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In this section, you will find daily selections from Director of Broadcast Media, Joe Withee, and Track Announcer, Robert Geller, as well as "Vic's Trip" from local media legend, Victor "The Predictor" Cozzett

Saturday, August 30
Robert Geller

Race 1: 5 Foolish Miss, 1 Montelena, 2 Have'n a Wild Time
Race 2: 4 Polly Ester Pompom, 1 American Council, 3 The Doll Room
Race 3: 2 Ee Da How, 7 Bell Wether, 1 Corla
Race 4: 7 Jail House Rocker, 6 Ifsowhynot, 5 Appealing Artie
Race 5: *4 Just Like Uptown, 6 Stealth Fighter, 1 Joel N Jill
Race 6: 4 Hillside Select, 7 No Claim Will Do, 3 Nitro Road
Race 7: 1 Whiskeyonthehouse, 5 Janero, 6 Big Question
Race 8: 6 Tabled With Gold, 2 Beautranda, 3 Stephanie Plum
TABLED WITH GOLD has been freshened up and always runs her
race. BEAUTRANDA will appreciate the extra distance to close into.
STEPHANIE PLUM may be the best of the speedsters at 6-1/2f..
Race 9: 5 Two Socks, 7 Lamparo. 6 Regazze Cat

Joe Withee

1 2-Have'n a Wild Time, 1-Montelena, 5-Foolish Miss
2 4-Polly Ester Pompom, 2-Knight Club, 1-American Council
3 2-Ee Da How, 7-Bell Wether, 6-Wemissstacy
4 *4-Precious Pegasus, 2-Top Lady, 3-Nothin Like a Dam
5 4-Just Like Uptown, 1-Joel N Jill, 6-Stealth Fighter
6 2-Exclusive Star, 4-Hillside Select, 1-Brilliant Thought
7 7-He's All Heart, 5-Janero, 3-Koala Beach
8 4-Hetty, 1-Havasu Falls, 6-Tabled With Gold
HETTY's run three huge races at the meeting, figures to be tough to beat on, or just off the pace.
9 6-Regazze Cat, 7-Lamparo, 4-Something Magic

*best bet

Sunday, August 31
Robert Geller

Race 1: 2 Kuuipo, 5 Sanibel Harbor, 1 Mary Lois
Race 2: 6 Snooper Dauper, 4 Won Won Oh Five, 1 Dead Eye
Race 3: 3 Judy Kay, 4 Musical Choice, 8 Gilly Gone
Race 4: *5 Grinder Sparksaglo, 7 Illumination Road, 4 Italian Warrior
Race 5: 7 Raise the Margarita, 5 Snow Bunny, 2 Time N Agin
Race 6: 9 Honour Family, 6 Big Fat Storm, 2 Mr Shane the Pain
Race 7: 8 Sociable Gold, 3 Mister Messenger, 6 More Strawberries
Race 8: 5 Nobluffjustgo, 4 Niftys Tee Time, 2 Special Buttons
Race 9: 4 Chicks Special Angel, 5 Ambush Alley, 3 Rogue County
CHICKS SPECIAL ANGEL can atone for her defeat last season
in this race. AMBUSH ALLEY performed well in his trial. ROGUE COUNTY should
improve given the slow break and need for the run in recent third.
Race 10: 4 Cowboy From Morgan,5 Bellingham, 8 Mr Speedygonzalez

Joe Withee

1 2-Kuuipo, 5-Sanibel Harbor, 3-She's Purdee
2 3-Brother Greg, 4-Won Won Oh Five, 2-Timely Note
3 6-Another Seeker, 8-Gilly Gone, 3-Judy Kay
4 7-Illumination Road, 5-Grinder Sparksaglo, 4-Italian Warrior
5 5-Snow Bunny, 7-Raise the Margarita, 8-Three Olives Later
6 *5-Free Beer, 6-Big Fat Storm, 9-Honour Family
7 6-More Strawberries, 7-Drop Volley, 5-The Motion Man
8 4-Niftys Tee Tim, 7-Parker's Prospect, 5-Nobluffjustgo
9 4-Chicks Special Angel, 7-Alota Action, 5-Ambush Alley
She lost this race last year but it's her only loss at EmD in four starts. CHICKS SPECIAL ANGEL a worthy favorite.
10 7-Sollovino, 4-Cowboy From Morgan, 5-Bellingham

Monday, September 1
Robert Geller

Race 1: 6 Rock de Noche, 4 Kool Chivato,2 Cashinginthebux
Race 2: 5 El Laberinto, 1 Jess Be Hawkin 8 Bh Countrychrome
Race 3: 2 Pickherormiss, 3 Twilight Harbor, 6 Johannas Opinion
Race 4: 3 Manny"s Red Tie, 5 Gavinator, 2 Corporal Agarn
Race 5: *5 Monster Wave, 6 Betrbegone, 4 Daytona Beach
Race 6: 1 Mr. Top Kat, 4 Leadership, 6 Chaching Pete
Race 7: 3 Jewel S., 5 Sun City, 2 Grand Baylee
Race 8: 1 White River Pirate, 6 Givajuniormint,7 Perusethenews
Race 9: 4 Kenzie Carolina, 2 Whiskey Miner, 5 Maggie's Special
Race 10: 4 Copper City, 5 Quiet Wisdom, 6 Lake Piru
COPPER CITY is a fresh face to Emerald and has tackled
better with adequate form. QUIET WISDOM struggles in stakes company but is
competitive on the drop, LAKE PIRU scored a strong recent win and threatens to repeat.
Race 11: 7 Ashley's Lexus, 3 Papa's Grandkids, 4 Hitchslap

Joe Withee

1 5-Ms Special Swinger, 6-Rock de Noche, 2-Cashinginthebux
2 5-El Laberinto, 8-Bh Country Chrome, 6-Cm Undertainfluence
3 3-Twilight Harbor, 5-I'm Katniss, 1-You Send Me
4 2-Corporal Agarn, 3-Manny's Red Ty, 5-Gavinator
5 7-Kid Christian, 5-Monster Wave, 4-Daytona Beach
6 2-Brutally Handsome, 1-Mr. Top Kat, 3-War Wizard
7 5-Sun City, 2-Grand Baylee, 3-Jewel S.
8 *7-Perusethenews, 2-Arraignment, 6-Givajunior Mint
9 4-Kenzie Carolina, 6-Diner's Diva, 3-Society Girl
10 2-Strawberry Dawn, 6-Lake Piru, 4-Copper City
STRAWBERRY DAWN disappointed in last but her sprints are better than her routes and she picks up the leading rider.
11 8-Platinum Kisses, 3-Papa's Grandkids, 6-Georgetta Stone

Victor "The Predictor" Cozzetti

Saturday, August 30

Knight Club
in today’s second race takes on older horses, once again, under the
same conditions. She raced extremely wide in her last race, losing precious ground
in doing so. I might add there isn’t any Kandra to run down today and her
main threat comes from another youngster. An added plus is that the connections
go to leading rider Leslie Mawing.

Sunday, August 31

Drop Volley has been good to us. He’s in good hands and faces a favorite
who I feel is suspect. Drop Volley was away poorly in his last start--a state-bred 
race for open claimers. Today, he keeps leading rider Leslie Mawing and faces NW of two company. All signs point that he’s very playable in this spot.

Monday, September 1

Best Bets few and far between today, however Strawberry Dawn is worth a
good look. Several things I like starting with luring leading rider Leslie Mawing to take
the call. The two nice breezes since we last saw her are also signs that all
systems are a go today. As an added attraction, she does run well fresh.
To top things off, excellent connections, as we say.

Good Luck

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