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Congratulations to our Valentine's Day Handicapping Contest players! 82 entries contributed $820 towards the prize pool. Thank you for playing, and please join us for our Emerald Rewards Breakfast Handicapping Contest on March 14!

•1st Place: $50% of prize pool AND $500 AND a belated Valentine’s Day Date (dinner for two at Emerald Downs) 
•2nd Place: 20% of prize pool
•3rd Place: 15% of prize pool
•4th Place: 10% of prize pool
•5th Place: 5% of prize pool

Rewards Breakfast Handicapping Contest
Date: Saturday, March 14th
Time: Breakfast on 5th floor from 9.30 am - 11 am
Registration: 10 am -2 pm
Entry Fee: $10
Bank Roll: $90
Entries per person: Maximum 4
Wagering format: Live money, any single race bet, one bet per race (multiple horses allowed in exacta, trifecta, super wagers, etc)
Tracks/Races: Wagering on Golden Gate, Santa Anita and Oaklawn
Prizes:1st Place: $50% of prize pool 
2nd Place: 20% of prize pool
3rd Place: 15% of prize pool
4th Place: 10% of prize pool
5th Place: 5% of prize pool

Rules: Must be 18 of age or older by March 14, 2015 to participate. Licensed horse owners, trainers and jockey agents are eligible to participate, but are required to identify themselves and any vested interest(s) they have in any tournament race(s) in writing by completing and submitting the enclosed horsemen’s declaration form to tournament officials. 
Employees of Emerald Downs, the WHRC and Sportech, Inc. are not eligible to participate. 
All wagers must be made on self-service terminals (SST’s) using your betting card and PIN Players must place all wagers personally. 
No person shall directly or indirectly act as an intermediary, transmitter or agent in placing wagers for the player. 
Players on the leader board (top 25) CANNOT withdraw their balance until instructed by the contest director. Doing so results in automatic disqualification. Adding additional cash to bankroll results in automatic disqualification.
No cancellations on any wagers for any reason after post time. In the event of a late scratch participant is permitted to go back to the mutuel window and make another wager on the race, time permitting. Or, if the participant wishes, he or she may wager the money on another race, subject to all other rules. 
Winners are responsible for all applicable state and federal taxes and may be required to complete Form W-9.Participants agree to have their name or image appear in any publicity material (posters, newsletters, programs, etc.).
Entrants keep all pari-mutuel winnings. Emerald Downs and Sportech, Inc. are not responsible for “shut-outs” or incomplete transactions. No exceptions under any circumstances. All wagers should be placed early to avoid being shut out.
Emerald Downs is not responsible for lost or mutilated account cards.The decisions of the judges and Emerald Downs in all matters or disputes relating to this handicapping challenge are final.
Emerald Downs reserves the right to make changes to the contest rules and format as necessary

Please email us with any questions or comments about our handicapping contests.

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