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In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Track Announcer, Robert Geller, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzett

Friday, August 22
Robert Geller

Race 1: 1 Ryans Argument, 4 City Shadows, 5 Brock Says
Race 2: 4 Three Olives Later, 6 Dr. Dr. Kate, 5 Bodacious
Race 3: 2 Featherlite, 4 Chips Indy Salsa, 1 Musical Delight
Race 4: 3 Del Siete Luegas, 5 Square Jimmer, 2 Add Some Alcohol
Race 5: 3 Anitewithyou, 5 Say Say, 2 Century Union
Race 6: 8 The Tom Squad, 1 Orito, 6 Prayer for Da Bric
THE TOM SQUAD hit the wall early in the Derby but his
sprint form puts him right back in the mix. The same applies to ORITO who
was runner-up to the subsequent Derby winner in his previous try. PRAYER
FOR DA BRIC is speedy and could take catching.
Race 7: *2 Sun City, 5 Wedge of Gold, 7 Poly Squat

Joe Withee

1 5-Brock Says, 1-Ryans Argument, 3-Churchbob
2 4-Three Olives Later, 6-Dr. Dr. Kate, 5-Bodacious
3 5-Polly Ester Pompom, 3-Silly Streak, 1-Musical Delight
4 3-Del Siete Leguas, 5-Square Jimmer, 1-Freedomofthehills
5 2-Century Union, 4-Be There for Me, 3-Anitewithyou
6 1-Orito, 6-Prayer for Da Bric, 8-The Tom Squad
ORITO has been keeping solid company throughout the season, looks good in this spot.
7 *7-Poly Squat, 4-Grand Baylee, 2-Sun City

*best bet

Saturday, August 23
Robert Geller

Race 1: 2 Park That Truck, 4 Mr. Leroy, 3 Gold Tie Please
Race 2: 4 Boss Lori, 1 Chronologic'sghost, 5 Herculette
Race 3: *5 Stroll For Us, 4 Advancement, 1 Marvin's Magic
Race 4: 2 Almosttoomuchfun, 4 Two Bit Game, 7 Lots of Prayers
Race 5: 1 Can't Get Enough, 4 Money Cat, 2 Wedgey Time
Race 6: 5 Ontheshadyside, 2 Dancing Yodeler, 1 Heza Witch Doctor
Race 7: 7 Assessment, 1 Rocky's Quest, 2 Somewhere With You
ASSESSMENT retains form that would have him in the top two. ROCKY'S QUEST
is dangerous on the front end. SOMEWHERE WITH YOU found the going too tough
last time but could bounce right back here.
Race 8: 4 Master Game, 7 Splendini, 3 Dakota Firefly

Joe Withee

1 2-Park That Truck, 4-Mr. Leroy, 5-Bull Whiskey
2 4-Boss Lori, 5-Herculette, 2-National Wonder
3 5-Stroll For Us, 1-Marvin's Magic, 4-Advancement
4 6-Direct Cost, 1-Expenses Paid, 7-Lots of Prayers
5 1-Can't Get Enough, 5-Uptownfreddybrown, 3-Secret Harbor
6 *3-War Wizard, 2-Dancing Yodeler, 5-Ontheshadyside
7 7-Assessment, 1-Rocky's Quest, 2-Somewhere With You
ASSESSMENT was impossibly wide in a 5-horse field last out, still edged Rocky's Quest for second. Plus it's Mile week, and Assessment's #2 all-time in career Mile earnings.
8 1-Something Magic, 5-Tiz a Classic, 6-Stoneman

Sunday, August 24
Robert Geller

Race 1: 2 Wind a Flyin, 5 Run Sophia Run, 1 Bella Angelina
Race 2: 5 Legion of Boom, 4 It Behooves Me, 3 Moonee Beach
Race 3: 3 Posse Power, 5 Nosetodagrindstone, 4 Surfliner
Race 4: 4 Frisco Bound, 1 Buckle, 3 Regal Valid
Race 5: 3 Magic Molly, 6 Stolen Sagoi, 4 Mz Dyno
Race 6: 2 Kandra, 4 Polly Ester Pompom, 6 Chrissy's Wedding
Race 7: 9 Stryker Phd, 5 Disruption, 4 Twistgrips
STRYKER PHD is impeccable this season with two solid route
wins, moving into contention before the stretch each time. With speed to
target and two bullet works this month, he can go one better than last year
and win. DISRUPTION followed his stellar sprint win off the long lay-off
with a gusty 3RD in the Mt.Rainier, the only route race of his career. With
the drop in distance, his third run back could be his best yet. TWISTGRIPS
is a long-shot value play to pick up a piece late. There will be a stronger
pace to close off than his latest second to Title Contender at Hastings and
2013 Mile winning jockey, Amadeo Perez is an asset.
Race 8: 2 Ugottabcatty, 1 Red Defense, 7 Star of the Dia
Race 9: 1 Stopshoppingdebbie, 5 Wando Woman, 2 Blueberry Smoothie
STOPSHOPPINGDEBBIE appears unstoppable and can lengthen her
undefeated streak to nine. WANDO WOMAN is a talented Canadian shipper in
form who looks the most likely runner-up. BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE did finish
second in the Oaks last season at this distance.
Race 10:*5 Floating Feather, 2 El Capone, 1 I Keep Saying
Race 11: 2 Tactical Strike, 5 Miners Thunder, 3 Hearts Harbor

Joe Withee

1 2-Wind a Flyin, 1-Bella Angelina, 5-Run Sophia Run
2 5-Legion of Boom, 4-It Behooves Me, 1-Old Fashioned Grit
3 1-Chu and I, 2-Memphis Mobster, 3-Posse Power
4 4-Frisco Bound, 7-Immigration, 2-Atta Boy Lucky
5 6-Stolen Sagoi, 3-Magic Molly, 4-Mz Dyno
6 2-Kandra, 7-Inkey Mooey, 1-Cheese
7 9-Stryker Phd, 5-Disruption, 3-Prohibition
STRYKER PHD is a proven, formidable stretch-runner and has overcome problematic circumstances in his two wins at this meeting. Disruption got an education while running well in Mt. Rainier H, he trains and races at this level. Prohibition improved in leaps and bounds beginning last fall with equipment change.
8 3-Parkers Bluff, 2-Ugottabcatty, 7-Star of the Dia
9 1-Stopshoppingdebbie, 4-Goin to the Window, 5-Wando Woman
In nearly every start now, STOPSHOPPINGDEBBIE is breaking or tying records of excellence. No matter how the race sets up, no horse has been able to outrun her. Goin to the Window has come close, twice, to beating 'Debbie. Wando Woman's had 14 stakes wins or placing, second in this race last year.
10 *5-Floating Feather, 4-Worldventurer, 1-I Keep Saying
11 3-Hearts Harbor, 1-Timber Titan, 2-Tactical Strike

*best bet

Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti

Friday, August 22

After watching DEL SIETE LEGUAS' last effort, I made one notation on my Note Sheet, "Playback". I’m keying with Add Some Alcohol and Square Jimmer.That’s three of the Superfecta in today’s fourth race.

Saturday, August 23

Stroll for Us will serve multiple roles for me today: Best Bet and Trip
Play. His last trip was quite troublesome and at 4-1. Perhaps the outside post
will prove helpful. Rider has plenty of speed on her inside. A little patience gets the money
today. Stroll for Us is an honest sort, the kind you can use in exotics.

Sunday, August 24

When Legion of Boom made his debut I was doing Paddock Reads, apparently I
kept referring to him as Legend Of Boom. I was reprimanded by someone in
a nice way for my error. The horse didn’t mind my error and ran huge, today
he graduates in the second race.

Good Luck

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