Everybody Knows
6-year-old California-bred (born, 2008)
by Swiss Yodeler-Absolutism
Career (2011-13): 15-2-3-3, $25,373

Retired from Thoroughbred racing, Everybody Knows has gone through some name changes but has kept the same likeable demeanor through his stops along the way.

Dan Markle trained him at Emerald Downs and in California.

"I remember him more lazy than crazy," laughed Markle. "He was a real friendly horse. He wanted to hang his head out of the stall, eat carrots and go slow - he liked going slow real well."

Markle got two wins from him at Golden Gate just last year and knew he'd make a good people horse after racing.

"He had saddle horse written all over him," said Markle. "He went to a camp after racing, with young kids riding him. He'd stop if they got off balance, to protect them."

Everybody Knows then moved to Shannon Hendrickson's Signature West Farms in Spanaway. Hendrickson specializes in training hunters and jumpers, loves Thoroughbreds and doesn't turn many horses away. The horse got a new name with her.

"We renamed him Elvis," said Hendrickson. "He was big, but always perfect, super easy and kind, a great guy to train and ride."

Local trainer Joanna Jackowich was next. A friend of Hendrickson's, Jackowich spends some time at Signature West, prepping horses and giving lessons.

"We renamed him Foxx, with two X's," said Jackowich. "He's a real love, very gentle and a quiet soul. Under saddle, he's a tad on the lazy side but he's always trying to be careful for his rider. He can jump for sure, we're looking forward to showing him."

"I saw him going with a young student and really liked what I saw," said Jackowich. "I took him that day, figured he'd be a great partner for an adult client."

"I get to hear about him, see him every now and then," said Hendrickson. "It's the right situation, the right match, the right rider."

Everybody Knows - a horse everybody likes.

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