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In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Track Announcer, Robert Geller, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzett

Friday, July 25
Robert Geller

Race 1: 3 Hey Lil Missy, 4 Crush On You, 7 Milieux
Race 2: 8 Kamaaina Blue, 1 Oregon Stater, 6 Sthenios
Race 3: 1 Won Won Oh Five, 3 Advancement, 4 Sharp Focus
Race 4: *4 Square Jimmer, 6 Dogleg Left, 2 Kahului Bluff
Race 5: 3 Free Beer,1 Havin a Good Day, 2 He's All Heart
Race 6: 4 Quiet Wisdom, 8 Point Da Harbor, 2 Forever a Fan
Toss out that last stakes race and QUIET WISDOM looks
suited. Should be catching them late. POINT DA HARBOR has been on a win
tear and must be included. FOREVER A FAN is set to run better off a
sputtered start in her return to the oval.
Race 7: 3 Regal Valid, 5 Dead Eye, 6 Power Fleet

Joe Withee

1 4-Crush On You, 3-Hey Lil Missy, 2-Silly Streak
2 3-Ain't Tellin', 5-Sthenios, 1-Oregon Stater
3 3-Advancement, 1-Won Won Oh Five, 4-Sharp Focus
4 *6-Dogleg Left, 7-Its Guiness Time, 1-Stoney River
5 2-He's All Heart, 1-Havin a Good Day, 5-Double Shuffle
6 8-Point Da Harbor, 4-Quiet Wisdom, 6-Sometimes a Lady
POINT DA HARBOR faces several class-droppers but is rolling along with her stalk and pounce style.
7 8-Frisco Bound, 5-Dead Eye, 3-Regal Valid

*best bet

Saturday, July 26
Robert Geller

Race 1: 5 Just a Love, 1 Mz Dyno, 3 Lahaina Rose
Race 2: 5 Let It Flo, 7 Dance With Effie, 1 Sweet Renata
Race 3: 3 Whiskeyonthehouse, 1 Big Black Cat, 5 Epic Electorate
Race 4: 6 Cheese, 2 Thatswhatitis, 4 Lumen Took It
Race 5: 2 Lizzy Lass, 1 Forbidden Kee, 4 Anitewithyou
Race 6: *8 Hip Hop City, 7 Marvin's Magic, 5 Showmethemoneyjim
Race 7: 2 Beautranda, 1 Grab Ahold, 6 I Absolutely Will
Race 8: 5 Strawberry Dawn, 3 Charismata, 1 Sunpenny
STRAWBERRY DAWN may be ready to get back on track now,
literally and figuratively. given her handy recent works. Dam could route
so overlook Gottstein failure. CHARISMATA ran a super 3RD recently and
should threaten despite being crushed by the top selection earlier in the
season. SUNPENNY held on for a game 3RD at a mile last time and her form
stacks up.
Race 9: 1 Expenses Paid, 6 Strong Move, 2 Sabe

Joe Withee

1 5-Just a Love, 1-Mz Dyno, 3-Lahaina Rose
2 4-National Wonder, 7-Dance With Effie, 1-Sweet Renata
3 *2-Galvin Jack, 1-Big Black Cat, 3-Whiskeyonthehouse
4 6-Cheese, 2-Thats What It Is, 4-Lumen Took It
5 7-Poly Squat, 1-Forbidden Kee, 3-Pete's Glory Girl
6 8-Hip Hop City, 4-Our Marshal Cahill, 1-Immigration
7 3-Hetty, 4-Tsarina Haven, 2-Beautranda
8 3-Charismata, 5-Strawberry Dawn, 1-Sunpenny
Strawberry Dawn's outrun CHARISMATA 2-for-2 to date but the latter could turn the tables this time around. Jockey Mawing figures to dictate the pace with Charismata.
9 2-Sabe, 1-Expenses Paid, 3-Bound to Win

*best bet

Sunday, July 27
Robert Geller

Race 1: 8 Lookithatcavemango, 6 Excessive Jubilation, 9 Gc Streakin Okey
Race 2: 2 Holmes Harbor, 3 Everydayimhustlin, 6 Drop Volley
Race 3: 3 Buds a Flyin, 5 Heza Witch Doctor, 4 Dancing Yodeler
Race 4: 3 Nobluffjustgo, 7 Jordans Jem, 2 Redseasalt
Race 5: 2 I Keep Saying, 1 Country Rules, 6 Fist Full of Green
Race 6: *4 Call Me Cinderella, 5 Ducoti, 7 Cha Cha Latte
Race 7: 2 City Shadows, 5 Can't Get Enough, 4 Tale Spinner
Race 8: 3 Hoody, 6 Orito, 2 Stikine Slough
Race 9: 5 Ethan's Baby, 1 Seeking the Light, 4 Dancingwithdebbie
ETHAN'S BABY is more vulnerable at the 6 furlongs but
remains the speed of the speed. SEEKING THE LIGHT won well too in her debut
but not sure if the rail is ideal. DANCINGWITHDEBBIE made significant
progress last time in a comfortable win.
Race 10: 5 Featherlite, 6 Photo Safari, 2 Katsthoughts

Joe Withee

1 5-Don't Look Bac, 4-Mr Speedygonzalez, 9-Gc Streakin Okey
2 2-Holmes Harbor, 6-Drop Volley, 3-Everydayimhustlin
3 3-Buds a Flyin, 1-War Wizard, 4-Dancing Yodeler
4 *7-Jordans Jem, 5-Come On Cozzene, 3-Nobluffjustgo
5 2-I Keep Saying, 5-Polish Dollar, 1-Country Rules
6 3-Agoodlawyer Willdo, 7-Cha Cha Latte, 4-Call Me Cinderella
7 5-Can't Get Enough, 6-Its Guiness Time, 1-More Strawberries
8 4-Zoomzoomania, 7-Oldtimers Vision, 2-Stikine Slough
9 5-Ethan's Baby, 1-Seeking the Light, 4-Dancingwithdebbie
ETHAN'S BABY gets a slight edge with post but many in this race are promising.
10 6-Photo Safari, 2-Katsthoughts, 1-Parker's Prospect

Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti

Friday, July 25

Hey Lil Missy in today’s first race is one of those plays that deserves our attention after an interesting trip in her last. She was coming off a route debut that was troublesome, and then encountered a similar trip in her second try. I’m not concerned about the company with the exception of nextdoor neighbor Crush On You, who fortunately is on her outside today. Hey Lil Missy makes amends today with a clean trip on the inside, and the leading rider Leslie Mawing stays with her.

Saturday, July 26

The last time I posted HETTY here she paid box cars. I wouldn’t expect that price today, however, a single is what we need in the Pick Five and Pick Fours. I’m aware she was scratched 6/22, however, that was an open 50K. It's possible they entered and saw the field and waited for an easier spot.

Sunday, July 27

One of the better betting races on the card is the eighth race--3-year-olds going a mile under Optional/claiming conditions. Three runners have scored three times including the Canadian invader Jordan’s Quest. Of the locals, our old friend Stikine Slough comes back with our choice in the race OLDTIMERS VISION, who gets the nod based on the draw and that added experience of having that route under his belt.

Good Luck

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