Introducing the $0.20 Jackpot Pick 7


AUBURN, Wash. (April 16, 2018) – A new wager will be offered for the upcoming 2018 live racing season—the Emerald Downs Jackpot Pick 7.

The Jackpot Pick 7 is a unique ticket wager. The wager has a $0.20 minimum bet with 60 percent of the net pool (15 percent takeout) paying out daily to the tickets with the most winners when there are multiple winning tickets. The other 40 percent of the net pool is designated for the carryover on those days. On days when there is only one unique ticket selecting all seven winners the entire net pool and carryover pool is paid to the holder of the unique ticket.

The unique ticket can have multiple winning combinations or be a higher base amount than 20 cents and still win the jackpot carryover providing it is the only ticket with the winning combinations.

The Jackpot Pick 7 replaces the Pick 7 that has been offered the past two seasons.

The new wager debuts Opening Day, Sunday, April 22, and continues throughout the 67-day meet that closes Sunday, September 23.