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In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Track Announcer, Robert Geller, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti

Saturday, April 19
Robert Geller:
Race 1: 2 Red Ran Back, 1 Tsarina Haven, 5 Mylast Sweet Pea
Race 2: 5 Its Guiness Time, 3 Sthemios, 1 Cantcatchme
Race 3: 4 Wedgey Time, 2 The Bainster, 3 Debauch
Race 4: 3 Seattle Game, 6 Its Diva Time, 1 Kilauea
Race 5: 1 Jerry's Fever, 6 Mr. Top Kat, 3 Sharp Focus
Race 6: *4 Brats Brat, 3 Lake Pearla, 1 B B's Quick Action
Race 7: 3 Songandabullet, 6 Popular Pick, 4 Mister Breeze
Race 8: 3 Belt, 1 Follow My Tracks, 2 Bound to Win
BELT looked promising in sprints last season. FOLLOW MY TRACKS did defeat the top pick when debuting and should prove the threat. BOUND TO WIN did perform well in flashes.
Race 9: 3 Cowboy Cocktail, 2 Mister Messenger, 4 Kowboy Doc

Joe Withee:
1 2-Red Ran Back, 5-Mylast Sweet Pea, 1-Tsarina Haven
2 6-My Chief, 3-Sthenios, 5-Its Guiness Time
3 6-Onetimeforolmark, 2-The Bainster, 4-Wedgey Time
4 3-Seattle Game, 5-Montelena, 6-Its Diva Time
5 1-Jerry's Fever, 5-Royal Shrine, 2-Master's Bluff
6 3-La Pearla, 5-Opening Buzz, 1-B B's Quick Action
7 4-Mister Breeze, 3-Songandabullet, 2-Attempt
8 *5-Direct Cost, 1-Follow My Tracks, 3-Belt
DIRECT COST has great chance to lead all the way. Training well, blinkers on, outside speed are plusses for this non-winners of two race.
9 4-Kowboy Doc, 3-Cowboy Cocktail, 2-Mister Messenger

Sunday, April 20
Robert Geller
Race 1:  4 Inkey Mooey, 3 Reflective Glory, 5 Gold Trick
Race 2:  3 Mz Dyno, 1 Slewbie Doo, 5 Point Da Harbor
Race 3:  2 La Tiela, 3 Diner's Diva, 1 Merry Sherry
Race 4:  5 Grand Baylee, 3 Cha Cha Latte, 2 Port Wakefield
Race 5:  2 Brock Says, 3 Whiskeyonthehouse, 5 Star of the Dia
Race 6:  1 Frisco Bound, 3 Brother Greg, 5 Sam Jam
Race 7: *4 Kenai King, 2 Stikine Slough, 1 Smart Copy
Race 8:  4 Mike Man's Gold, 1 Mr. Bowling, 12 Jebrica
                MIKE MAN'S GOLD has been working extra well for his return and did regain his juvenile form late last season. MR. BOWLING has a formidable record and the Mile effort can be overlooked. Both JEBRICA and ROCKY'S QUEST fared well off the lay-off last season and have back-class.
Race 9:  5 Sunshine Candy, 1 Claudia's Cahill, 2 That's a Bingo

*best bet

Vic's Best Bet:

Saturday, April 19:

Trainer Jeff Metz wheels Attempt right back in today’s feature. Being "Old School" I’ve always been leery of running back in seven days - the rule of thumb has been 10-14 days between races. However having been well schooled over the years by several veteran trainers I’ve learned there are exceptions to the rule. One being the horse will tell you if he or she is ready: how they came back, no sign of fatigue, they were kicking and playing on the hot walker. Of course we don’t have access to that information but we were able to watch the race, was the horse stressed in its performance? If they won the race in easy fashion or as I call it, "Much The Best" I can certainly play back. My comment on Attempt’s winning effort, "Squeezed start, Much The Best." One of the main players has scratched, one other is like, oh, forever chasing second score. I’d have trouble pushing the button on anyone else in here.

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