Emerald Downs News & Notes-Thursday, Sept. 13

Friday, September 14
6:30 p.m. (7 races)
Fab Friday

Saturday, September 15
5 p.m. (8 races)
September Saturdays
The Retros (perform after races)

Sunday, September 16
2 p.m. (9 races)
Emerald Rewards Day


Friday, Sept. 7
Race 1: Stay in Power-51*
Race 2: Honkytonkbar-54*
Race 3: Imagetminz-28+
Race 4: Intermix-54
Race 5: Shahalie Shari-56*
Race 6: Opportunistic-78
Race 7: Whistlin’ Laddie-49*

Saturday, Sept. 8
Race 1: Candorosa-59*
Race 2: Hello Bourbon-62
Race 3: Party for One-58
Race 4: Mr. Frank-64+
Race 5: Uzta Have Money-74
Race 6: True Ranger-67
Race 7: Awesome Return-66
Race 8: Better in Leather-50

Sunday, Sept. 9
Race 1: Forty Six Carats-53+#
Race 2: Dark Morning-47*
Race 3: My Son John-47
Race 4: Are Rated-42+
Race 5: Sea N Redd-37
Race 6: Fly Far Away-74*
Race 7: Ever Special-49
Race 8: Hit the Beach-84*
Race 9: Pulmarack-60
Race 10: Crazy for Gold-52*
* Career-high
**Ties career-high
# First-time starter

Fastest Times
4 ½ Furlongs :51.87 Sunshine Emily (2yof) June 16
5 Furlongs :56.52 Das Bear (3yog) May 5
5 ½ Furlongs 1:02.94 Barkley (5yoh) May 13
6 Furlongs 1:08.09 Daytona Beach (6yog) June 17
6 ½ Furlongs 1:14.31 Kaabraaj (6yog) July 8
1 Mile 1:34.60 Huya (5yog) June 16
1 1/16 Mile 1:40.08 Riser (4yoc) July 15
1 1/8 Mile 1:48.54 Sippin Fire (3yogf) July 29
1 ¼ Mile 2:03.49 Atypique (dq) (6yog) Sept 1

Betting Favorites
Last Week: 6-25 (24%)
Season: 167-507 (32.9%)
All-Time (1996-2018): 6,102-17,432 (35.0)
Largest $2 Win: $98.80 This Great Nation (Aug 12)
$2 Place: $48.20 This Great Nation (Aug 12)
$2 Show: $16.40 This Great Nation (Aug 12)
Largest Payout: $57,865 ($0.20 Jackpot 7, July 14)

Rocco Bowen

Jockeys Wins
97-Rocco Bowen
66-Kevin Orozco
63-Julien Couton
51-Gary Wales
42-Eswan Flores
28-Javier Matias
22-Jose Zunino
21-Leonel Camacho-Flores
20-Anne Sanguinetti
20-Austin Solis
17-Erick Lopez

Javier Matias

Jockeys Earnings
$964,615-Rocco Bowen
$777,163-Julien Couton
$762,315-Kevin Orozco
$517,415-Gary Wales
$496,571-Eswan Flores
$474,110-Javier Matias
$322,877-Austin Solis
$317,714-Jose Zunino
$302,702-Leonel Camacho-Flores
$235,533-Erick Lopez

Frank Lucarelli

Trainers Wins
43-Jeff Metz
38-Blaine Wright
35-Frank Lucarelli
22-Joe Toye
22-Vince Gibson
19-Candi Tollett
18-Manny Ortiz
17-Howard Belvoir
14-Tom Wenzel
14-Mike Puhich
12-Robbie Baze
12-Larry Ross
11-Chris Stenslie

Blaine Wright

Trainers Earnings
$748,811-Blaine Wright
$462,064-Frank Lucarelli
$332,914-Howard Belvoir
$326,361-Jeff Metz
$264,280-Tom Wenzel
$211,601-Vince Gibson
$207,828-Steve Bullock
$191,849-Manny Ortiz
$188,908-Mike Puhich
$177,786-Chris Stenslie

Jeff Metz (Saratoga West)

Owners Wins
17-Saratoga West
16-John E. Parker
11-Rick Kessler or Terra Firma Farm
9-Tim Bankers
8-Tawnja Elison
7-Kenneth Elison or Vicky Jo Elison
6-Todd & Shawn Hansen
6-Luigi DiPietro or Diana DiPietro
6-Randall and Rossi or Lucarelli Racing
5-Aaron Bresko
5-How We Roll #4

Todd & Shawn Hansen (right)

Owners Earnings
$156,675-How We Roll #4
$153,313-Rising Star Stable III
$134,324-John E. Parker
$128,778-Todd & Shawn Hansen
$104,027-Tim Bankers
$102,864-Peter Redekop B.C. Ltd.
$92,740-Luigi DiPietro & Diana DiPietro
$86,463-John & Janene Maryanski & Riverbend Farm
$85,835-Saratoga West
$81,757-Rick Kessler or Terra Firma Farm
$80,940-John & Janene Maryanski
$79,198-George Todaro

Hit the Beach

Horses Wins
4-Curious Rumor
4-Papa Mambo
4-Party for One
4-Ryan Walt
4-Sippin Fire****
3-Awesome Return
3-Bella Colomba
3-Better in Leather
3-Bullet Express
3-Cody’s Choice
3-Copy Begone
3-Daytona Beach
3-Ever Special
3-Fly Far Away
3-Grand Palais
3-Guardian One
3-He’s Not Grey
3-Hit the Beach
3-Marymoor Park
3-Please Be Me
3-Que Chistoso
3-Rojo Bou Peep
3-Serbian Syclone
3-She Got Away
3-True Ranger
3-Will Not
2-A Filly Can Dream
2-Aikman Juliet*
2-A Little Romance
2-Archie Graham
2-Ask Not
2-Atta Girl Misty
2-Baja Sur*
2-Bear Minimum
2-Bell of Rainier
2-Bet the Harbor
2-Blame It On Royce
2-Bonita Rapids
2-Briana Jean
2-Brilliant Mike
2-Buckley Bay
2-Bullet Drill
2-Bye Bye Sal
2-Camano Comet
2-Cats Gulch
2-Charming Ruler
2-Chu and I
2-Cold Hard Luck
2-Crushin Candy
2-Cruzin in Style
2-Dark Morning
2-Desert Black
2-Diamonds Dena
2-Diamonds R*
2-Double A. Prospect
2-Dudley Studley
2-Fernet Me Not
2-Flatter Cat
2-Fuzzy Dolphin*
2-Golden Cowboy
2-Grinder Sparksaglo
2-Hart Mountain
2-Hello Bourbon
2-Hill Croome
2-Huggy Bear
2-Instinctual Kash
2-Iron Rob
2-Jake’s a Poppin
2-Josie Treasure
2-Jupiter S.
2-Kenzie Blake
2-Little Dancer
2-Long Game
2-Lucky Cleric
2-Meet At Jakes
2-Mike Man’s Gold
2-Mister Breeze
2-Mitch and John E
2-Money Inthe Starrs*
2-No Talking Back
2-Oldtimers Vision
2-Omache Kid
2-Our Silver Lining
2-Outa Here
2-Private Boss
2-Regazze Cat
2-Rosie’s reward
2-Rough and Ready
2-Royal Privacy
2-Sea Basket
2-Seattle Sea Gal
2-Sweet Swindler
2-The Gold Monkey
2-Thirty Pepperonis
2-Tizzy Dean
2-Uncle Kimo
2-Wasatch Wonder
2-Wine At Nine
*Stakes Win


Horses Earnings
$108,150-Sippin Fire
$54,688-Diamonds R
$54,350-Bella Mia
$52,750-Oh Marvelous Me
$51,125-Aikman Juliet
$50,460-Hit the Beach
$48,235-Fly Far Away
$47,850-Northwest Factor
$45,600-No Talking Back

Austin Solis-first stakes win

WEEKLY HONORS #21 (Sept. 7-9): Valpak Jockey-Austin Solis; Las Margaritas Trainer-H.R. Pat Mullens; EmD Owner-Gary Lusk; Quarter Chute Café Groom-Luis Diaz (Heath Lawrence); WTBOA WA-Bred-Fly Far Away (Todd & Shawn Hansen breeder).

NOTES: Sippin Fire worked five furlongs in :59.80 Thursday in advance of the $100,000 Getaway Day Stakes for 3-year-olds on Sunday, Sept. 23. . .Nominations for the Getaway and three other closing day stakes close Saturday: $50,000 Gottstein Futurity (2YO), $25,000 Pete Pedersen (3&Up) and $25,000 Fan Appreciation (F&M 3&Up). . .BC Derby winner Sky Promise has already shipped to Emerald Downs into the barn of trainer Charles Essex. In his last three starts the Sky Mesa colt has won the Manitoba Derby, Canadian Derby and BC Derby. . .Curious Rumor and Papa Mambo both go for their fifth win of the season in Sunday’s eighth race for $15,000/$12,500 claiming fillies and mares. A victory by either would be significant in the battle for the meet’s Top Claimer.