
3-Gold Aly
3-Lemon Drop Kid
3-Liberty Gold
3-Lucky Pulpit
3-Macho Uno
3-Ministers Wildcat
3-Raise the Bluff
3-Southern Image
3-Square Eddie
3-Stormy Atlantic
3-Sway Away
2-Animal Kingdom
2-Bellamy Road
2-Car Talk
2-City Zip
2-Creative Cause
2-Crown of Thorns
2-Desert Code
2-Dialed In
2-Exchange Rate
2-Hard Spun
2-Indian Evening
2-Medaglia d’Oro
2-Peppered Cat
2-Raison d’Etat
2-Rallying Cry
2-Sea of Secrets
2-Smart Chip
2-Smiling Tiger
2-Street Boss
2-Testa Rossa
2-Trappe Shot
2-Twirling Candy
2-Uncle Mo

Winner Bred*
180-Washington (52.0%)
81-Kentucky (23.4%)
59-California (17.0%)
10-Oregon (2.8%)
5-Florida (1.4%)
3-Arizona (0.8%)
3-Virginia (0.8%)
2-Idaho (0.5%)
2-Australia (0.5%)
2-British Columbia (0.5%)
1-Louisiana (0.2%)
1-Maryland (0.2%)
1-Montana (0.2%)
1-Alberta (0.2%)
1-Ireland (0.2%)
*Thoroughbred only

CLAIMS REPORT-Thru Oct. 15 (34 days)
Claims: 119
Aggregate: $702,500
Largest Claim: $25,000, Staredown (3YOG) July 29, Golden Delight (3YOF) August 12

Vince Gibson

WEEKLY HONORS #17 (Oct. 14 & 15): Jockey: Leslie Mawing Trainer: Vince Gibson Owner: Jerry Carmody WTBOA WA Bred: Tothemoonandback (Bred by Rick & Debbie Pabst)

NOTES: Pre-entries for the 2020 Breeders’ Cup will be announced Monday, Oct.26, and Washington-bred Bodenheimer is expected to be entered in the $1-million Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint. Post times and race order will be announced Wednesday, Oct. 28, for the 14 Breeders’ Cup races Friday, Nov. 6 and Saturday, Nov. 7 at Keeneland. . .Turf Paradise and the Arizona Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association (AZHBPA) announced an agreement for an 84-day meeting running Jan. 2 through May 1, 2021.