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In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Media Relations/TV Host Jacob Pollowitz, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti 

Friday, April 29


Race 1: *1 Abeja, 5 Kens Hard Doll, 7 Sunrise Sermon
Race 2: 2 Brutally Handsome, 7 Lean Cozzene, 6 Atta Boy Lucky
Race 3: 8 Aunt Maryann, 5 Old Fashioned Halo, 2 Miz Tuition
Race 4: 4 Cantcatchme, 3 Chu and I, 7 Credit Line
Race 5: 7 Image of Truth, 1 Dana's Fast Ridge, 6 Kalakala
Race 6: 3 Party Pooper, 5 Christmas Caballo, 6 Big Hat Charlie
Another 10 yards and PARTY POOPER may have won his last race. This spot looks ideal for the 4-year-old colt to get redemption.
Race 7: 7 Osmosis, 4 Endless Cruise, 1 Wedgey Time

*Best Bet 


1 1-Abeja, 3-Secret Mark, 7-Sunrise Sermon
2 *4-River District, 7-Lean Cozzene, 1-Buds a Flyin
3 8-Aunt Maryann, 2-Miz Tuition, 4-Fiftyeightforty
4 2-Just Gone, 4-Cantcatchme, 7-Credit Line
5 7-Image of Truth, 1-Dana’s Fast Ridge, 5-Coastal Roar
6 3-Party Pooper, 2-It’s Little Richie, 6-Big Hat Charlie
Nearly catching a runaway speedster first trip over the track, PARTY POOPER impressed late.
7 10-Xerxes, 1-Wedgey Time, 4-Endless Cruise
*best bet

Saturday, April 30


Race 1: 4 Due Go On, 7 No No, 6 Dyna Star
Race 2: 6 Guardingthemoney, 2 Face Valued, 4 The Press
Race 3: 2 Vistarella, 4 Pretty Witty, 3 The Doll Room
Race 4: 1 Mary Lois, 4 Seattles Best Copy, 6 Motor'n Mona
Race 5: 5 Memphis Mobster, 2 He's Cagey, 1 Rio Hondo
Race 6: *8 Mister Breeze, 6 Pick by the Box, 7 Arctic Vortex
Race 7: 8 Belladiva, 1 Dancingwithdebbie, 4 Croix Du Soliel
Race 8: 5 Inexcess Again, 4 Perfect Night, 6 My Chief
INEXCESS AGAIN fires right back under similar conditions and could get a similar trip in his quest for a second win this season.
Race 9: 1 Royal Reign Storm, 2 Cat From Iraq, 4 Eddie Would Go

*best bet


1 6-Dyna Star, 5-Nightwalker, 7-No No
2 2-Face Valued, 5-Bet the Harbor, 3-Honored Citizen
3 2-Vistarella, 8-Tricky Person, 4-Pretty Witty
4 4-Seattles Best Copy, 1-Mary Lois, 2-National Wonder
5 5-Memphis Mobster, 1-Rio Hondo, 6-Oldtimers Vision
6 8-Mister Breeze, 7-Arctic Vortex, 5-Night Train Lane
7 8-Belladiva, 4-Croix Du Soleil, 2-If You Like It
8 4-Perfect Night, 5-Inexcess Again, 3-Private Boss
With a contested pace up front, PERFECT NIGHT can get up.
9 *7-Relatively Fast, 4-Eddie Would Go, 2-Cat From Iraq
*best bet
Sunday, May 1


Race 1: 7 Bh Lisas Boy, 3 Little Blitzen, 5 Vodka With Ice
Race 2: 4 Tinkerbelle Tops, 5 Rahys Ransom, 6 Original Avenue
Race 3: 5 Suckitupbuttercup, 2 Say It Slow, 1 Skate Away
Race 4: 2 See the Lite, 4 Hot Gem, 7 Gotta Be Diet C
Race 5: 4 Cat King, 1 Racetrackrummy, 7 Pure Thunder
Race 6: 6 Bid For Pride, 1 Follow My Tracks, 3 Italian Warrior
Race 7: 2 Doubledeesonthetee, 5 Dirty Swagg, 6 Secret Harbor
Race 8: 2 Pete's Slew, 8 Tribal Waters, 5 Dare Me Devil
Race 9: *7 Let It Flo, 4 Queen's Rush, 3 Our Silver Lining
LET IT FLO closed ground well in her 2016 debut despite racing wide behind a slow early pace.
Race 10: 2 Good Scuffler, 6 Cozzabi, 3 Sparky G

*best bet


1 7-BH Lisas Boy, 3-Little Blitzen, 5-Vodka With Ice
2 4-Tinkerbelle Tops, 5-Rahys Ransom, Top Joy
3 2-Say It Slow, 5-Suckitupbuttercup, 3-It’s My Knight
4 9-Parisian Lace, 7-Gotta Be Diet C, 2-See the Lite
5 1-Racetrackrummy, 3-Speedy Gunzalious, 6-Regazze Cat
6 3-Italian Warrior, 6-Bid for Pride, 1-Follow My Tracks
7 *1-Captain Camelot, 2-Doubledeesonthetee, 5-Dirty Swagg
8 2-Pete’s Slew, 3-Parkers Bluff, 5-Dare Me Devil
9 4-Queen’s Rush, 1-Mylast Sweet Pea, 7-Let It Flo
She came out running and winning off a lengthy break, QUEEN’S RUSH the choice to be tough right back.
10 5-Leave No Doubt, 4-Preachinatrio, 1-Dakota Firefly 

*best bet

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Coming up with today's "Best Bet" was like walking into a candy store in my younger days, several I like however the price on COASTAL ROAR in the 5th should be gratifying, rider change alone helps make the move, tying him with Party Pooper in the 6th give you a pretty good hammer on exotics.


Over the years going back to LGA,  I've always had good fortune wagering on anything Junior Coffey sends out fresh. In fact, I could go back to Portland Meadows. I've learned he gets them ready coming off the bench. Belladiva in race seven fits the mold nicely and you have to like her record at the distance. Work tab cries out "Player".


Simply Sharp I remember well in his debut last year. He ran huge and changed hands several times then ended up in the Vince Gibson's barn where after some good ole'  TLC he showed some life at season's end. Nice works and if he performs to his 2015 debut he'll bury these in race six.

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