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In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Track Announcer, Robert Geller, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzett

Friday, August 1
Robert Geller

Race 1: 1 Leadership, 3 Chaching Pete, 2 Mr Top Kat
Race 2: 7 Judy Kay,8 Jazz Queen, 6 Val de Saire
Race 3: 3 Bell Wether, 5 Anjamima, 2 Indagreenandbeyond
Race 4: *4 Buddy Dave, 3 Mr Shane the Pain, 5 Moment of Weakness
Race 5: 6 Colton's First, 8 Epic Electorate, 1 Cat Mon Blue
Race 6: 2 Ugottabcatty, 3 Financial Officer, 5 Churchbob
UGOTTABCATTY came from last inside the final half furlong
to score last time and is in solid form. Can repeat. FINANCIAL OFFICER also
woke up late when runner-up that race and remains a threat. The
lightly-raced CHURCHBOB is yet to run a bad race and may measure up.
Race 7: 4 Arraignment, 1 Big Question, 3 Twentyten

Joe Withee

1 2-Mr. Top Kat, 4-Surprise Sale, 1-Leadership
2 6-Val de Saire, 5-Raesbeautiful Hope, 2-Live Like Mike
3 8-You Send Me, 7-Morn n' At Last, 3-Bell Weather
4 6-Sharp Focus, 3-Mr Shane the Pain, 4-Buddy Dave
5 3-Direct Cost, 8-Epic Electorate, 7-Lots of Prayers
6 *6-Spot of Salt, 2-Ugottabecatty, 3-Financial Officer
Veteran sprinter SPOT OF SALT runs well where ever he goes, including big win in local debut. He's a 6-furlong specialist.
7 5-Ontheshadyside, 6-Corner Office, 4-Arraignment

*best bet

Saturday, August 2
Robert Geller

Race 1: 4 Niftys Tee Time, 2 Zafari Nation, 1 Appealing Artie
Race 2: 5 O B Harbor, 6 Wanagi, 2 It Behooves Me
Race 3:*10 Relatively Fast, 4 Oscar's America. 6 Go Henry
Race 4: 1 Polly Ester Pompom, 5 Chromatose, 6 Sydney On My Mind
Race 5: 4 Wedge of Gold, 3 Kilauea, 1 Sun City
Race 6: 6 Timeonurhands, 7 Dead Eye,9 Lean Cozzene
Race 7: 6 Just Like Uptown, 9 Stealth Fighter, 4 Play Hard to Win
Race 8: 2 Rocky's Quest, 3 Jebrica, 5 Assessment
ROCKY'S QUEST relishes the mile and proved resilient last
try. Recent work keeps him ticking over. JEBRICA is dangerous on the drop
once again. ASSESSMENT has remained competitive at this level.
Race 9: 6 Tactical Strike, 2 Splendini, 8 Brilliant Thought

Sunday, August 3
Robert Geller

Race 1: 4 Sanibel Harbor, 1 Bee Dees Bid, 5 Go Diva Go
Race 2: 5 Relatively Fast, 6 Oscar's America, 3 Moby
Race 3: 6 Dr. Dr. Kate, 2 Live Like Mike, 4 Enjewelled
Race 4: 3 Ms. Parker, 4 Image in the Moon, 6 Articulate
Race 5: 3 Anitewithyou, 2 Nobluffjustgo, 1 Goin Out Tonite
Race 6: 8 Get Well, 2 Miss Fast Eddie, 4 Kochen Beki
Race 7: 2 Uzziah, 4 Big Bad Brown, 6 Legal Victory
Race 8: 4 St Nicholas Becky, 3 He's Zuberrific, 1 Charlie's Gold
Race 9: 4 Dontmesswithkitten, 2 Scat Daddybaby, 6 Why Not Be Perfect
DONTMESSWITHKITTEN is coming around and that recent 2ND was solid. SCAT
DADDYBABY is speedy and has risen to the occasion before. Fresh again. WHY
NOT BE PERFECT has run better in sprints of late so may recover some form here.
Race 10: *6 Bell Wether, 4 Game Kick, 4 Lasting Smooch

Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti

Friday, August 1

Well here we go again ,looking for a "Best Bet." With BUDDY DAVE I have no doubts. I see him run often and he looks great. Simply poor racing luck. Rider knows him very well. A key play in today’s Pick-4 and Pick-5.

Saturday, August 2

Saturday's feature sets up very nicely for Jebrica. With three burners
signing on, the pace looms to be quick which is much to his liking. When the
dust clears, Jebrica and Juan Gutierrez figure to get all the chips for the
Jim Penney-trained 6-year-old.

Good Luck

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