August 2014
8/31/2014 - Bank of America EmD Chmp Chlg-Press Kit

8/31/2014 - Washington Cup XII-Nominations

8/31/2014 - B of A EmD Championship Challenge-Quotes

8/31/2014 - Chicks Special Angel Romps in Bank of America

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8/30/2014 - Win, Place Show This Weekend

8/28/2014 - Emerald Downs News & Stable Notes-Thu Aug 28

8/24/2014 - Longacres Mile(G3)/Emerald Distaff-Quotes

8/24/2014 - Stryker Phd Awesome in $200,000 Longacres Mile

8/24/2014 - Unbeaten Stopshoppingdebbie Prevails in EmD Distaff

8/24/2014 - Emerald Distaff-Press Kit

8/24/2014 - Longacres Mile-Press Kit

8/23/2014 - The Press Box Podcast (Longacres Mile/ Distaff)

8/23/2014 - Emerald Downs Wrap-Saturday, August 23

8/22/2014 - Emerald Downs Wrap-Friday, August 22

8/22/2014 - Longacres Mile Trainer Interviews

8/21/2014 - Longacres Mile Notes-Thursday, Aug. 21

8/20/2014 - Longacres Mile/Emerald Distaff-entries

8/17/2014 - The Press Box Podcast (Shinpoch Archive)

8/17/2014 - Barbara Shinpoch-Quotes

8/17/2014 - Pippa Bou Peep Prevails in Shinpoch Stakes

8/17/2014 - Barbara Shinpoch Stakes-Press Kit

8/16/2014 - Longacres Mile/Emerald Distaff-Weights

8/16/2014 - WTBOA Lads-Quotes

8/16/2014 - WTBOA Lads Stakes-Press Kit

8/16/2014 - Trackattacker Dominates Lads Stakes!

8/15/2014 - Emerald Downs Wrap-Friday, August 15

8/14/2014 - Emerald Downs News&Stable Notes-Thu Aug 14

8/13/2014 - $65,000 Emerald Distaff-Nominations

8/10/2014 - Emerald Downs Derby-Quotes

8/10/2014 - $200,000 Longacres Mile (G3)-Nominations

8/10/2014 - The Press Box Podcast (Derby Archive)

8/10/2014 - Mebossman Wins a Derby Thriller

8/9/2014 - Washington Oaks-Quotes

8/9/2014 - Lady Fifty Two Captures Oaks; Dancing Yodeler Wins!

8/9/2014 - Emerald Downs Derby-Press Kit

8/8/2014 - Emerald Downs Wrap-Friday, August 8

8/8/2014 - Washington Oaks-Press Kit

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8/3/2014 - EmD Derby & Washington Oaks nominations

8/3/2014 - Emerald Downs Wrap-Sunday, August 3

8/2/2014 - Emerald Downs Wrap-Saturday, August 2

8/1/2014 - Emerald Downs Wrap-Friday, August 1

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    Longacres Mile(G3)/Emerald Distaff-Quotes



    $200,000 LONGACRES MILE (G3)

    79th RUNNING, AUGUST 24, 2014

    ONE MILE IN 1:33.67

    JOCKEY LESLIE MAWING, STRYKER PHD, WINNER: “We knew there was going to be a lot of speed, so I let him break on his own. I wanted to be in a comfortable position, but I didn’t expect to be in last. We were going nice and easy. When we got to the backside, there were probably still 10 to 12 lengths still in front of me. I knew they were going fast and we were in a good stride, so for sure they were going to come back to me. I gave him a few taps at the three-eighths pole and he picked it up really nice. He was picking off horses one by one. When we straightened out down the lane, I was three lengths away from the leader. I got them about the eighth-pole and we took the lead. I don’t know what startled him but he looked at the crowd and heard the crowd and started to slow down. We went from about forty-five miles an hour to about 35 miles an hour in about a second. He kind of concerned me but I had the momentum already. It was a good race. I have to give all the kudos to the horse. He was working great in the morning. We’ve been training him to finish strong in the lane and he ran accordingly. It’s a great feeling to win my first Mile. I’ve been here since the opening year and this race has always been eluding me. The best I’ve run in The Mile before was a fourth, so this is just fantastic.”

    TRAINER LARRY ROSS, STRYKER PHD, WINNER: “It really did remind me of Chum Salmon. More than I expected, but the pace was pretty hot. That’s just his style, You’re not going to change it. I think Leslie gets along with Stryker really well.”

    JOCKEY AGAPITO DELGADILLO, BOYETT, SECOND: “I had a very nice trip. I was behind the speed, and I was very close. He gave me a nice run when I asked him. We had everything go our way, we just got beat.”

    JOCKEY AMADEO PEREZ, TWISTGRIPS, THIRD (THROUGH A SPANISH INTERPRETER): “I liked the way the horse ran. I was just sitting off the pace and looking to make one run at it. I was riding the horse with a lot of confidence and I liked how he ran. I was happy to win the race last year, and I’m happy that I can finish in the top three again this year.”

    JOCKEY GALLYN MITCHELL, SCAT DADDYBABY, FOURTH: “I was on the lead for awhile, and I planned on being there. I was just hoping not to have to push him to get there. He’s just a hard horse to get to relax because he’s just so competitive and high-strung. I thought he ran a super race. The leader was coming to him, I kind of peeked a couple times on the backside, he was pricking his ears and relaxing for me. I waited until they came to me and when I asked him he dug back in.”

    JOCKEY DAVID LOPEZ, MR. BOWLING, SIXTH: “I had a bad position. I was the speed of the race, so they took me wide. I lost all chance at having good position. Then, I tried to make a move, At the three-eighths pole, it looked good for a minute. You know, I tried. We tried to get close. I knew the position was not the best, and I tried to get out of there. I had to take a little hole when they took me too wide. I tried to do what I could with what I had.”

    JOCKEY ISAIAS ENRIQUEZ, PROHIBITION, SEVENTH: “It was a perfect trip. There was a lot of speed in there, so I wanted to put him behind the second group. I was waiting for the right moment, the hole opened up, but he just got very tired. He’s a very nice horse, but this is a race with a lot of nice horses.”

    JOCKEY ELISKA KUBINOVA, DISRUPTION, EIGHTH: “I had a perfect break, I had good speed. I think I had perfect position. I just missed the kick at the end. My horse was feeling great, and was really on top of his business. He just looked great out there. It was a tough race.”

    JOCKEY ROCCO BOWEN, DONTMESSWITHKITTEN, NINTH: "I didn't have the best of breaks but that's horse racing. You have to take the good with the bad. I just tried to get him to settle. It was a pretty fast race. He picked up his feet a little bit and didn't run too bad. If you look at it again, you'll see he tried to re-rally a bit. He was strong on the gallop out, too. I still think there's a lot of potential left in him.”

    JOCKEY RICHARD HAMEL, MYSTERIOUS SOUL, 11th: “I wanted to position myself closely, but my horse didn’t really have anything from start to finish. He probably just had a bad day. It was just a bad day to have bad day. I asked him around the turn and I had nothing.”

    JOCKEY RICO WALCOTT, TITLE CONTENDER, 12TH: “I was really worried from the paddock. He was not acting himself. I’ve never seen him act like that before. By the time we went into the first turn, he didn’t want any part of the race. I knew at that point he was done. I’ve rode him many times and he’s usually on the bit, makes a move and goes, but not today.”



    19th RUNNING, AUGUST 24, 2014

    1 1/8 MILES IN 1:47.45

    JOCKEY ROCCO BOWEN, STOPSHOPPINGDEBBIE, WINNER: “It was an incredible race. She was doing it so easy and pricking her ears. I usually don't step it up a notch at the half-mile pole but I had to today to keep her going. When I peeked into the rearview mirror at the three-sixteenths pole, I could see Goin to the Window coming. I was like 'she's coming, she's rolling.' I just timed it right so that 'Debbie could see her right after the turn. Once ‘Debbie saw her, it was “game on.” She never got the head in front on us. Once 'Debbie saw her, she just drew away. I was never once worried today. The other horse is a really good horse, so I never let my guard down. At the end of the day, I knew I was on the best horse. I’ve won a lot of big races, but I have to say this is the best race I've ever won. It was a special day for me.”

    TRAINER TOM WENZEL, STOPSHOPPINGDEBBIE, WINNER: “We had a good day today. All the mares acted pretty good in the paddock and they all performed. Goin to the Window ran a great race running out ‘Debbie and, Blueberry Smoothie tried like she always does. We hope to (run outside the state with Stopshoppingdebbie). We’ll see how the mare pulls up, and then we’ll have some decisions to make.”


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