Handicappers Corner Picks & Vic's Trip

In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Media Relations/TV Host Jacob Pollowitz, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti


1: 5 Royal Reign Storm, 6 Bounced, 8 Laughing Out Loud
2: 1 Go Henry, 4 Neville, 5 Trick Silver
3: 3 Tricky Person, 2 Premo Jewel, 7 Forbidden Kee
4: *9 Cowboy Gold, 2 Cinematic Cat, 6 Justa Gusta
5: 3 Victor Victorian, 4 The Search Is Over, 7 Red Ridge
6: 2 Gross Misconduct, 3 Star of the Dia, 6 Perfect Night
GROSS MISCONDUCT has a much better pace scenario this time around. Gate-to-wire threat!
7: 3 Rain Dancing Lady, 7 Goose Bumps, 1 Angel of Luck


1 3-Kid Christian, 6-Bounced, 8-Laughing Out Loud
2 1-Go Henry, 2-Command Authority, 4-Neville
3 8-Mz Dyno, 7-Forbidden Kee, 2-Premo Jewel
4 *8-Follow My Tracks, 2-Cinematic Cat, 9-Cowboy Gold
5 7-Red Ridge, 3-Victor Victorian, 2-Memo to Reese
6 2-Gross Misconduct, 3-Star of the Dia, 6-Perfect Night
He’ll be sent from the #1 post and with second-time Juan Gutierrez up, GROSS MISCONDUCT will be hard to catch.
7 7-Goose Bumps, 3-Rain Dancing Lady, 6-Naughty Kitten
*best bet


1: 2 Chugabug, 5 Allaboutthataction, 1 Carson's Fireball
2: 7 True Visionary, 6 Eddie Would Go, 1 Courage of Faith
3: 3 Seattles Best Copy, 6 Velocita, 7 Royal Kingdom
4: 2 Ididn'taskforthis, 4 Swingshift Deputy, 5 Royal Tale
5: 6 K K's Wonderwoman, 7 Today Is the Day, 11 Sanibel Harbor
6: 2 Songandabullet, 6 Neverabettercause, 4 Tale Spinner
7: 1 Doubledeesonthetee, 9 Ontheshadyside, 7 Rio Hondo
8: 5 Dedicated to You, 1 Fire the Trainer, 6 Awesome Indiant
9: 5 Mike Man's Gold, 8 Disruption, 3 Jebrica
10: *5 Trick or Retreat, 4 Grinder Sparksaglo, 3 Botch
TRICK OR RETREAT had a wide and troubled trip against the inside bias last out. Plenty of speed to close into in this one.
11: 3 Dallon's Gold, 4 Collington,  9 Wedgey Time

*Best Bet


1 2-Chugabug, 3-Pecos Breeze, 1-Carson’s Fireball
2 4-Owner’s Choice, 7-True Visionary, 1-Courage of Faith
3 3-Seattles Best Copy, 6-Velocita, 2-Preachinatsagoi
4 2-Ididn’taskforthis, 5-Royal Tale, 4-Swingshift Deputy
5 *6-K K’s Wonderwoman, 3-Raise the Magarita, 7-Today Is the Day
6 1-Hello Brown, 4-Tale Spinner, 7-Southern Solution
7 9-Ontheshadyside, 7-Rio Hondo, 8-Lord Calezaar
8 5-Dedicated to You, 6-Awesome Indian, 1-Fire the Trainer
9 8-Disruption, 5-Mike Man’s Gold, 3-Jebrica
10 5-Trick Or Retreat, 2-Scat Daddybaby, 3-Botch
He’s been busy and running well since mid-August.  This might be the best distance for TRICK OR RETREAT.
11 9-Wedgey Time, 4-Coolington, 3-Dallon’s Gold
*best bet


1: 1 Will Not, 2 Fly Far Away, 3 Tee Time Mary
2: 4 Credit Line, 5 Miners Night, 7 Rainier Ice
3: 2 Mach One Rules, 1 Ryan Walt, 5 Possible Spider
MACH ONE RULES is undefeated and still improving. Should be an easy winner!
4: 7 Raesbeautiful Hope, 2 Feed Me, 5 Pray for Gold
5: 2 Maggie's Special, 6 Call Me Cinderella, 7 Stephanie Plum
6: 7 There's No Doubt, 2 Valid Keiki, 6 Super Hawk
7: 7 Vistarella, 3 Hey Lil Missy, 11 Knight Club
8: *2 Citizen Kitty, 3 Bella Colomba, 1 Pippa Bou Peep
9: 1 Guinevere's Finale, 6 Among the Stars, 4 Alli Leigh
10: 4 Gold Rush Dancer, 7 My Heart Goes On, 5 Cape Grace
GOLD RUSH DANCER has been the best 2-year-old not to win a stakes this season. He's got a great shot to take the big one!
11: 1 Power Fleet, 4 Orange Thunder, 6 Surprise Sale

*Best Bet


1 1-Will Not, 5-Mara’s Warlock, 4-Justita
2 4-Credit Line, 5-Miners Night, 6-Mr Mahal
3 2-Mach One Rules, 1-Ryan Walt, 3-Two Pt Conversion
4 9-Lady Swann, 5-Pray for Gold, 8-Personal Image
5 *3-Lizzy Lass, 5-Emeraldcity Kitten, 2-Maggie’s Special
6 1-Wanda’slastchance, 2-Valid Keiki, 4-Circle
7 10-Chrissy’s Wedding, 11-Knight Club, 1-One Smart Girl
8 2-Citizen Kitty, 3-Bella Colomba, 5-Fine Red Wine
9 6-Among the Stars, 1-Guinevere’s Finale, 3-Summit Central
10 5-Cape Grace, 4-Gold Rush Dancer, 7-My Heart Goes On
Both fillies look very live in Gottstein, slight edge to CAPE GRACE and her big upside.
11 6-Surprise Sale, 4-Orange Thunder, 3-Del Siete Leguas
*best bet

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As we wind down this 2015 season, I’ll try to wind it up with a few winners. Pickings are slim however. I can use GOOSE BUMPS in today’s seventh and final race. She’s had more opportunities however I see little competition from the other starters and Jeff Metz’s first-timer may be the biggest threat. Helps with leading trainer looking for a record and he has his leading pilot Juan Gutierrez aboard.


Saturday’s lineup is one of the best I’ve ever seen at Emerald. The Race Office should be commended on a job well done. Hard to find anyone that really stands out. It's the kind of a card you follow you’re “Gut” feeling. I have that feeling about JEBRICA, always one of my favorites and it’s nice to see him back on his “A” game again, won’t be easy but I see Joey Steiner getting him back in the winner’s circle.


We had a few upsets on Saturday, closers had their work cut out. Today we have at least three solid singles in my estimation, unfortunately they’re not in a row, Mach One Rules looks like a walk over, Guinevere’s Finale will need some help up front, Gold Rush Dancer if given a breather can handle two turns. Of the three I’ll stick with Mach, picked him in his debut and I’ll stick with him Sunday. It’s been fun this season. Until 2016 Predictor Say’s “ SEE YOU AT THE TRACK” in 2016.

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