Emerald Downs News & Notes-Thursday, August 26



Thursday, August 26
6 p.m. (7 races)
Thirsty Thursday ($5 Well Drinks, $2 Fountain Sodas and $5 Pub Beer)

Saturday, August 28
6:30 p.m. (7 races)
$1,000 Horseshoe Toss

Sunday, August 29
2:30 p.m. (10 races)
$50,000 Muckleshoot Derby
$50,000 Washington Oaks

Top Executive


Sunday is championship day for 3-year-olds at Emerald Downs featuring the $50,000 Muckleshoot Derby for colts and geldings and $50,000 Washington Oaks for fillies. Both are a mile and one-sixteenth with competitive 10-horse fields.

In the Muckleshoot Derby, Top Executive look to add the exclamation point to his thus far dominant season. A son of Street Boss conditioned by Blaine Wright, Top Executive swept the six-furlong Auburn Stakes and 6 1/2-furlong Irish Day Stakes in June and July, but now tackles two turns in his bid to sweep the series. Bobby Brinkley, runner-up in the Irish Day, aced a one-mile first-level allowance at Lone Star Park and trainer Frank Lucarelli won the Derby with Mebossman in 2014 and Gold Crusher in 2020. Lucarelli also send out Golden Gate shipper Falsely Accused while trainer Tom Wenzel has a strong hand with recent route winners Kowboykabin and Slew’s Tiz Whiz. Coastal Kid, the hard-luck Jeff Metz trainee, gets a new rider with Wayne Barnett up from California for the mount.

Blazingbellablu has reeled off three straight wins for trainer Charles Essex, including a 2 1/4-length triumph in the Kent Stakes, and tries routing for the first time in the Oaks. The deep 10-horse field features Hastings Racecourse shipper Bayakoas Image, Seattle Stakes winner Ms Lynn and a trio of runners from the Lucarelli barn–Curious Sensation, Stellaczar and Street Shadow.

Ms Lynn

$50,000 Washington Oaks (Race 6, 4:51 PM)
1: Broad Approval (5) Leslie Mawing
2: Our Lyla Grace (12) Jose Zunino
3: Aquinas (30) Wayne Barnett
4: La Una (10) Juan Gutierrez
5: Bayakoas Image (4) Alexander Marti
6: Curious Sensation (8) Eddie Martinez
7: Blazingbellablu (3) Alex Cruz
8: Ms Lynn (8) Julien Couton
9: Stellaczar (10) Kevin Orozco
10: Street Shadow (6) Javier Matias

Slew’s Tiz Whiz

$50,000 Muckleshoot Derby (Race 8, 5:50 PM)
1: Coastal Kid (7/2) Wayne Barnett
2: Slew’sTiz Whiz (12) Jose Zunino
3: Nationheart (15) Rocco Bowen
4: House of Lords (30) Javier Matias
5: Falsely Accused (6) Alex Cruz
6: Naval Escort (12) Julien Couton
7: Bobby Brinkley (4) Leslie Mawing
8: Top Executive (3) Kevin Orozco
9: Kowboykabin (5) Eddie Martinez
10: Ididntseethatcomin (20) Juan Gutierrez


Vicente’s Shadow

Thursday, August 19
Race 1: Coastal Buzz-30
Race 2: Cards N Coffee-28
Race 3: Pin Up Lady-52
Race 4: In the Wind-50*
Race 5: Lolly Express-64
Race 6: Vicente’s Shadow-64
Race 7: Shark Harbor-55*

Coastal Jazz

Saturday, August 21
Race 1: Love On the Fly-25
Race 2: The Press-70
Race 3: Don’t Rub It-50*
Race 4: Fire Escape-51+*
Race 5: Freiburg-65
Race 6: Finished My P H D-55*
Race 7: Coastal Jazz-55
Race 8: Proudtobesicilian-52

A View From Above

Sunday, August 22
Race 1: Apolinaria Priz (QH)
Race 2: Christine’s Jack-69
Race 3: Cm Once Ina Bluemoon (QH)
Race 4: Brilliant Bird-55
Race 5: El Maestro-34+
Race 6: Turnaround-61
Race 7: A View From Above-60+*
Race 8: Koron-44+*
Race 9: Iknowyourface-61
Race 10: Sherm-51
* Career-high
# First-time starter

Fastest Times
4 ½ Furlongs :50.93 Gold N Glitter (2f) July 11
5 Furlongs :57.47 All About Time (5g) May 26
5 ½ Furlongs 1:02.11 Papa’s Golden Boy (5g) June 2
6 Furlongs 1:07.53 Windribbon (5g) June 30
6 ½ Furlongs 1:14.50 Papa’s Golden Boy (5g) July 11
1 Mile 1:34.70 Missed the Boat (5g) July 3
1 1/16 Mile 1:42.69 Princess of Cairo (4f) Aug 15

Betting Favorites
Last Week: 10-25 (40.0%)
Season: 120-309 (38.8%)
Largest $2 Win: $57.80, Raphael (July 24)
$2 Place: $31.40, Raphael (July 24)
$2 Show: $17.60, Special Lesson (June 2)

Biggest Payouts
1: $81,409.82 ($0.20 Jackpot Pick 6, June 23)
2: $33,298.95 ($0.50 Pick 5, July 11)
3: $30,925.80 ($0.20 Jackpot Pick 6, July 15)
4: $30,384.30 ($0.20 Jackpot Pick Six, Aug 22)
5: $28,860.55 ($0.50 Pick 5, June 16)

Alex Cruz

Jockey Wins
61-Alex Cruz
59-Julien Couton
53-Juan Gutierrez
22-Javier Matias
20-Jose Zunino
16-Eddie Martinez
16-Kevin Radke
14-Alex Anaya
7-Franklin Ceballos
6-Jennifer Whitaker
5-Ryan Barber
5-Leslie Mawing
5-Kevin Orozco
4-McKenna Anderson
3-Rocco Bowen
2*-Cesar Moreno
2-Joree Scriver
2-Edgar Velasco
2*-James Wooten Jr.
1-Cerapio Figueroa
1-Kyle Frey
1-Sean Gilpin
1-Mario Gutierrez
1*-Jaime Lopez
*includes QH wins

Julien Couton

Jockey Stakes Wins
4-Julien Couton
3-Kevin Orozco
2-Alex Cruz
2-Juan Gutierrez
1-Rocco Bowen
1-Mario Gutierrez
1-Eddie Martinez
1*-Cesar Moreno
1*-James Wooten Jr.

Javier Matias

Jockey Earnings
$702,873-Alex Cruz
$697,390-Julien Couton
$595,621-Juan Gutierrez
$324,627-Javier Matias
$259,426-Eddie Martinez

Jeff Metz

Trainer Wins
22-Joe Toye
18-Frank Lucarelli
15-Ari Herbertson
14-Candi Cryderman
14-Vince Gibson
14-Rigoberto Velasquez
13-Kay Cooper
12-Jeff Metz
12-Jorge Rosales
11-Charles Essex
11-Tim McCanna
11-Tom Wenzel
11-Blaine Wright
10-Howard Belvoir
10-Chris Stenslie
7-David Martinez
6-Robert Bean
6-Steve Bullock
5-Robbie Baze
5-Bonnie Jenne
4-Sam Dronen
4-Doris Harwood
4*-Nick Lowe
4-Greg Moore
4-Ken Person
4-Satchell Stevens
3-Alan Bozell
3-Tena Birdwell
3-Roy Lumm
3-O.A. Martinez
3-Jose Navarro
3-Jose Raudales
3-Sharon Ross
2-Dione Asmussen
2-Cliff Balcom
2-Michael Bullene
2-Ed Cornier
2-Valentin Picho Garcia
2-Dan Markle
2-Steve Menne
2-Sergio Perez
2*-Jose Rosales Gomez
2-Rosie Simkins
1-Emil Abrahamson
1-Roddina Barrett
1-Billy Christian
1-Shelly Crowe
1-Scott Freeman
1-Sandi Gann
1-Victor Gibson
1-Jason Homer
1-Steve Koler
1*-Hector Magallanes
1-Ken Mathews
1-Jack McCartney
1-Jennifer Nunnally
1-Debbie Peery
1-Mike Puhich
1-Richard Rennie
1-Debbie Van Horne
*Includes QH wins

Nick Lowe (r)

Trainer Stakes Wins
3-Blaine Wright
2-Kay Cooper
2-Vince Gibson
1-Charles Essex
1-Sandi Gann
1*-Nick Lowe
1-Frank Lucarelli
1-Roy Lumm
1-Dan Markle
1-Mike Puhich
1*-Jose Rosales Gomez
1-Chris Stenslie

Kay Cooper

Trainer Earnings
$292,625-Frank Lucarelli
$243,995-Blaine Wright
$206,781-Kay Cooper
$183,109-Joe Toye
$180,867-Candi Cryderman

Gold Coast Racing

Owner Wins
14-John Parker
14-Greg Conley, Chuck Conley or Terra Firma Farm
8-Scott Herbertson
6-Bean Acres LLC
6-Gary Lusk, Deborah Lusk, Jeff Lusk and Peyton Lusk
5-One Horse Will Do Corporation and Chris Stenslie
5-Johnny Taboada
4-Howard Belvoir
4-BG Stables
4-Fred & Cindy Desimone
4-Code Four Stable
4-Carol Dronen
4-Rancho Viejo
3-CT Brawlers Stable
3-Hillary Durham
3-Charles Essex and Petra Lewin
3-Horseplayers Racing Club
3-Bill Jensen
3-K D Thoroughbreds
3-Rick Kessler and Terra Firma Farm
3-One Horse Will Do Corporation and Steve Shimizu
3-Poseidon Partners II
3-Saratoga West
3-George Todaro
2-Cliff Balcom
2-Blue Ribbon Racing Ladies
2-Ron Bohlman
2-Aaron Bresko
2-Jerry Carmody and John Sneesby
2-Chad and Josh
2-Clemans View Racing
2-Joe Crawford and Joe Burke
2-Richard Degraw
2-Dave Desautel
2-Eli Diamant
2-Willie Edwards
2-Friendship Stable, Craig Fredrickson and Rick Lukenbill
2-Friendship Stable, Kandie Molloy and Craig Fredrickson
2-Valentin L. Garcia, Valentin G. Garcia and Christina Garcia
2-Gold Coast Racing
2-Grasshoppers Racing Stable and Douglas Stenberg
2-Letha Haahr and Steve Haahr
2-Randy Hahn and Jose Raudales
2-Lynn Hebdon
2-Ari Herbertson
2-Al Hodge, Tim McCanna and Daniel Dapper
2-Paul Johnson
2-Nick Lowe & Mark Loebner
2-David Martinez and Russell Hulk
2-John and Janene Maryanski and Riverbend Stable
2-Steve Menne, Don DeMulling and Jeff Zielinski
2-Mutiny Bay Backstretch LLC
2-Oak Crest Farm
2-Sergio Perez
2-Rancho Viejo and Jerry Carmody
2-Rancho Viejo and Lisa Baze
2-Peter Redekop B C Ltd.
2-REV Racing LLC
2-Rosales Racing F1
2-Run Free Racing
2-Dawn Spillman
2-Brent Stapley
2-Swag Stables
2-Dennis Trenkenschuh
1-Emil Abrahamson
1-Roddina Barrett and Robert Buston
1-BDW Racing LLC
1-Howard Belvoir, Rhonda Ackerman and Randi Ackerman
1-Howard Belvoir and Robert Buchanan
1-Billy Speed Racing Stable
1-Tom Birklid, Becky Birklid and Annie Birklid
1-Blue Diamond Stable, Janet Johnson and Ron Bohlman
1-Alan Bozell
1-Alan Bozell and Larry Bass
1-Alan Bozell and Victoria Miller
1-Carbon River Racing
1-Jerry Carmody
1-Chappell Alpine Farms LLC
1-Jeff Cissell
1-Lyle Conway
1-John Coonan
1-Shelly Crowe
1-Bruce Cudahy
1-Mark Dedomenico and North American Thoroughbred Horse Co.
1-Robert Donnell
1-Finger Gun Racing
1-Fleur De Lis Stables
1-Nancy and Jim Garrett
1-H.R. Gibson and Nancy Gibson
1-Giddyup Stables LLC
1-Gold Coast Racing II
1-Sarah Gott
1-Grandkids Racing
1-Kerry Gunderson
1-Gary Hallett and Maureen Hallett
1-Todd and Shawn Hansen
1-George Hanson
1-Lynn Hebdon, Trevor Sall and Ryan Cooper
1-Mike Hill
1-Ramer Holtan Jr.
1-Homestretch Farms Inc.
1-Homer Thoroughbreds Inc.
1-Horse Haven Creek Farm and Calvin Bagby
1-Horse Haven Creek Farm and Barking Dogs
1-How We Roll 1
1-Invictus Partners LLC
1-Iron Horse 1
1-Laurie Kallsen-George
1-K and L Racing
1-K and W Stable
1-James Kiser
1-Steve Koler
1-Richard Larson and Ed Zenker
1-Henry Leong
1-John Lindley and Ray Morton
1-Little Barn Racing
1-Michael Loynes
1-Frank Lucarelli & Dennis Snowden
1-Kurt Luscombe
1-Mark Malnati, Shady Valley Ranch and Jeff Harwood
1-John and Janene Maryanski, Riverbend Stable and BDW Racing LLC
1-Ken Mathews
1-Tim McCanna and Bob Newport
1-Frank McDonald
1-James Moore
1-MoSaWi Racing,Ellen Moore and James Moore
1-Brian Nash, Ramsey Rutt and Woodway Stable
1-Bill Nooney and Robbie Baze
1-Mike O’Neil, Bryan W. Smith and Dean Smith
1-Pegasus Too and Dixie Hitchcock
1-Ken Person
1-Ken Person, Mike Nyland and Eric Amerland
1-Poseidon Partners
1-Crispin Ramirez
1-Rancho Viejo, Lisa Baze and John Sneesby
1-Rancho Viejo, Lisa Baze and Luis Torres
1-Randall and Rossi LLC, Gary Hughes and Lucarelli Racing Corp.
1-Remmah Racing
1-Richard Rennie
1-REV Racing, Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners and Lucarelli Racing Corp.
1-Mike Robbins, James Jackson and Tom Hughes
1-Rising Star VII
1-Rosales Racing F1 and Generoso Tandiama
1-Sharon Ross
1-Saratoga West, Letha Haahr and Steve Haahr
1-Santos Rosales
1-Seamist Racing LLC
1-Dennis Snowden, Dan Minardo and Russ Nakagawa
1-Dawn Spillman
1-Sue and Tim Spooner
1-Satchell Stevens
1-Swag Stables and Gregg Kingma
1-Swag Stables, Karen Angelos and Ernie Fatta
1-Tailgate Racing
1-Ten Broeck Farm Inc.
1-Pam Terry and Rick Terry
1-David Thorner, Tom Wenzel and Janice Train
1-Three Trees Thoroughbreds
1-Dennis Trenkenschuh and Tena Birdwell
1-Uncle Pete’s Dream Team
1-Richard Vanderwouden and Gary Wallace
1-Vital Signs Stables
1-Vital Sign Stable & Jeff Harwood
1-VP’s Dream Stable
1-Clay Ward
1-Warlock Stables and Kyle Digges
1-Rusty Warwick
1-Weatherman Stable
1-Duane Weber
1-Gay Welliver
1-White Diamond Syndicate and Richard Larson
1-Lynda Williams and Tony Delp
1-Anne Wisdom
1-Ed Zenker


Horse Wins
4-Bella’s Back
3-Atta Boy Billy
3-Daffodil Sweet*
3-Float On
3-In the Wind
3-Mean Sharon
3-Mike Man’s Gold
3-Papa’s Golden Boy**
3-Queen Breezy
3-Rita Lorraine
2-Adens Dream
2-All American Hero
2-Apolinaria Prize* qh
2-A View from Above*
2-Awesome Image
2-Baltimore Beecho
2-Blowing Bayou
2-Buckley Bay
2-Burn Me Twice
2-Chris the Beaver
2-Coastal Jazz
2-Cobra Jet*
2-Cody’s Choice
2-Command Sgt Major
2-Crest Drive
2-Dame of the West
2-David Nose Best
2-Don’t Rub It
2-Downthemiddle Dan
2-Final Rose
2-Frisco Frills
2-Hard to Deny
2-Irish Swing
2-Iron Rob
2-I Want One
2-Lady Campbell
2-Lolo Paniolo
2-Master Recovery
2-Missed the Boat
2-Ms Lynn*
2-Omache Kid
2-Orcadian Storm
2-Our Lyla Grace
2-Shifty Dancer
2-Slew’s Tiz Whiz
2-Spittin Image
2-Stay in Grace
2-Sunshine Emily
2-Tippytap On Sand
2-Todos Santos
2-Top Executive**
2-Whidbey Prince
1-Abraa Jabraa
1-A Filly Can Dream
1-All About Time
1-Angel of the City
1-Always for Money
1-American Buddah
1-Ardenlee Star
1-Bearcreek Mountain
1-Besos for Lily
1-Big Endeavor
1-Big Tony
1-Bode’s Best
1-Bottle Neck
1-Brilliant Bird
1-Cadillac Margarita
1-Candy Zip
1-Captain Dashi
1-Cards N Coffee
1-Cascade Dancer
1-Check the Gear
1-Christine’s Jack
1-Classic Leah
1-Club Champ
1-Club Royale
1-Cm Once Ina Bluemoon* qh
1-Coastal Buzz
1-Code Charlie
1-Count Alexei
1-Cover Two
1-Curious Sensation
1-Daddys Little Girl
1-Dance Fighter
1-Devils Workshop
1-Double Perfection
1-Dreamer’s Reality
1-El Maestro
1-Emerald Sea
1-Enchanting Way
1-E Z Star Maker
1-Finished My P H D
1-Fire Escape
1-Forever Gold
1-Fortune in Silk
1-Franks Fix It
1-Gold N Glitter
1-Gordon Anthony
1-Grey Point
1-Guarding Elk Camp
1-Haynesfield Hit
1-Hold Me Close
1-House of Lords
1-Ice Needs Whiskey
1-I’m Not Gabby
1-Ima Happy Cat*
1-Jupiter S.
1-Kid Arcade
1-Laker Jet
1-La Una
1-L D’ Rado Goldrush
1-Leaving Angelz qh
1-Liberty’s Finale
1-Linchpin Storm
1-Little John
1-Lolly Express
1-Lookout Taylor
1-Love On the Fly
1-Lutes Lil Gift
1-Madigan Squeeze
1-M Fast
1-Mark My Word
1-Miss Monique
1-Mister McLean
1-Mr. Atlantico
1-My Grandpa
1-National Heroine
1-Naval Escort
1-New Every Morning
1-Officer of War
1-Oreo’s Dream
1-Party for One
1-Perfect Blossom
1-Pin Up Lady
1-Pistol Power
1-Playing Through
1-Please Me
1-Point Hope
1-Princess Caroline
1-Princess of Cairo*
1-Proud Lion
1-Pure Pursuit
1-R B Eye
1-Red Noon Rising
1-Reno Roy
1-Rings of Saturn
1-Rocket Power
1-Rocky Jack
1-Rough Ride
1-Run Cordell Run
1-Sale’ Y Vale
1-Sassy Edie
1-Secrets of My Soul
1-Seventh Wave
1-Shady Retreat
1-Shark Harbor
1-Shelby R.
1-Sigrid’s Gold
1-Skeemin N Dreamin
1-Slack Tide*
1-Sleepy Sue
1-Southern Venture
1-Street Demand
1-Suddenly Awesome
1-Suddenly Winning
1-Talking Eyes
1-Temple Secret
1-The Metal Man
1-The Press
1-Thunder Music
1-Tiz Manny
1-Tumac Mountain
1-Unstoppable Gal
1-Urban Diva
1-Vicente’s Shadow
1-Waverly Way
1-Wheel Rally
1-Whiskey Not Wine
1-Wilson to Lockett
*stakes win


Sire Wins
15-Harbor the Gold
13-Coast Guard
8-Atta Boy Roy
7-Daddy Nose Best
6-Ministers Wild Cat
5-Hold Me Back
4-Hard Spun
4-Liberty Gold
4-Southern Image
4-Tribal Rule
4-Twirling Candy
3-Big Blue Kitten
3-Bluegrass Cat
3-Champ Pegasus
3-Creative Cause
3-Curlin to Mischief
3-Dialed In
3-Slew’s Tiznow
3-Temple City
3-Trappe Shot
3-War Power
2-Cairo Prince
2-Chhaya Dance
2-Cinco Charlie
2-Data Link
2-Elusive Quality
2-Flat Out
2-Governor Charlie
2-Marino Marini
2-Midnight Lute
2-Parker’s Storm Cat
2-Pioneerof the Nile
2-Polish Miner
2-Raise the Bluff
2-Running Tap
2-Silver Poet
2-Stormy Atlantic
2-Street Boss
2-Tiz the One
2-Trickey Trevor
2-Wildcat Heir


Sire Stakes Wins
2-Harbor the Gold
2-Street Boss
1-Cairo Prince
1-Curlin to Mischief
1-Ministers Wild Cat
1-Shaman Ghost
1-Smiling Tiger


Winner Bred *
136-Washington (44.5%)
73-Kentucky (23.9%)
62-California (20.3%)
9-Florida (2.9%)
7-Oregon (2.2%)
4-New York (1.3%)
3-Iowa (0.9%)
3-Louisiana (0.9%)
2-Arizona (0.6%)
2-British Columbia (CDN) (0.6%)
1-Alberta (CDN) (0.3%)
1-Ireland (0.3%)
1-Texas (0.3%)
1-Virginia (0.3%)

Claims Report
Claimed: 145
Aggregate: $757,500
1:$25,000, Gordon Anthony (3c), June 10
2: $20,000 Bear Chum (8g), June 24


Leslie Mawing

WEEKLY HONORS #14 (August 19-22)
Jockey Leslie Mawing
Trainer Kay Cooper
Owner Rancho Viejo
WTBOA WA Bred Koron (Bred by Rick and Debbie Pabst)

Rocco Bowen on Mike Man’s Gold

NOTES: Rocco Bowen rides nine races Sunday including Nationheart in the Muckleshoot Derby and old favorite Mike Man’s Gold in a $5,000/$6,250 claiming race. Bowen has been up for nine of Mike’s  record 26 victories at Emerald Downs. Bowen, currently tied for third with 34 wins at Arlington Park, will ride here because the Chicago track is closed this Sunday. . .Saturday is Travers Day at Saratoga with six Grade 1 races on a 13-race card including the $1.25 million Runhappy Travers. The Travers, featuring Essential Quality, goes as race 12 at 3:12 (pacific).