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In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Track Announcer, Robert Geller, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzett

Friday, September 19

Robert Geller

Race 1: 3 Diner's Diva, 2 Premo Jewel, 5 American Council
Race 2: 1 Bar Room Riot, 3 Manny's Red Tie, 2 Recon Patrol
Race 3: 4 Sneaking a Kiss, 3 Peaceful Nation, 2 Chronologic'sghost
Race 4: *2 Hip Hop City, 7 Koala Beach, 8 Free Beer
Race 5: 6 Tricky Person, 5 Miss Fast Eddie, 9 Sun City
Race 6: 2 Somewhere With You, 4 Memphis Mobster, 1 Assessment
SOMEWHERE WITH YOU ran a decent third last time and has a
fighting spirit. MEMPHIS MOBSTER again looks dangerous on the lead.
ASSESSMENT reunites with Mitchell.
Race 7: 2 Big Question, 1 White River Pirate, 6 Janero

Joe Withee

1 3-Diner's Diva, 2-Premo Jewel, 5-American Council
2 2-Recon Patrol, 1-Bar Room Riot, 3-Manny's Red Ty
3 7-Twelfth Fan, 3-Peaceful Nation, 4-Sneaking a Kiss
4 6-Koala Beach, 5-It's Our Pleasure, 2-Hip Hop City
5 *8-Strange Luck, 10-Come On Cozzene, 9-Sun City
6 5-Tale Spinner, 1-Assessment, 2-Somewhere With You
TALE SPINNER likes this track, is 2-for-3 at the meet. When he didn't win, he had a rough trip.
7 7-Buddy Dave, 2-Big Question, 5-Janero

*best bet

Saturday, September 27
Robert Geller

Race 1: 4 Kamaaina Blue, 5 Copper Bay, 2 Play Hard to Win
Race 2: 3 Gilly Gone, 7 Harbor Max, 2 Badrock Canyon
Race 3: *5 Teacra, 2 Sequestered, 8 Lasting Smooch
Race 4: 4 Illumination Road, 3 Italian Warrior, 6 Aphiemi
Race 5: 2 Miners Night, 3 Inviting Roman, 7 Just Like Uptown
Race 6: 8 Shuddle, 3 Honour Family, 1 Mr Shane the Pain
Race 7: 8 Spot of Salt, 7 Southern Solution, 5 Songandabullet
Race 8: 1 Lake Piru, 3 Strawberry Dawn, 4 Point Da Harbor
Race 9: 2 Hoody, 1 Grindersparksaglo, 4 Spit and Shine
HOODY was sent too fast too soon against better last time
and will find this easier. GRINDERSPARKSAGLO romped home in recent win.
SPIT AND SHINE comes in off a close third in a decent field.
Race 10: 3 Del Siete Luegas, 6 Dogleg Left, 4 Stretch Home
Race 11: 4 Top Lady, 3 Bell Wether, 1 Musical Delight

Joe Withee

1 4-Kamaaina Blue, 5-Copper Bay, 2-Play Hard to Win
2 7-Harbor Max, 4-Austin's Crown, 3-Gilly Gone
3 5-Teacra, 3-Oh Glorious Day, 6-Papa's Grandkids
4 4-Illumination Road, 2-St Nicholas Becky, 7-Ain't Tellin'
5 5-Wedgey Time, 3-Inviting Roman, 2-Miners Night
6 2-Sharp Focus, 1-Mr Shane the Pain, 6-Soul Intent
7 *8-Spot of Salt, 5-Songandabullet, 4-Star of the Dia
8 1-Lake Piru, 6-Five Alarm Charm, 4-Point Da Harbor
9 5-Dark Brago, 2-Hoody, 4-Spit and Shine
DARK BRAGO moved way forward in his second EmD start. Horse has good speed from gate and outside post gives options.
10 5-Rosie's Renegade, 2-So Legit, 3-Del Siete Leguas
11 4-Top Lady, 3-Bell Wether, 1-Musical Delight

*best bet

Sunday, September 28
Robert Geller

Race 1: 3 Eyes Movin, 1 Sissis Little Nipper, 5 Cloudy Dasher
Race 2: 2 Mystic Witch, 6 City Sensation, 1 Twelfth Fan
Race 3: 2 Almosttoomuchfun, 4 Moony Moony, 1 Charming Budha
Race 4: 4 Shoer Hugh, 5 Dead Eye, 3 Churchbob
Race 5: 3 Bluegrass Fox Trot, 6 No Claim Will Do, 2 Cheese
Race 6: 3 Heza Witch Doctor, 9 Snooper Dauper, 4 Salty Le Mousse
Race 7: 7 Ugottabcatty, 2 Financial Officer, 9 Brutally Handsome
Race 8: *4 Ididn'taskforthis, 6 Moby, 1 Daytona Beach
Race 9: 1 Prime Engine, 5 Trackattacker, 2 Val de Saire
PRIME ENGINE looked strong and the KY-bred is able to give
TRACKATTACKER the stamina test we have been waiting for. VAL DE SAIRE is a
plucky filly on the rise.
Race 10: 1 Blueberry Smoothie, 2 Chu and You,4 Finding More
Race 11: 4 Right Idea, 7 Dakota Firefly, 2 Tactical Strike

Joe Withee

1 5-Cloudy Dasher, 1-Sissis Little Nipper, 3-Eyes Movin
2 1-Twelfth Fan, 5-City Sensation, 2-Mystic Witch
3 2-Almosttoomuchfun, 3, Game Kick, 6-Sabe
4 5-Dead Eye, 3-Churchbob, 6-Immigration
5 9-He's Zuberrific, 3-Bluegrass Fox Trot, 6-No Claim Will Do
6 5-Secret Harbor, 8-Advancement, 6-Buds a Flyin
7 *4-Marvin's Magic, 7-Ugottabcatty, 5-War Wizard
8 4-Ididn'taskforthis, 5-Carson's Start, 6-Moby
9 5-Trackattacker, 1-Prime Engine, 3-Old Fashioned Grit
He won't it have easy for the entire race but TRACKATTACKER is exceptional. Choice to beat the less experienced Prime Engine.
10 2-Chu and You, 1-Blueberry Smoothie, 2-Hetty
11 7-Dakota Firefly, 2-Tactical Strike, 3-Miners Thunder

*best bet

Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti


Janero in Friday’s finale has been wasting a few dollars with open company. Today, it’s a condition race at a lower level with leading rider Leslie Mawing. I’d single on at least one Pick Five ticket.


Strawberry Dawn won opening week like a good thing. She's been facing
tougher since. Today in Race 8, she should find these to be much easier with an
opportunity to end the meet the way she started.


Was going to chase Three Olives Later earlier but scratched to go here,
combination "Best Bet" "Trip Play"………….She can beat the chalk, much
better post.

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