Handicappers Corner Picks & Vic's Trip

In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Track Announcer, Robert Geller, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti


Race 1:  1 Top Joy, 6 City Sensation,  3 Oh Glorious  Day
Race 2:  6 Slew to Mars, 3 Africa Star, 5 Sparky G
Race 3: 7 Master  Game, 5 Almostttoomuchfun, 1 Expenses  Paid
Race 4: *7 Eight Ball Parker, 5 River District. 6 Bigbadvoodookitty
Race 5:  5 Win Photos Will Do, 4 Bird Colonel, 7 Rio Hondo
Race 6:  3 Miners Thunder,  11 Fin Du Monde,  6 Neon Blue
Race 7:  2 Marvin's  Magic,  1 Dehere  Is Gone, 7 Charlie's Gold
Race 8:  1 Crazy Al, 4 Corporal Agarn,  5 Carson's Start
CRAZY AL went down fighting in first Emerald try. Stablemate  CORPORAL AGARN  is also set to take a further  step  forward.  CARSON'S  START  has been consistent.
Race 9:  3 Puerto Williams,  8 Hock, 5 Koala Beach


1 6-City Sensation, 5-Berts Carchy, 1-Top Joy
2 3-Africa Star, 7-Brahms Storm Cat, 6-Slew to Mars
3 4-Smokin Padre, 2-Own It, 5-Almosttoomuchfun
4 3-Relatively Fast, 7-Eight Ball Parker, 5-River District
5 1-Shuddle, 2-Won Won Oh Five, 5-Win Photos Will Do
6 3-Miners Thunder, 7-Oscar’s America, 6-Neon Blue
7 *2-Marvin’s Magic, 4-Simply Sharp, 1-Dehere Is Gone
8 5-Carson’s Start, 7-Arrom Bear, 1-Crazy Al
With plenty of early speed-types in here, CARSON’S START should get a good trip and move forward in second start of season.
9 5-Koala Beach, 6-Zippidy Do Hah, 7-Tobiah’s Journey
*best bet



Race 1:  8 Jacango,  4 Little Blitzen, 3 Ojango
Race 2:  4 Eyes Movin, 7 Dash Ta Da Honeymoon,  10 Bh Country  Chrome
Race 3:  5 Wanagi, 7 Tim Tim Tim, 6 Hoodslide
Race 4:  2 My Chief, 1 Prince of Silver, 4 Pakakohe
Race 5: *7 Wickedizaswickeduz, 4 Citizen  Kitty, 3 Count the Gold
Race 6:  5 Victor Victorian, 8 Ready Set Jet, 6 Badrock Canyon
Race 7:  7 Vertical Lift, 6 Whiskey Miner, 1 Krazy for Kugel
Race 8:  2 Ritzy Tags, 8 Fine Red Wine, 7 Lucky Echo
Race 9:  1 Prime Engine, 5 O B Harbor, 4 Gloria's Angelo
PRIME ENGINE was faultless at Emerald. Put a line through his Delta Jackpot try. Gottstein Futurity winner has class. The current form around O B HARBOR is solid. He is fit and fast. GLORIA'S ANGELO ran home last time at Santa Anita. His earlier form is useful.
Race 10: 1 Decatur Princess, 3 Guinevere's Finale, 6 Camille
Race 11:  1 Quibble, 10 Parkers Delight, 7 Hugs and Kisses


1 8-Jacango, 2-Seperatefromdarest, 3-Ojango
2 1-Angel Eyez, 4-Eyes Movin, 2-Sneakin Bye
3 6-Hoodslide, 4-Commander Lute, 7-Tim Tim Tim
4 4-Pakokohe, 1-Prince of Silver, 2-My Chief
5 4-Citizen Kitty, 2-Pray for Gold, 7-Wickedizaswickeduz
6 5-Victor Victorian, 8-Ready Set Jet, 4-Musical Choice
7 *1-Krazy for Kugel, 7-Vertical Lift, 6-Whiskey Miner
8 7-Lucky Echo, 2-Ritzy Tags, 4-Saffron
9 1-Prime Engine, 5-O B Harbor, 2-Daytona Beach
PRIME ENGINE devastated his foes here last season and recent training says he’s ready to pick up where he left off.
10 2-My Last Sweet Pea, 3-Guinevere’s Finale, 5-I Think So
11 1-Quibble, 5-Luck Out, 10-Parkers Delight
*best bet

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I seldom post re-plays, however, in the case of CRAZY AL I seek a  “Mulligan”. I posted him as a best bet, however, I stated that the time between his last work at GG and his May 2nd start here left little time for recovery with a long shipping sandwiched between. He faded late then a week later put in an easy breeze followed by another morning move. I’d say he’s either fit and ready or very tired. I trust the barn, I’d key on top of one Pick Five ticket, or bet him s

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