Emerald Downs News & Notes-Monday, July 12


Thursday, July 15
6 p.m. (8 races)
$0.20 Jackpot Pick 6 Carryover: $20,428

Saturday, July 17
6:30 p.m. (8 races)

Sunday, July 18
2:30 p.m.
$50,000 Angie C Stakes
$50,000 King County Express

Time for Gold winning the 2020 Angie C Stakes by 9 lengths.


Juveniles grab the spotlight as Emerald Downs presents a stakes double-header for 2-year-olds on Sunday, July 18. In the $50,000 King County Express, 2-year-old colts and geldings vie at 5 ½ furlongs, first stop en route to the $70,000 Gottstein Futurity on Sunday, Sept. 26. In the $50,000 Angie C Stakes, 2-year-old fillies also race 5 ½ panels, the first of two open stakes for juvenile fillies at the 2021 meet. Entries for both the King County Express and Angie C Stakes will be drawn Wednesday.


Big Endeavor

Thursday, July 8
Race 1: Tumac Mountain-45
Race 2: Hard to Deny-66
Race 3: Downthemiddle Dan-38
Race 4: Always for Money-46*
Race 5: Hold Me Close-58
Race 6: Luckenbach-39
Race 7: Big Endeavor-65
Race 8: Shifty Dancer-62

Lolo Paniolo

Saturday, July 10
Race 1: Awesome Image-65
Race 2: Point Hope-47
Race 3: Rocky Jack-43+#
Race 4: Talking Eyes-16
Race 5: Classic Leah-58
Race 6: Miss Monique-48
Race 7: Lolo Paniolo-77
Race 8: Freiburg-47

Daffodil Sweet

Sunday, July 11
Race 1: Reno Roy-60*
Race 2: Judicial-52
Race 3: A View From Above-57+#
Race 4: Gold N Glitter-61+#
Race 5: Atta Boy Billy-71*
Race 6: Papa’s Golden Boy-87
Race 7: Daffodil Sweet-78*
Race 8: Chris the Beaver-46*
Race 9: Whidbey Prince-47*
* Career-high
# First-time starter

Fastest Times
4 ½ Furlongs :50.93 Gold N Glitter (2f) July 11
5 Furlongs :57.47 All About Time (5g) May 26
5 ½ Furlongs 1:02.11 Papa’s Golden Boy (5g) June 2
6 Furlongs 1:07.53 Windribbon (5g) June 30
6 ½ Furlongs 1:14.50 Papa’s Golden Boy (5g) July 11
1 Mile 1:34.70 Missed the Boat (5g) July 3

Betting Favorites
Last Week: 9-25 (36.0%)
Season: 63-159 (39.6%)
Largest $2 Win: $54.20, Reelfoot (June 16)
$2 Place: $28.40, Reelfoot (June 16)
$2 Show: $17.60, Special Lesson (June 2)

Biggest Payouts
1: $81,409.82 ($0.20 Jackpot Pick 6, June 23)
2: $33,298.95 ($0.50 Pick 5, July 11)
3: $28,860.55 ($0.50 Pick 5, June 16)
4: $22,254.65 ($0.50 Pick 5, June 20)

Alex Cruz

Jockey Wins
37-Alex Cruz
32-Julien Couton
29-Juan Gutierrez
13-Javier Matias
10-Kevin Radke
9-Alex Anaya
8-Jose Zunino
7-Franklin Ceballos
5-Eddie Martinez
4-Jennifer Whitaker
2-Ryan Barber
1-Cerapio Figueroa
1-Sean Gilpin*
1-Kevin Orozco

Julien Couton

Jockey Stakes Wins
3-Julien Couton
1-Alex Cruz
1-Juan Gutierrez
1-Kevin Orozco

Jeff Metz

Trainer Wins
16-Joe Toye
12-Vince Gibson
11-Ari Herbertson
8-Jeff Metz
7-Frank Lucarelli
7-Tim McCanna
7-Blaine Wright
6-Candi Cryderman
6-Charles Essex
6-Chris Stenslie
5-Howard Belvoir
5-Kay Cooper
4-Jorge Rosales
3-Robbie Baze
3-Roy Lumm
3-O.A. Martinez
3-Ken Person
3-Jose Raudales
3-Rigoberto Velasquez
3-Tom Wenzel
2-Alan Bozell
2-Tena Birdwell
2-Ed Cornier
2-Sam Dronen
2-Valentin Picho Garcia
2-Doris Harwood
2-Bonnie Jenne
2-Nick Lowe
2-David Martinez
2-Greg Moore
2-Satchell Stevens
1-Emil Randy Abrahamson
1-Dione Asmussen
1-Cliff Balcom
1-Bob Bean
1-Steve Bullock
1-Shelly Crowe
1-Steve Koler
1-Dan Markle
1-Jack McCartney
1-Steve Menne
1-Jose Navarro
1-Debbie Peery
1-Sergio Perez
1-Richard Rennie
1-Rosie Simkins
1-Debbie Van Horne

Vince Gibson

Trainer Stakes Wins
2-Vince Gibson
1-Roy Lumm
1-Dan Markle
1-Chris Stenslie
1-Blaine Wright

Howard Hammer

Owner Wins
10-Greg and Chuck Conley or Terra Firma Farm
6-John Parker
5-Scott Herbertson
5-Gary Lusk, Deborah Lusk, Jeff and Peyton Lusk
4-Johnny Taboada
3-BG Stables
3-Fred & Cindy Desimone
3-Bill Jensen
3-One Horse Will Do Corporation and Chris Stenslie
2-Howard Belvoir
2-Ron Bohlman
2-Joe Crawford and Joe Burke
2-Eli Diamant
2-Carol Dronen
2-Charles Essex and Petra Lewin
2-Clemans View Racing
2-CT Brawlers Stable
2-Willie Edwards
2-Valentin L. Garcia, Valentin G. Garcia and Christina Garcia
2-Letha Haahr and Steve Haahr
2-Randy Hahn and Jose Raudales
2-Ari Herbertson
2-Horseplayers Racing Club
2-Paul Johnson
2-K D Thoroughbreds
2-Rick Kessler and Terra Firma Farm
2-One Horse Will Do Corporation and Steve Shimizu
2-Poseidon Partners II
2-Rancho Viejo and Jerry Carmody
2-REV Racing LLC
2-Run Free Racing
1-Emil Abrahamson
1-Cliff Balcom
1-Bean Acres LLC
1-BDW Racing LLC
1-Howard Belvoir and Robert Buchanan
1-Billy Speed Racing Stable
1-Blue Diamond Stable, Janet Johnson and Ron Bohlman
1-Alan Bozell
1-Alan Bozell and Larry Bass
1-Aaron Bresko
1-Chad and Josh
1-Chappell Alpine Farms LLC
1-Code Four Stable
1-John Coonan
1-Shelly Crowe
1-Dave Desautel
1-Robert Donnell
1-Hillary Durham
1-Fleur De Lis Stables
1-Friendship Stable, Craig Fredrickson and Rick Lukenbill
1-Friendship Stable, Kandie Molloy and Craig Fredrickson
1-Nancy and Jim Garrett
1-Gold Coast Racing
1-Gary Hallett and Maureen Hallett
1-George Hanson
1-Grasshoppers Racing Stable and William Douglas Stenverg
1-Al Hodge, Tim McCanna and Daniel Dapper
1-Horse Haven Creek Farm and Barking Dogs
1-Laurie Kallsen-George
1-Steve Koler
1-Richard Larson and Ed Zenker
1-Little Barn Racing
1-Nick Lowe & Mark Loebner
1-Michael Loynes
1-Frank Lucarelli & Dennis Snowden
1-Kurt Luscombe
1-John and Janene Maryanski and Riverbend Stable
1-John and Janene Maryanski, Riverbend Stable and BDW Racing LLC
1-Tim McCanna and Bob Newport
1-Steve Menne, Don DeMulling and Jeff Zielinski
1-MoSaWi Racing,Ellen Moore and James Moore
1-Mutiny Bay Backstretch LLC
1-Brian Nash, Ramsey Rutt and Woodway Stable
1-Bill Nooney and Robbie Baze
1-Oak Crest Farm
1-Ken Person, Mike Nyland and Eric Amerland
1-Crispin Ramirez
1-Rancho Viejo
1-Mike Robbins, James Jackson and Tom Hughes
1-Rosales Racing F1
1-Saratoga West
1-Sergio Perez
1-Ken Person
1-Remmah Racing
1-Richard Rennie
1-Rising Star VII
1-Seamist Racing LLC
1-Dawn Spillman
1-Sue and Tim Spooner
1-Brent Stapley
1-Swag Stables and Gregg Kingma
1-Pam Terry and Rick Terry
1-Dennis Trenkenschuh
1-Dennis Trenkenschuh and Tena Birdwell
1-Richard Vanderwouden and Gary Wallace
1-Vital Signs Stables
1-Vital Sign Stable & Jeff Harwood
1-Clay Ward
1-Warlock Stables and Kyle Digges
1-Gay Welliver
1-White Diamond Syndicate and Richard Larson
1-Anne Wisdom
1-Ed Zenker

Papa’s Golden Boy

Horse Wins
3-Atta Boy Billy
3-Bella’s Back
3-Papa’s Golden Boy**
3-Rita Lorraine
2-All American Hero
2-Awesome Image
2-Blowing Bayou
2-Buckley Bay
2-Burn Me Twice
2-Crest Drive
2-Daffodil Sweet*
2-Float On
2-I Want One
2-Mean Sharon
2-Mike Man’s Gold
2-Ms Lynn*
2-Queen Breezy
2-Spittin Image
1-Abraa Jabraa
1-Adens Dream
1-All About Time
1-Angel of the City
1-Always for Money
1-A View from Above
1-Baltimore Beecho
1-Besos for Lily
1-Big Endeavor
1-Big Tony
1-Bode’s Best
1-Bottle Neck
1-Cadillac Margarita
1-Cascade Dancer
1-Chris the Beaver
1-Classic Leah
1-Club Champ
1-Club Royale
1-Coastal Jazz
1-Cobra Jet
1-Code Charlie
1-Cody’s Choice
1-Command Sgt Major
1-Daddys Little Girl
1-Dame of the West
1-Dance Fighter
1-Devils Workshop
1-Downthemiddle Dan
1-Final Rose
1-Fortune in Silk
1-Frisco Frills
1-Gold N Glitter
1-Gordon Anthony
1-Guarding Elk Camp
1-Hard to Deny
1-Haynesfield Hit
1-Hold Me Close
1-House of Lords
1-Ima Happy Cat*
1-In the Wind
1-Iron Rob
1-Irish Swing
1-Jupiter S.
1-Kid Arcade
1-Lady Campbell
1-La Una
1-L D’ Rado Goldrush
1-Lolo Paniolo
1-Lutes Lil Gift
1-Madigan Squeeze
1-Mark My Word
1-Master Recovery
1-M Fast
1-Missed the Boat
1-Miss Monique
1-Mister McLean
1-Mr. Atlantico
1-Naval Escort
1-Officer of War
1-Orcadian Storm
1-Oreo’s Dream
1-Perfect Blossom
1-Pistol Power
1-Playing Through
1-Point Hope
1-R B Eye
1-Red Noon Rising
1-Reno Roy
1-Rings of Saturn
1-Rocket Power
1-Rocky Jack
1-Rough Ride
1-Sale’ Y Vale
1-Secrets of My Soul
1-Shelby R.
1-Shifty Dancer
1-Sigrid’s Gold
1-Sleepy Sue
1-Slew’s Tiz Whiz
1-Street Demand
1-Sunshine Emily
1-Talking Eyes
1-The Metal Man
1-Tippytap On Sand
1-Todos Santos
1-Top Executive*
1-Tumac Mountain
1-Wheel Rally
1-Whidbey Prince
*stakes win

Harbor the Gold

Sire Wins
11-Harbor the Gold
6-Atta Boy Roy
5-Coast Guard
4-Hold Me Back
3-Creative Cause
3-Daddy Nose Best
3-Hard Spun
3-Ministers Wildcat
3-Southern Image
3-Trappe Shot
3-Tribal Rule
3-War Power
2-Bluegrass Cat
2-Champ Pegasus
2-Curlin to Mischief
2-Dialed In
2-Flat Out
2-Liberty Gold
2-Midnight Lute
2-Tiz the One
2-Twirling Candy

Winner Bred
70-Washington (44.0%)
37-Kentucky (23.3%)
32-California (20.1%)
3-Florida (1.9%)
3-Oregon (1.9%)
3-New York (1.9%)
2-Arizona (1.3%)
2-Iowa (1.3%)
2-Louisiana (1.3%)
1-Alberta (CDN) (0.6%)
1-British Columbia (CDN) (0.6%)
1-Ireland (0.6%)
1-Texas (0.6%)
1-Virginia (0.6%)

Claims Report
Claimed: 76
Aggregate: $438,250
Largest Claims
1: $25,000, Gordon Anthony (3c), June 10
2: $20,000 Bear Chum (8g), June 24

Chris Stenslie

WEEKLY HONORS #8 (July 8-11): Jockey Javier Matias Trainer Chris Stenslie Owners Gary Lusk, Deborah Lusk, Jeff Lusk and Peyton Lusk WTBOA WA Bred A View From Above (Bred by Rick and Debbie Pabst )

Mike Man’s Gold

NOTES: Reminder any horse that finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd at any out of state track in April, May or June earns a $1,000 bonus by finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any claiming race in July or August. Loose Ball, Swamp Souffle and Grey Point all earned bonuses last week. . .Julien Couton is 19 wins away from 1,000 for his career. . .Alex Cruz’ consecutive winning days streak has reached 44 days—the final 25 of 2020 and the first 19 of 2021. Cruz is 90 for 379 (23.7%) during the streak with earnings of $914,637. . .Mike Man’s Gold goes for Emerald Downs win No. 26 in Saturday’s seventh race.