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In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Media Relations/TV Host Jacob Pollowitz, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti 

Friday, May 20


Race 1: 4 The Boss Is Back, 7 Split Pairs, 8 Irish Wine
Race 2: 8 Double Shuffle, 5 Dead Eye, 2 Brother Bob
Race 3: *5 Only the High Road, 4 All for Me, 2 Kings Court 
Race 4: 9 West Coast Romance, 11 Fiftyeightyforty, 8 Simply Naked 
Race 5: 1 Lean Cozzene, 2 Endless Cruise, 8 Financial District
Race 6: 3 Stephanie Plum, 4 Idling, 2 Wise
STEPHANIE PLUM has a history of heating up as the season progresses. Draw a line through her last race after a terrible start and a worse trip. Should be sitting just off the pace and running late.
Race 7: 6 Demonsdarlin, 5 Rana Bear, 8 Gold Locket

*Best Bet


1 4-The Boss Is Back, 7-Split Pairs, 8-Irish Wine
2 5-Dead Eye, 1-Big Black Cat, 8-Double Shuffle
3 4-All for Me, 7-Love the Lion, 1-Destiny Boy
4 *11-Fiftyeightforty, 9-West Coast Romance, 5-Daddy’s Sweetie
5 2-Endless Cruise, 1-Lean Cozzene, 6-Great Ride
6 8-Lizzy Lass, 1-Another Winter, 3-Stephanie Plum
She’ll need to avoid a wide trip but if she can, LIZZY LASS is on form and can handle the distance.
7 2-Desert Melody, 5-Rana Bear, 8-Gold Locket
*best bet

Saturday, May 21

Race 1: 7 On a Power High, 9 Stella Corona, 4 My Best Bunny Yet
Race 2: 7 She's too Wild, 4 Tinkerbelle Tops, 6 Pure Lucky
Race 3: 9 Old Fashioned Halo, 4 Web of Demons, 3 Whirl Harbor
Race 4: 8 Close the Show Lo, 9 Three Forks Gold, 5 Temptatious
Race 5: 1 Speedy Gunzalious, 4 Bart the Barrister, 5 Eddie Would Go
Race 6: *8 G's Gold, 10 Parkers Delight, 5 Deepseat
Race 7: 2 Songandabullet, 4 Dirty Swagg, 1 Doubledeesonthetee
Race 8: 3 Advancement, 5 Big Hat Charlie, 2 Whiskey Prince
ADVANCEMENT ran a big race off the bench a couple weeks back and could improve off that effort. Big gate-to-wire threat!
Race 9: 4 Caddy Shack Cat, 5 Six S Street, 9 On Fire Albert

*Best Bet


1 9-Stella Corona, 5-My Best Bunny Yet, 5-Jusrockn
2 7-She’s too Wild, 6-Pure Lucky, 4-Tinkerbelle Tops
3 3-Whirl Harbor, 5-Thanksforasking, 4-Web of Demons
4 2-Sunrise Glow, 5-Temptatious, 8-Close the Show Lo
5 1-Speedy Gunzalious, 3-The Canary Lived, 4-Bart the Barrister
6 5-Deepseat, 6-Dyna Star, 4-Nearly Enuf
7 *2-Songandabullet, 9-Ain’t Tellin’, 7-Just Gone
8 5-Big Hat Charlie, 2-Whiskey Prince, 3-Advancement
BIG HAT CHARLIE’s first trip over the track was a win over impressive next-out winner Party Pooper.
9 5-Six S Street, 9-On Fire Albert, 2-Trygve’s Besst

*Best Bet

Sunday, May 22

Race 1: 1 Patti D' Marie, 2 Neat Lady, 7 Emeraldcity Kitten
Race 2: *7 Storm the Channel, 1 Bob is Back, 5 Mara's Warlock
Race 3: 9 Miz Tuition, 3 Lotta What Ever, 5 Scarpetta Veloce
Race 4: 2 Inawar, 8 Prince of Silver, 1 West Coast Wheelie
Race 5: 2 Ringo's Gold, 1 Bar Room Riot, 9 Whiskeyonthehouse
Race 6: 2 Lookin Awesome, 3 Fullshot, 10 Legion of Boom
Race 7: 5 Kikisoblu, 7 Ethan's Baby, 8 Citizen Kitty
If she's the same sprinter she was last season, KIKISOBLU should be much the best.
Race 8: 4 O B Harbor, 9 Prime Engine, 3 Kaabraaj
This is a tough heat, but O B HARBOR is pure speed from the gates. He'll be the one they have to catch.
Race 9: 3 Shared Life, 2 Coach Royal, 6 Man of Stature
Race 10: 5 Parisian Lace, 1 Chantilly Girl, 9 Oh Glorious Day

*Best Bet

1 5-Distinctive Run, 7-Emeraldcity Kitten, 3-Time for a Memory
2 4-Moby, 7-Storm the Channel, 3-Gavinator
3 9-Miz Tuition, 3-Lotta What Ever, 8-Parker’s Peggy Sue
4 *8-Prince of Silver, 6-Cats Gulch, 2-Inawar
5 8-Charming Budha, 4-Buddy Dave, 9-Whiskeyonthehouse
6 2-Lookin Awesome, 10-Legion of Boom, 8-Brilliant Thought
7 5-Kikisoblu, 6-Locket, 7-Ethan’s Baby
Much the best in two EmD sprint stakes last year, KIKISOBLU seems ready to resume winning ways.
8 9-Prime Engine, 2-Noosito, 10-Absolutely Cool
In what should be another fast pace, PRIME ENGINE has the quality and style to beat this outstanding field.
9 3-Shared Life, 6-Man of Stature, 7-Oldtimers Vision
10 8-House of Money, 9-Oh Glorious Day, 4-La Tempete Noire 

*best bet



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ALL FOR ME in Friday's third race looks to have landed an ideal spot for graduation. She's in excellent hands drops a notch and is a solid single for today's Pick Five.


SPEEDY GUNZALIOUS has had his tour of the grounds. The post isn't the best draw for the distance however, the rider should be able to clear early then it's simply Game-Set-Match. This is the kind of play you use on top, then walk away.


I've been waiting for SIMPLY SHARP to go. He scratched several times but runs well fresh..Worth a good look.

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