2018 Super Bowl Picks!

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Nick Foles will lead Eagles to victory Sunday


According to employees and fans at Emerald Downs, the underdog Philadelphia Eagles will prevail Sunday in Minneapolis.

In a survey taken by Emerald Downs’ Joe Withee, 22 of 32 selectors said the Eagles would down the favored Patriots in SB LII:

Ron Crockett New England: Brady is top quality, the team experienced.

Wanda Crockett New England: I like Brady, he’ll come through again.

Phil Ziegler Philadelphia: Brady finally shows his age Sunday.

Kathy Coffey Philadelphia: I’m tired of the Patriots!

Reed Palmer New England: Been there, done that.

Janet Elseth Philadelphia: I want the Eagles, enough from Pats already!

Vicki Potter Philadelphia: Go Eagles, I don’t like New England.

Cassandra Canterbury Philadelphia: Their guys carried my fantasy team.

Dave Yoshino Philadelphia: Rotting for the Eagles and Coach Pederson.

Vince Bruun Philadelphia: We like underdogs at the racetrack.

Ashley Mohoric Philadelphia: I don’t like the Patriots, didn’t they cheat before?

Shaun Miles New England: They’ve been there, they’ll win again.

Joe Henry Philadelphia: Foles will throw four TD passes.

Bob Fraser Philadelphia: Time’s up for Brady, Foles taking over.

Jack Hodge Philadelphia: Rooting for the Eagles, nobody likes New England.

Chip Sutch Philadelphia: Underdog status has given them motivation.

Tom Porter Philadelphia: Eagles have the superior defense.

Reggie Brown Philadelphia: Their cat can throw the ball downfield.

Natasha Joannette Philadelphia: Because they’re not the Pats.

Rob Rao Philadelphia: Defense wins championships.

Bill Johnson New England: Can’t stand ‘em, but it’s the right pick.

Ray Look Philadelphia: it’s all underdogs in this year’s playoffs.

Gary Dougherty Philadelphia: Disrespected equals motivation.

Billy Loos Philadelphia: We need a change.

Bob Piovesan New England: Gronk is back, unfortunately they win again.

Greg Oswald New England. Patriots will pull out a victory.

Wayne Wendel New England: Pats tough in the clutch.

Jesse Grayston New England: Not rooting for them but they’ll win again.

Gordy Jarnig Philadelphia: Eagles defense gives them the edge.

Pat Perry Philadelphia: Underdog role working well for them.

Dan Jukich New England: Could be their last hurrah but they’ll win again.

Joe Withee Philadelphia: Foles is playoff proven and their defense is good too.