A Spectacular Fact
by Known Fact - My Amazing Grace
Kentucky-bred gelding (b. 2000)
Career (2004): 6-1-0-0, $4,200

Trainer Debbie Van Horne and sister Shonda attended a Kentucky yearling sale in 2001 and returned with a horse they named A Spectacular Fact.  He’s been with Debbie Van Horne ever since.
“We liked him in Kentucky and liked him even more when we got him home,” said Van Horne.  “A real nice horse to have around.”

Nicknamed “Buddy,” the gelding had some talent, too.  A maiden victory in a one-mile race at Emerald Downs in August of his two-year-old season.  He got that winter off at the Van Horne farm in Oregon and during that offseason that he suffered a broken jaw in an undetermined pasture accident.  He was treated and given time to heal.  That took some time.

“It took about two years for him to fully heal,” said Van Horne.  “We didn’t want to bring him back to racing as a five-year-old so I considered a new career.  He was one you definitely wanted to keep around.”

She and others worked on retraining him for pony work duty and in about a year, he was ready for a new track job.  It’s been nine years now, with Buddy as Van Horne’s pony.  Working during morning training hours and on race days, taking horses to the gate.

“On race days, he’ll school on horses that need to learn the post parade routine,” Van Horne continued.  “He’ll push back on a horse who’s being tough, making my job easier.  If a horse gets ahead, Buddy pins his ears and lets the race horse know to get back in his place.  Buddy’s on the bossy side but it works well for what he does.”

According to Van Horne, he has several years remaining on the current job, because he enjoys it.  After that, he’s a candidate to become a great trail riding horse.

“He’s very friendly and is just willing to do anything,” said Van Horne.  “He’s been a good one for me, wish they were all like him.  He’s my Buddy!”

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