Bucky B Lucky
Washington-bred gelding (b. 2005)
By Kentucky Lucky-Dixie Dew
Career (2007-2009): 18-3-4-2, $20,115

A race fan and horse enthusiast, Jeannette Parrett loves spending time at Emerald Downs.

While many runners over the years have come to and from the racetrack, for Parrett, one racehorse stood above rest. On opening night of the 2009 season, Parrett came across the name Bucky B Lucky in the list of entries, and as she put it, "his name just jumped off the program." Lucky for Parrett, the Washington-bred gelding happened to be owned by her friends Keith and Jan Swagerty, who invited Parrett to watch him saddled before his race. 

"I first saw him walk around (the walking ring) and I thought, 'ah, what a beautiful Thoroughbred,'" Parrett said. "After that, every time he raced I tried to come down and see him until he got claimed later that year."

The visits weren't just for Bucky B Lucky's dashing looks. After all, the gelding's big late-kick and competitive spirit made for one heckuva show. That, and Bucky B Lucky's consistency, which put him in the money in 50 percent of his races including a trio of thrilling wins during his three-year career.

After the gelding retired in 2009, Parrett lost track of Bucky B Lucky, who had supposedly moved on to a new home. However, several months after his final campaign, Bucky B Lucky turned up in the last place that Parrett thought she'd find him.

"I got an e-mail saying that there was a bay Thoroughbred at an auction yard and found out right away that he was Bucky B Lucky," Parrett said. "So I got on the phone, called Keith, told him the situation and he said, 'let's get him out'."

The next day Bucky B Lucky was out, and on his way to a new home and a new future. That future commenced at Jaime Taft's SAFE (Save a Forgotten Equine) farm in Monroe, where Bucky B Lucky could start fresh.  Parrett is a Trustee on the SAFE Board of Directors.

Fast forward three years, and the same Bucky B Lucky is thriving as he transitions into his new career.

"Currently he's interning up at Dutch Mills Farm in Arlington with Helga Roberts," Parrett said. "He's working on dressage, and that's really what we hope for him. We think he's going to get a really good home someday."

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