Emerald Downs News & Notes-Thursday, June 13


Friday, June 14
7 p.m. (7 races)
Fab Friday
Muckleshoot Gold Cup Indian Relay

Saturday, June 15
1:30 p.m. (8 races)
$50,000 Seattle Stakes (3YO Fillies)
Muckleshoot Gold Cup Indian Relay

Sunday, June 16
1:30 p.m. (9 races)
$50,000 Auburn Stakes (3YO C&G)
Muckleshoot Gold Cup Indian Relay


Executive Chef

Friday, June 7
Race 1: Lucy L ($3.36) 56
Race 2: Classic Leah ($2.74) 57
Race 3: Gunnin for Gold ($5.08) 61*
Race 4: Chuckanut Bay ($5.22) 79*
Race 5: Creme de Menthe ($6.64) 66*
Race 6: Executive Chef ($5.78) 67
Race 7: Nomi Lackee ($27.16) 52

Peter Flies

Saturday, June 8
Race 1: Grazed n’ Confused ($5.56) 46
Race 2: Moonlightnwine ($8.64) 56
Race 3: Corn Pop ($21.40) 70
Race 4: Shelby Gold ($5.08) 54
Race 5: Feather Inthe Wind ($12.94) 63*
Race 6: Peter Flies ($8.04) 80*
Race 7: Connecter ($7.54) 29

Miss Dynamic

Sunday, June 9
Race 1: Spinnin Pistols ($3.94) 55
Race 2: Vivacious Tribute ($14.42) 52+#
Race 3: Bring a Smile ($3.30) 68*
Race 4: Moon Time ($5.64) 68*
Race 5: Olivian ($7.90) 61
Race 6: Bourbon Tiger ($3.22) 65
Race 7: Miss Dynamic ($8.64) 78*
Race 8: My Sunshine ($13.46) 61
* Career-high
# First-time starter

Fast Times
4 ½ Furlongs :50.87 Vivacious Tribute (2G) June 9
5 Furlongs :56.72 Feather In the Wind (5M) June 8
5 ½ Furlongs 1:01.75 Coastal Jazz (6G) May 4
6 Furlongs 1:08 Peter Flies (4G) June 8
6 ½ Furlongs 1:15.56 Crème de Menthe (4F) June 7
1 Mile 1:35.33 Dirt Road Red (7G) June 2
1 Mile 70 Yards 1:41.58 Lucy L (5M) June 7

Betting Favorites
Last Week: 9-22 (40.9%)
Season: 34-103 (33.0%)
Odds-on: 14-28 (50%)
Largest $2 Win: $54.98, Northern Blend (May 12)
Largest Payouts:
$18,353.82 ($0.50 Pick 5, May 12)
$5,192.43 ($0.50 Paick 4, May 11)

Juan Gutierrez

Jockey Wins
15-Alex Cruz
13-Karlo Lopez
10-Carlos Montalvo
8-Brayan Pena
7-Silvio Amador
7-Luis Reyes
6-Isaias Enriquez
6-Juan Gutierrez
6-Javier Matias
5-Leslie Mawing
5-Kevin Orozco
3-Allyssa Morales
3-Kevin Krigger
3-Jose Zunino
2-Kiaman McGregor
1-Francisco Diaz-Lopez
1-David Martin
1-Neptali Ortiz
1-Jose Rodriguez

Frank Lucarelli

Trainers Wins
12-Justin Evans
12-Blaine Wright
8-Frank Lucarelli
6-Vince Gibson
4-Miguel Hernandez
4-David Martinez
4-Jorge Rosales
4-Alexis Silva-Martinez
4-Rigoberto Velasquez
4-Tom Wenzel
3-Kay Cooper
3-Scott Tubbs
2-Robert Bean
2-Howard Belvoir
2-Candi Cryderman
2-Charles Essex
2-Bonnie Jenne
2-Elodio Madrigal
2-Jack McCartney
2-Jennifer Nunnally
2-Sergio Perez
1-Sergio Alvarez
1-Robbie Baze
1-Alan Bozell
1-Steve Bullock
1-Billy Christian
1-Shawna Christian
1-Sam Dronen
1-James Gilmour
1-Jason Homer
1-Heath Lawerence
1-Luciano Medina-Gabriel
1-Jose Navarro
1-Faustino Coco Patino
1-Rosie Simkins
1-Joe Toye
1-Debbie Van Horne
1-Anne Wisdom

John Maryanski

Owners Wins
3-John Parker
3-John & Janene Maryanski and Gerald & Gail Schneider
2-Vanessa Arballo
2-Luanne Bean
2-Jerry Carmody
2-Serjio Garcia
2-Mike Hill
2-HX3 Incorporated
2-Lusk Racing
2-Miguel H. Racing
2-Alex Ortega, Jr. and Vincent Ortega
2-Rakoczy Racing and Justin Evans
2-Peter Redekop B. C., Ltd.
1-Mike Abraham, Leslie Amestoy and Pierre Amestoy Jr.
1-Alvarez Racing Stables, LLC
1-BDW Racing and Cherie Wright
1-Howard Belvoir
1-David A Bernsen, LLC and Omar Aldabbagh
1-Billy Speed Racing Stable
1-Blue Ribbon Racing #21
1-Camelot Racing
1-James Carlin
1-Billy Christian
1-Shawna Christian
1-Clemans View Farm
1-Club Lucky Racing
1-B Fekkes Dairy
1-Dave and The Little Lady Stable
1-Luigi DiPietro or Diana DiPietro
1-Kelly Dougan and Brett Brophy
1-Joe Dragna
1-Tawnja Elison
1-Danny Eplin
1-Justin Evans, Leanne Duree and John Haas
1-Justin Evans and John Haas
1-Justin Evans and Paul Miller
1-Justin Evans and SCW Racing
1-Jill Fabulich and Lori Heist
1-Filos Stables
1-Gate to Wire LLC
1-James Gilmour
1-Steve and Letha Haahr
1-Ronald and Nina Hagen, Ron Bohlman and Steve Bullock
1-Tracy Henline and Paula Henline
1-Homer Thoroughbreds
1-Horse Haven Creek Farm, Patty Lydon and Barking Dogs
1-Russell Hulk, Coleton Langdon and Nolan Leifer
1-Joan Hutchison and Jim Leslie
1-Bern Kent
1-Richard A. Larson
1-Lawrence Racing Stable
1-Ty Leatherman and Justin Evans
1-Jane Catherine Maller
1-John & Janene Maryanski
1-Luciano Medina Gabriel and Hon Cheung Kum
1-Antonio Mendoza
1-Dave Milburn
1-Quentin Miller
1-MoSaWi Racing, Ellen Moore and James Moore
1-James L. Munch
1-Jennifer Nunnally
1-Oak Crest Farm
1-Sergio Perez
1-Randall and Rossi, Gary Hughes and Lucarelli Racing Corp
1-Remmah Racing
1-REV Racing
1-Harry Richardson
1-Rockingham Ranch
1-Rockingham Ranch and Justin Evans
1-Margaret Root
1-Round Table Stable #1
1-Round Table Stable #2
1-Bryon Seymore
1-Shady Valley Ranch
1-Clay R. Sides
1-Alexis Silva-Martinez
1-Doug Stenberg
1-Terra Firma Farm
1-The Five
1-Eliana Thompson
1-Eliana Thompson and Kevin Chavarria
1-3 D and J Stable
1-George Todaro
1-Two Putts for the Win #21 and Trifecta King Stable
1-Gary Wallace, Karen Wallace and Richard Vanderwooten
1-White Diamond Syndicate, Lusk Racing, and Jeff Cissell
1-WilWin Stable
1-Woodway Stable, Brian Nash, and Ramsey Rutt

Rockit a Day

Horses Wins
2-Creme de Menthe
2-Move Over
2-My Sunshine
2-Rockit a Day
1-Atta Boy Lloyd
1-Alex’s Girl
1-Anniversaire d’Or
1-Another Ten
1-Apricot Brandy
1-A Skip in the Park
1-A View From Above
1-Battleof Trafalger
1-Bea Mischief
1-Beau Mischief
1-Big Mama Thornton
1-Bourbon Tiger
1-Bring a Smile
1-Candied Joule
1-Cash’s Cat
1-Chuckanut Bay
1-Classic Leah
1-Club Mesquite
1-Coastal Jazz
1-Coastal Kid
1-Code Charlie
1-Cool Papa G
1-Corn Pop
1-Daredevil Princess
1-Derby Boy
1-Dirt Road Red
1-El Bromista
1-Executive Chef
1-Fast Times
1-Feather Inthe Wind
1-Fruit Lutes
1-Goat Rocks
1-Grazed n’ Confused
1-Gunnin for Gold
1-Gypsy Gun
1-Half Throttle
1-Helen’s Sun
1-Hey Barmaid
1-Holy Tutta Bella
1-Infinite Love
1-Jazzy Love
1-Langston Road
1-Lie and Deny
1-Lucy L
1-Mary Walker
1-Meteor Shower
1-Miner League
1-Miss Bella
1-Miss Dynamic
1-Mister Mafioso
1-Moon Time
1-Mr Love Muffin
1-Nation’s Belle
1-Naval Escort
1-Nomi Lackee
1-Northern Blend
1-Oreo’s Dream
1-Papa’s Golden Boy
1-Paynt Ya Later
1-Peter Flies
1-Regulation Dazed
1-Reign of Fire
1-Rhodium Runner
1-Run Snappy
1-Shelby Gold
1-Simply Gracious
1-Spinnin Pistols
1-Sport Coat
1-Stay Sassy
1-Summer Shandee
1-Third Wheel
1-Tiz a Tiger
1-Tribal Impact
1-Valley Echo
1-Victoria’s Charge
1-Vivacious Tribute
1-Wear the Crown
1-Where You Gonna Go
1-Young Life Laura

Harbor the Gold

Sire Wins
6-Harbor the Gold
5-Coast Guard
4-Curlin to Mischief
3-Clubhouse Ride
3-Smiling Tiger
2-Atta Boy Roy
2-Bluegrass Cat
2-Giant’s Causeway
2-Private Gold
2-Stay Thirsty
1-Bahamian Squall
1-Bolt d’Oro
1-Broken Vow
1-Cairo Prince
1-Desert Code
1-Dialed In
1-Dynamic Impact
1-Far From Over
1-Fed Biz
1-Gold Aly
1-Gold Rush Dancer
1-Idiot Proof
1-I’ll Have Another
1-King of Jazz
1-Lord Nelson
1-Lotsa Mischief
1-Lutes Gift
1-Maclean’s Music
1-Majestic Harbor
1-Maximus Mischief
1-Ministers Wild Cat
1-Mo for the Money
1-Mr. Rancho Vista
1-Parker’s Storm Cat
1-Perfect Soul
1-Practical Joke
1-Prospect Park
1-Race Day
1-Sea Candy Ride
1-Square Eddie
1-Stay Thirsty
1-Stellar Rain
1-Summer Front
1-The Factor
1-Tom’s Tribute
1-West Coast

Winner Bred
40-Washington (38.8%)
27-California (26.2%)
23-Kentucky (22.3%)
2-Arizona (1.9%)
2-Great Britain (1.9%)
1-Arkansas (0.9%)
1-Florida (0.9%)
1-Idaho (0.9%)
1-New Mexico (0.9%)
1-New York (0.9%)
1-Ohio (0.9%)
1-Oregon (0.9%)
1-Texas (0.9%)
1-Virginia (0.9%)

Claims Report
No. Claims 67 (13 days)
Aggregate $545,750
Priciest Claims
$30,000, Coastal Jazz (6G) May 18
$30,000, Zazen (5M) June 9
$25,000, Arma d’Oro (6G) June 2
$25,000, Champ of Pagne (4F) May 26
$25,000, Coastal Jazz (6G) May 4
$25,000, I’m Telling Mom (3F) May 31
$25,000, Our Lyla Grace (6M) June 7

Keith and Jan Swagertry

Weekly Honors #5-June 7-9, 2024: Valpak Jockey Juan Gutierrez Las Margaritas Trainer Frank Lucarelli Muckleshoot Casino Owner Jerry Carmody; WTBOA Washington-Bred Peter Flies (Bred by Keith & Jan Swagerty) Quarter Chute Café Groom Ismael Fernandez (Blaine Wright)