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In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Track Announcer, Robert Geller, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzett

Friday, July 18
Robert Geller

Race 1: 3 Oscar's America, 4 Musical Choice, 6 Eight Ball Parker
Race 2: 3 Owner's Choice, 7 Right Idea, 1 Grindster
Race 3: 6 Atta Boy Lucky, 7 Mr Gnarly, 4 Shuddle
Race 4: 3 Bell Wether, 4 Nothin Like a Dame,6 Musical Delight
Race 5: 3 Bird Colonel, 2 Salsa Boy, 4 Play Hard to Win
Race 6: 7 Happy Childhood, 6 Moony Moony, 1 Stretch Home
HAPPY CHILDHOOD has been competitive since the drop in
class and the barn excels on the stretch-out. MOONY MOONY has also been
hitting the board and his recent 3rd at 6-1/2f could translate well here.
Last-start winner STRETCH HOME has shown some ability routing.
Race 7: *7 Appealing Artie, 5 Hollywood Holly, 1 Hope for Sara

Joe Withee

1 3-Oscar's America, 6-Eight Ball Parker, 5-Recon Patrol
2 3-Owner's Choice, 7-Right Idea, 1-Grindster
3 3-Colton's First, 4-Shuddle, 6-Atta Boy Lucky
4 *3-Bell Wether, 1-Game Kick, 6-Musical Delight
5 5-Just Like Uptown, 3-Bird Colonel, 6-Soul Intent
6 7-Happy Childhood, 6-Moony Moony, 2-Nitro Road
HAPPY CHILDHOOD has come out running in his second year of racing. First mile for horse but barn has always been adept at judging when to go two turns.
7 4-Katsthoughts, 1-Hope for Sara, 3-Alta's Forever

*best bet

Saturday, July 19
Robert Geller

Race 1: 3 Ontheshadyside, 6 Big Fat Storm, 5 Mr Shane the Pain
Race 2: *6 Seattles Best Copy, 4 Jazz Queen, 7 Raise the Margarita
Race 3: 1 Dakota Firefly, 2 Cat's Ego, 7 Shadow Code
Race 4: 1 Colton's First, 6 State Capital, 7 Duke Street King
Race 5: 4 Miss Fast Eddie, 2 Cool Toddy, 1 Brats Brat
Race 6: 7 Memphis Mobster, 1 Uzziah, 6 Tobiah's Journey
Race 7: 5 Seventyprcentcocoa, 4 Kenzie Carolina, 3 Maggie's Special
Race 8: 1 Ole's Miss, 5 Find Your Spot, 3 Belladiva
OLE'S MISS was an unlucky second at Hastings last out at
this distance and the McCarthy team has a solid record when shipping to
Emerald. FIND YOUR SPOT produced another copybook run last out and is sure
to go close. BELLADIVA showed the most gain by the step up in distance last
time so this may be just what she needs.
Race 9: 2 Delineator Express, 8 Sir Riley, 1 Splendini

Joe Withee

1 3-Ontheshadyside, 5-Mr Shane the Pain, 2-Koala Beach
2 3-Springsprangsprung, 4-Jazz Queen, 6-Seattles Best Copy
3 4-Open a Tap, 3-Inviting Roman, 1-Dakota Firefly
4 *4-White River Pirate, 2-Epic Electorate, 7-Duke Street King
5 8-Parkers Gibson Girl, 4-Miss Fast Eddie, 1-Brats Brat
6 1-Uzziah, 6-Tobiah's Journey, 7-Memphis Mobster
7 2-Whiskey Miner, 6-Lasting Rose, 3-Maggie's Special
8 5-Find Your Spot, 3-Belladiva, 6-Chu and You
What a year for FIND YOUR SPOT ... she's won at three different tracks and is now a route winner and stakes winner. Choice to pass leaders in stretch once again.
9 2-Delineator Express, 3-Diamond Drop, 1-Splendini

*best bet

Sunday, July 20
Robert Geller

Race 1: 4 Flyin Lion, 2 Patty Okey, 8 Lucky Some Beach
Race 2: 3 Smart Copy, 2 Birdsone, 1 Spit and Shine
Race 3: 2 Real Premium, 1 Almosttoomuchfun, 6 Mizzos Gold
Race 4: 3 Call Me Cinderella, 6 Wind a Flyin, 2 Starlight Gem
Race 5: 1 Smokin' Grey, 5 River of Aces, 2 Lady Henrietta
Race 6: 2 Foolish Miss, 4 Have'n a Wild Time, 9 The Doll Room
Race 7: 4 Surfliner, 7 He's a Cruiser, 5 Assessment
Race 8: 7 Stryker Phd, 6 Disruption, 2 Mr. Bowling
STRYKER PHD looked better than ever off the bench and
showed he can move into a race earlier if necessary. DISRUPTION was also
visually impressive in his return. Stretches out and has untapped
potential. MR. BOWLING appeared to be dropping out at the far turn at
Hastings only to storm home to win, displaying adaptability.
Race 9: 5 Bolshoi's Bluff, 2 My Grandson, 4 Trackattacker
BOLSHOI'S BLUFF and MY GRANDSON each closed tremendous
ground in their debuts and will appreciate the added distance, the dam of
the former especially memorable for her late close. TRACKATTACKER whisked
through fierce fractions for an easy debut win but could receive pace
pressure from Private Boss.
Race 10:*3 Game Kick, 4 River Call, 1 Magna Sweetheart

Joe Withee

1 2-Patty Okey, 3-Cm Got Overserved, 4-Flyin Lion
2 2-Birdsone, 3-Smart Copy, 5-Mister Breeze
3 6-Mizzo's Gold, 1-Almosttoomuchfun, 3-Park That Truck
4 3-Call Me Cinderella, 4-Once Upon a Song, 1-Perfect Pie
5 4-Clemens Brook, 3-Sweet Jenny, 5-River of Aces
6 *7-Miss Madavor, 2-Foolish Miss, 4-Have'n a Wild Time
7 5-Hard Slider, 6-Assessment, 7-He's a Cruiser
8 7-Stryker Phd, 6-Disruption, 2-Mr. Bowling
STRYKER PHD's last 6 EmD starts are as good a string of races as seen here in some time.
He's in the mode of irresistible force.
9 4-Trackattacker, 5-Bolshoi's Bluff, 2-My Grandson
TRACKATTACKER has easily had the most impressive race for any juvenile this season.
10 1-Magna Sweetheart, 3-Game Kick, 5-My Mom's Carol

*best bet

Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti


I may have posted BIRD COLONEL earlier. If I did, it’s time to make up. Unfortunately, do over’s don’t apply to horse racing. If you’re horse encounters any kind of problem causing defeat. On July 4th, the race surface featured a strong rail bias. Bird Colonel looked to be home free mid-stretch on the fence, and then he drifted out allowing the winner, who had been stalking, to take command on the fence and prevail in a stiff drive. As an added note, blinkers have been removed. The rider may have suggested the move, as they often recommend these changes.


Tough card on Saturday. However, I spotted a huge 
riders change in the last race. Sir Riley really stands out to me today with Gallyn Mitchell taking the call. Mitchell isn’t always available, but the barn was fortunate with the opening.. I like my handicapping partner John Lindley’s Splendini but they have trouble getting him to the paddock. If they both go, nice exacta.


I’ve been chasing Mr. Bowling, who won without me in Canada. However I’m
switching sticks after watching how STRYKER PHD performed in the Budweiser. I’ve always known trainer Larry Ross as a master at getting route horses ready and his magic has shown in Stryker’s performance. I was really impressed with the quarter-pole move he made. I was saying "Poetry in Motion". Can’t complain with the draw at this distance. Looks to be enough speed signed on, Stryker gets the money today.

Good Luck

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